ABC Renews 'General Hospital' and Cancels 'The Revolution'

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April 11th, 2012

ABC is renewing General Hospital for one year, and canceling talk show The Revolution.  The network needed to cancel a daytime show to make room for Katie Couric's syndicated talk show Katie, which will debut on most ABC affiliates this September.

Deadline reports that "ABC was persuaded to keep General Hospital after The Revolution ratings hit record lows in March. The network is allegedly concerned both that canceling 'General Hospital" will alienate the show's fans, who threatened to boycott Katie, and that The Revolution would not be a strong lead-in for "Katie." The week of March 26, GH was watched by 2.26 million viewers, compared to 1.33 million for The Revolution." The Revolution" also performs poorly among the key Women 18-49 demographic, averaging about half of what "One Life To Live" got in the time period.

The Revolution will end its run on July 7. For the rest of the summer, it will be replaced by an afternoon version of Good Morning America tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon until "Katie's" debut.

  • John Berggren

    I am not a soap opera fan, but I would think there is enough viewership to at least sustain one remaining soap. It seems crazy that people who enjoy that type of programming have gone from an afternoon full of serial drama to what could end up being none.

    Come on people, keep one soap alive.

  • kenneth

    Thank GOD GH will be with us….hope I don’t need to go to ABC fk made the right move

  • sofaspud

    TJ: All it does is show how immensely immature you and many of these bitter soap fans really are. I’ve never seen such sour grapes before in my entire life.

    Were you not around for the 2000 election? Ever hear of Kanye West? (LOL)

    Anyway, the name-calling seems to go both ways as TJ illustrates above. I think the GH fans are sensitive because prior to all the doom/gloom posts (which are certainly redundant, I might add), they were bombarded with OLTL fans debasing GH as the one that “should” have been axed.

    In any case, it’s just a message board. TPTB do not act on what any of us posts or wants.

  • Walter Bishop

    They should change the name to SPECIFIC HEALTHCARE PROVIDER from GENERAL HOSPITAL to update it.

  • MBmomof3

    “Deadline reports that “ABC was persuaded to keep General Hospital after The Revolution ratings hit record lows in March. The network is allegedly concerned both that canceling ‘General Hospital” will alienate the show’s fans, who threatened to boycott Katie”

    The above is directly from the article that started this thread. I’d like to point out that Deadline is considered a reliable industry source and it indicates ABC took soap fans seriously enough to be persauded to keep GH for another year. I’m not “delusional” enough to think that it didn’t have anything to do with the Revolution’s ratings being an embarrassment to ABC, but I’m sure that The Revolution tanked not only because it was a very poorly executed show, but because “bitter” soap fans boycotted it. It had half the ratings of OLTL! You can’t tell me that soap fans didn’t have something to do with the outcome. Well, you can tell me that, but I disagree.

  • Walter Bishop

    I guess Occupy Wall Street will be upset that THE REVOLUTION was cancelled.

  • Pat

    @ MBmomof3

    I respect your opinion about soap fans, but I truly believe that The Revolution failed simply because it was a badly planned/executed show that lacked focus and chemistry. It had a premise that the general public just wasn’t interested in seeing in a talk show 5x/week when much of the info was common sense or could be found elsewhere in so many other places on TV, the internet, magazines, etc. In hindsight, I don’t think that ABC regrets cancelling OLTL. They just very clearly replaced it with the wrong thing. (I personally think a game show of some kind would’ve been a good option.) The Chew, The Talk, and Let’s Make a Deal all replaced soap operas as well and all three of those shows are faring reasonably well on ABC and CBS. So, any effect from soap fans boycotting has been very tiny at most.

    IMO, ABC/Disney extended GH because of:
    A) just how poor The Revolution fared, which is saying a lot because it was much cheaper to make
    B) a lack of promising nonscripted shows in development this year
    C) just how many millions of $$$ they have invested in Katie Couric, seeing to it that her talk show launch goes as smoothly as possible, with no slight controversy
    D) given A, feeling an obligation to let it celebrate its 50th anniversary next year

  • Richard

    MBMom — The only thing I disagree with you on is saying it is bitter soap fans that did it. If it was those fans that got rid of The Rev then they should just be called bitter OLTL fans because they are not true fans of soap operas. If they were then they would have helped to get rid of the fourth hour of Today, Let’s Make a Deal, The Talk, and The Chew. They all replaced soaps too according to what I read here and other places.

    If bitter SOAP FANS were that powerful then why didn’t they help out their fellow soap fans.

    No it was bitter OLTL fans who I am finding for the most part don’t care about anything but One Life to Live and could care less about soaps like GH.

    I was told yesterday on another site that I don’t have to join and post at some to just shut my mouth about what I don’t like about GH. That the only reason they are watching is because of the OLTL and that they can’t wait for more. That GH should have been cancelled anyway so they hope that RC will move even more OLTL characters over. And finally right the wrong that was made. They were robbed of their show and they don’t care a thing about GH. So it should go and be replaced by OLTL.

    I am finding more and more that it is typical of most true OLTL fans. They don’t care about soaps at all ONLY OLTL.

    So that is my biggest disagreement with what you say. Esp. since these all powerful angry soap fans didn’t care enough about their fellow ABC cancelled show AMC to kill it’s replacement. to me that shows they are selfish bitter soap fans if they couln’t exude their power to help out their sister show too.

  • Teresa

    Frankly the only thing I watch on ABC is GH. Their primetime lineup has nothing interesting on a my more. I don’t like Katie Couric and wouldn’t watch her no matter what time she was on. ABC programming has really gone down hill over the years. I use to watch it all the time. At least I have one more year of GH before I move on.

  • Richard

    Pat, That is what I believe most is that The Revolution was just so bad. We all knew it was going to be because they retooled it at least twice before it even hit the air.

    Not saying that there aren’t bitter soap fans out there and that they did do some boycotting, but I have said overall ABC and Katie are just playing politics with all the shoutouts to the soap fans in the last few months. These folks behind these press releases have degrees in advertising. They know for the last year how vocal these fans have beens. So what better way to sneak in a pat on their back and acknowledge them but to put stuff in these press releases stating they are concerned.

    I have many of these bitter fans in the last month actually say stuff nice about Katie and respecting that she cares about the soap fans or scared of them.

    Believe me these advertising honchos know what they are doing. It is one of their many sneaky tactics they use in advertising everyday. In a movie years ago they called it making the target believe they agree with them when they don’t really at all. I can’t remember the exact wording they used in the film but that is the basic meaning.

    So I don’t fully believe that Katie is worried or that ABC is either. Or that they even care about soap fans at all. I believe deep down they are still playing the money game and that is and will always be the bottom line to them.

  • Richard

    Teresa, To me all the major networks have gotten sickening with their programming — both daytime and primetime.

    Right now since I quit watching GH a few weeks back, I watch 2 shows I watch on any major network — The Voice and Law & Order: SVU. I have sampled a few other shows but nothing appeals to me at all.

    I watch a lot of stuff on cable networks like FX, History, TNT, Spike, Showtime, HBO, Starz, AMC, Syfy, but the networks Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC just suck big time right now. And have for several years now. I prefer shows without commercials, but if I like a show like I do American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men I will sit through commercials.

    But the networks haven’t offered me anything in several years that I am willing to sit down and enjoy.

  • Lee


  • MWF

    Very pleased that GH is renewed! I think ‘The Revolution’ simply proved that it was overkill to replace all soaps with reality TV. The message has been sent to ABC that daytime needs a balance of material and that an ‘all soap’ or ‘all reality’ line-up is simply not going to work. I think the balance is probably about right now – there should be enough viewers to sustain four soaps and the shows remaining are the iconic ‘A’ list of daytime known all around the World. I cannot imagine a network killing off the GH, DAYS or Y&R brands even if they didn’t remain in daytime.

    I think that The Revolution experiment has been a reality check for ABC to show them just how poor daytime ratings can be and that they just can’t make decisions based on how cheaply they can produce shows. And to be fair to ABC they have been true to their word and cancelled the lowest rated show, so credit where credit’s due.

    NBC has clearly come to the conclusion that they need a soap with DAYS as they appear to be really pulling for the show with SONY and Corday. So I personally do not expect DAYS or GH to go anywhere anytime soon unless of course there is a dramatic ratings collapse….but even then I would expect the brands to live on outside daytime… in primetime or on the net.

  • Mamamia27

    There are times that I get soo mad at General Hospital, I would miss it if it was cancelled…I ‘m not ready for that yet..I wish we’d go back to the old G.H. Story lines..sometimes I find it boring and predicable… I’ ve been a fan for over 35 yrs!!! Hopefully they have more good storylines to write..

  • Chrisann D

    Chris you said
    @Chrisannd–I just don’t see a TV show getting renewed or canceled as victory or defeat for people who have nothing to do with that TV show.

    I have no idea to what you are refering to. Please enlighten. Thanks

  • Pat


    The other shows that recently replaced soaps on ABC and CBS have worked, and there are plenty of successful syndicated talk shows in daytime, not to mention The View, of course. So I don’t buy that The Revolution was a major flop because of reality TV overkill. I believe that The Revolution failed simply because it was a bad show. Supposedly, it was hastily put together and then retooled a couple of times before it even premiered. A better planned/executed nonscripted show and/or one with a more interesting, entertaining concept probably would’ve fared better (some kind of game show, perhaps?)

    And you’re naive if you think that GH and Days are completely safe if their ratings don’t show an increase in the next year. Yes, GH bought one more year, but the truth is that it’s still not out of the woods yet. It still has a lot of work to do to improve the quality of its stories and its ratings. If things don’t get better soon, it’ll be right back in this same predicament next season and ABC probably won’t be as kind next time. This is probably its absolute final warning. Regardless of how well-known a soap’s “brand” is, it won’t exist anymore if the ratings for the show aren’t there and the show can’t make enough $$$.

    Same with Days of Our Lives, which just fired its head writers and will be jettisoning a number of vets, attempting to shake things up. It currently has a deal with NBC thru September 2013, and NBC/Sony/Ken Corday realize it has to get its ratings up to have real hope of surviving past then. There are rumors floating around that NBC is considering a fifth hour of Today in the near future, and the only available network slot for that is the one now occupied by Days.

  • Touchdown

    Certainly deserving of a moment of victory! Kudos to FV/RC for taking on the challenge along with the OLTL vets who are now GH characters. Also, Kudos to the OLTL fans because the facts are THOSE fans refused to watch the Revulsion. They also supported GH by tuning in every day. GH had been bleeding ratings for months since it became a daytime version of Sopranos and even though the numbers didn’t skyrocket they held steady because OLTL fans wanted to see their characters and tuned in so essentially, they stopped the massive bleeding and RC/FV idea worked! If that didn’t happen, we would have had a different story today. Someone on this thread asked why would you stop watching ALL of ABC. Here’s why: we the fans had a hard time stopping AMC & OLTL from getting canceled. We had to have a ALL OUT WAR WITH ABC started looking to cancel GH to make them realized that we meant business. ABC/D is not Netflix or GoDaddy or even Bank of America. It is a behemoth. Therefore, we needed to become Goliath! Here’s to the 99%!

  • MBmomof#

    @Richard, I used the term “bitter” soap fans only because that is how we have been referred to numerous times at this site. I myself have supported GH by watching on, writing emails to TPTB and sending responses to’s comments link. I also supported AMC in that way and by boycotting the Chew. You know my feelings on OLTL, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love and support all the shows including those on CBS and NBC. I have been nothing but supportive of GH and the fans. I don’t think any less of GH and its fans than I do OLTL. I think my posts on the subject are evidence of that.

    @Pat, I agree that there were many factors that lead to the Revolution’s demise and I have stated them throughout my posts for the past several weeks. I agree with what you have said with the exception that I believe the soap fans who cared enough to communicate with ABC/D, and not watch the Rev, thus the dismal ratings, were a factor. JMO.

  • Chrisann D

    MBmom, I watched GH today and it was really good. It was funny, I found myself smiling and laughing at the scenes with Luke, Anna and Tracy. You can tell the difference in how much better and entertaing GH has been lately. I am not dilusional and I am no longer naive but I really do believe that with the improvements the rating could increase enough to justify it being around for years to come. I am so glad ABC decided to give it another year. Also I too am sure that the fans that boycotted the Revolution had some impact. Just think if we all decided to watch the Chew I bet the rating would increase. But I for one don’t want to find out.

  • Dave.A


    You are completely delusionnal if you think for a moment that the tiny OLTL fanbase is the cause for The Revolution’s cancellation.

    And grow up with your “Revulsion” name-calling. You sound completely ridiculous.


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