ABC Renews 'General Hospital' and Cancels 'The Revolution'

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April 11th, 2012

ABC is renewing General Hospital for one year, and canceling talk show The Revolution.  The network needed to cancel a daytime show to make room for Katie Couric's syndicated talk show Katie, which will debut on most ABC affiliates this September.

Deadline reports that "ABC was persuaded to keep General Hospital after The Revolution ratings hit record lows in March. The network is allegedly concerned both that canceling 'General Hospital" will alienate the show's fans, who threatened to boycott Katie, and that The Revolution would not be a strong lead-in for "Katie." The week of March 26, GH was watched by 2.26 million viewers, compared to 1.33 million for The Revolution." The Revolution" also performs poorly among the key Women 18-49 demographic, averaging about half of what "One Life To Live" got in the time period.

The Revolution will end its run on July 7. For the rest of the summer, it will be replaced by an afternoon version of Good Morning America tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon until "Katie's" debut.

  • Minx

    Cancel GH for any reason will alienate us from any replacement shows! Period!

  • Richard

    TV Gord

    Soap Opera Network seemed to have the most balanced mix of fans who at least felt good about certain parts of the finales. I read through the Tribute threads to both shows and the discussion threads about the finales one night while I couldn’t sleep. I was hoping to find out something about the characters they said were coming to GH.

    I found overall esp. with AMC that most were happy about more parts of the finale than they were negative about it. I never really read much on the finales at any other site except SON.

  • Richard

    TV Gord

    To clarify that last statement, I didn’t read much on other sites that was as balanced as SON. But overall I find for the most part SON posters seem to be more balanced. yes there are some that no matter how the show ended they wouldn’t have been happy. So you can’t please those at all. I just generally ignore what they have to say anyway.


    I have a question for you and any others. What if ABC suddenly lost their minds for a minute and cancelled GH but replaced it with OLTL. What would be your opinion then. Remember you said that you would be alienated from any replacement show that ABC cancelled GH for.

    I have a funny feeling that you would be reading something totally different in regards to GH’s cancellation then.

  • Mark

    It will be interesting to see how “Katie” does. I think her week on GMA should be concerning to ABC. She didn’t push them past Today even on the non-Palin days…and I think many thought that task would have been a slam dunk with her “return to mornings”. I think Katie’s time at CBS has tarnished some of her luster from her NBC days and this new show may not be the success ABC is hoping for.

  • Richard

    Oh and TV Gord, I guess that is what makes us different. I am attached to GH and feel very passionate about it. Until a few weeks ago I never missed an episode since 1978 when I started watching.

    I am attached to the characters, to the show and to the stories. But even with that attachment I refuse to watch it just so that it stays on the air.

    What purpose is there to any TV show staying on the air if it no longer entertains it’s audience. And obviously by people tuning out in droves over the last few years, it is no longer entertaining its fans any longer.

    I don’t expect anyone to watch any show that no longer entertains them. And I don’t expect any network just to keep any show on the air out of loyalty when the show is no longer entertaining and no longer making the network money.

  • Richard


    I think too many people are putting way too much in that than it should. Maybe just wishful thinking.

    You had 2 women up against one another that week who both are polarizing and have many fans. Plus Today has been beating GMA for a long time now. Yes GMA has been inching up in the last few months, but with the strong competition adding one person is not going to suddenly make people tune in or tune out. For the most part morning show people now are loyal to their show and many just watch the same thing every morning out of habit.

    Plus you have to look at the fact that in the time slot Katie is going to be airing in her biggest competion across the country in most markets is Let’s Make A Deal and some places Days of Our Lives airs still in that slot. Others is mostly othre syndicated talk shows. Her competition is going to be very different there. And if her talk show is political in a political year, she could easily beat her competition in the afternoon.

  • Ann


    I agree with what you said. ABC ordered alot of episodes of the Revolution and pulled the plug for bad ratings. And it cost a lot less. I don’t think that GH getting until next April is a done deal. And I haven’t seen ABCD officially say this anytime. But even if they do that doesn’t mean they’ll stick with it. They cancel shows all the time. Maybe it will make it for a year. But there is nothing that we know of coming up that shouts to me that they are trying to save it. They’re just continued with the failed stories of the past.

    I just don’t know that they can get ratings up. Plus summer is generally a time when they lose viewers. HOw low can they go in the demos before ABC pulls the plug? If it continues to fail there’s no reason for them to give it another year. I think personally it’s kind of a bait and switch. They’re making it seem like they’re giving it a chance.

  • Ann


    What if the extra GMA hour does really well? It’s cheaper apparently and if it pulls in any kind of good numbers, what would stop them from giving GH a few months’ notice and putting the other show in it’s place. The thing is another hour of GMA fits with the Chew and Katie Couric much better than GH does.

    Doesn’t GMA get over double the viewers that GH has now?

  • JayTN

    Mark…in regards to Katie’s appearance on GMA, ABC’s own press release said that GMA beat “Today” on Wednesday (April 4) and fought to a statistical tie on Friday (April 6), with “Today” ahead by a meaningless 15,000. Wasn’t Sarah Palin’s stint on “Today” a one-day stunt on Tuesday (April 3)?

  • TV Gord

    Richard, I’ll check out the SON boards. I didn’t even realize they had boards. I check them out occasionally for news, and that’s it.

    I’ve enjoyed these last couple of pages. Everyone’s bringing their thoughts to the table and everyone’s offering up something interesting. My idea of a dream message board. :-)

  • Melanie

    About the OLTL and AMC endings, I thought OLTL had a great ending, I heard they had taped 2 different ones because I believe the week it was ending, they found out the Prospect Park deal didn’t go through, so they showed the ending where everyone got happy endings. It did end a bit on a cliffhanger with finding out Victor Jr is alive and Todd getting arrested for his “murder”. Anyways, I thought the AMC ending was great with Tad’s toast, Adam and Brooke getting engaged, then Jack rejecting Erica, but the final scene was horrible when JR Chandler shot at someone and no one ever found out who it was. I though that was a huge slap in the face leaving all of the longtime viewers hanging like that. TPTB thought it would continue online, but I still feel they should not have assumed that the PP deal would go through because some people may not have even wanted to watch online or some don’t even have a computer or internet for that matter. They should’ve taped two endings just in case, IMO. That way there could have been some closure.

  • JayTN

    Melanie…hindsight has the benefit of being 20/20, as they say. When AMC ended, the Prospect Park deal was still on. OLTL had the good fortune of ending filming at around the same time the deal fell apart. If the roles had been reversed, OLTL could have left their fans hanging, while AMC gave their fans a satisfying ending. It all had to do with timing and OLTL just got lucky.

  • TV Gord

    Melanie, two versions were written, but only one was shot. They didn’t know the Prospect Park deal fell through until after they ended.

  • Melanie

    @TV Gord, are you talking about AMC or OLTL or both? I read somewhere that there were two OLTL endings taped and I also read somewhere, I think on Soap Central, that AMC also taped an alternate ending aside from the one show on TV.

    @JayTN Even though at the time AMC ending the PP deal was still on, I still don’t think they should’ve assumed that people were going to automatically continue watching it online because like I said earlier, it was unfortunate for all the fans to be left hanging like that and also for those who don’t have a computer and weren’t going to or even be able to watch online anyways. Timing worked out for sure for OLTL because they were able give their fans a happy ending.

  • TV Gord

    This is from a December 8th story at

    “Unlike with All My Children where a closed-ended finale was reportedly taped, One Life to Live’s head writer Ron Carlivati was instructed by Prospect Park—the company that licensed the ABC soaps with plans to take them online—to pen several open-ended storylines in preparation for the soap’s move online. The scribe tells Soap Opera Digest (on newstands now) there is no way to go back and edit the finale, or shoot new footage to give fan’s closure.”

  • Water Cooler

    I wonder if this is a bigger question now with the new GMA show. Will The Chew be cancelled and turn into a segment on GMA.

    I think it will make a lot of sense for ABC to move GMA to noon in the fall and have GH air at 2pm. Like I said before The Chew doesn’t really need a whole hour, maybe it can turn into a half-hour show too.

  • diana

    I’d rather watch old soap opera reruns than “GMA in the Afternoon”, how dumb. ABC needs to admit they made a mistake cancelling AMC and OLTL and respect their viewers by giving them the proper endings they deserve. Those endings should be in production right now so they can show them in the Revolution’s time slot this summer. THAT is what would win viewers.

  • Water Cooler

    I meant 1pm not noon

  • Nickp

    By 2015 3 soaps on NBC 3 soaps on CBS 2 soaps on fox and 3 soaps on abc

  • Blackhawks 4 LIFE

    @ Nickp
    I’m wondering since NBC continues to keep DAYS on air if NBC with the new regime in place if they will consider making a new soap. I think DAYS needs some company going forward.

    I hope ABC can keep GH as long as possible.

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