Discovery Goes Inside the Motorcycle Club World with 'The Devils Ride' Premiering Tuesday, May 8

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April 11th, 2012

via press release:

(Silver Spring, Md.) It’s a bike club. It’s a brotherhood. It’s THE DEVILS RIDE premiering Tuesday, May 8 after DEADLIEST CATCH at 10pm e/p on Discovery. For the first time Discovery goes inside the world of motorcycle clubs with the members of San Diego’s Laffing Devils.

THE DEVILS RIDE sports a diverse crew but one bonded by a commitment to each other and the club. Meet Laffing Devils president Gipsy, who must balance the club’s growing ranks with pressure from older members to maintain the status quo. An ex-Marine who served in Iraq, Gipsy credits the club for helping him deal with the emotional scars of war. Then there’s club VP, Billy the Kid, who waits in the wings wondering if he’ll have the chance to lead the Laffing Devils. And younger member Snubz breaks all the biker stereotypes with his degree in finance and a full time corporate job.


THE DEVILS RIDE finds the Laffing Devils not only in open conflict internally but also at risk of losing their homebase. The Laffing Devils’ unofficial headquarters is the auto body shop owned by fellow member Hawkster but police pressure might force the club to find a new home. Moving is going to cost the club money so Gipsy seeks out security work for the Laffing Devils guarding a liquor store in a very dangerous part of town. Will their new responsibilities pit the club against one another?


THE DEVILS RIDE also covers what would-be members must do to prove themselves to the club before they can be “patched in.” In order to earn his spot, prospect Charles is out on an official club task of protecting some of the club’s wives and girlfriends, or “Ol’ Ladies” on a night out. When a pushy photographer gets too close for comfort, blood boils and the situation gets physical. Will Charles’ actions protecting the women earn him the respect of the young blood and, more importantly, earn him his cut?

THE DEVILS RIDE is produced for Discovery Channel Bischoff Hervey Entertainment. Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey are Executive Producers. For Discovery Channel, David Pritikin is Executive Producer.

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  • Raggity

    Smarterthanyou So MCs are gang members and “deadbeat a-holes”? Interesting comment. I assume you aren’t repping for them.

    I don’t recall ya’ll at the last CoC.

    Interesting comments from your supposed chickies too.


    1%er Always/Forever

  • Jef

    This show is bogus, I was a a 3 pieces patch holder for 8 years in So. Cal and never heard about the Devils Ride MC in San Diego. Discovery or the red and white probably just created this “bogus” club to make money and for fame!
    Nevertheless, the biker world is a subculture and we do not open our doors just like that. The Devils Ride will be the shame and laugh (ha ha ha) of the MC world!
    Silly you!

  • Jef

    #sickof1%er’s, you are an idiot!

  • #sickof1%er’s

    Jef you’re the idiot. On Gangland they stated all the crap from what I said. It was from their own people too. BIG LARRY from the SOS in CS Chapter said it. His face was all distorted but it was him. Also the fire cheif in CS is a SOS. Feel sorry for all the citizens of CS.

  • BBoeu

    All the folks accusing these guys of being posers (I do not believe they are making the 1% claim), are you really saying that all “real” MC’s are really just criminal gangs, no different than MS-13;Crips;Bloods…yeah, your cool. Like the Italian Mafia, eventually you will be real cool behind bars. There is no value about being just another blight on society and making agencies consume taxpayer money to keep you off the streets. The money spent on the ATF and FBI to watch these guys could be spent on keeping the bad guys from blowing up another building. Yeah, you 1% ers are so cool. Please..

  • Mud

    Hopefully one of the true 1% clubs in Maryland will church-up this crew and send the Discovery channel on thier way. Building bikes for a reality show is not the same as trying to “expose” a wanna-be M/C. There are certain codes that true M/C’s and 1% clubs follow and having a camera over thier back is not one of them. Fake R.U.B.’s!!


    Have any of you watched Gangland? They had some idiots from Colorado on there. They actually interviewed some of the fat losers and showed their hangout. They even said they’d kill their mama if they were told too. Why are these adults in a gang? They all seem like they all had issues when they were going up and picked on in high school. Why can’t people just ride and be peaceful, raise our kids and just all get along. These riders seem like they all have a chip on their shoulder and have no life outside of this stupid gang of white trash!!!

  • Mopar Mat

    WHO R THESE GUYS? U WANNA SEE A REAL MC LOOK AT THE OUTLAWS, but that won’t happen cause y’all won’t be allowed! HA HA S.Y.L.O

  • Mopar Mat


  • Frankie

    It is too bad that people think that you have to be a 1% to be in a bike club. I’ve been around bikers, and truckers for a lot of years. Both have gotten a lot of bad wraps. Bikers are just as fun loving as the next guy. Only difference is, they aren’t afraid to stick up for their “brothers” or “sisters” and each others family. You guys have NO IDEA!!!! Right on LAFFING DEVILS!

  • red saild

    You rock Tank, love the show see ya at the red sails

  • mechanic

    Sons of anarchy was a good series; but lou diamond phillips as a biker?, what’s the matter ain’t got a movie other then this for poor ole lou, what is hollywood coming too! Devils rider, ha!??? biker at all I don’t think so what’s he riding a honda shadow, ha ha ha.

  • mechanic

    I bet I’ve ridden more bikes then lou has ridden women?, hell I bet I’ve ridden both more then he, oh well f___k him if he can’t take a joke! Let’s see who can ride the best, you gain? lou boy! or are you just a good act or actor?. Hell if you beat me then I might consider joining?…

  • Mopar Mat


  • wrank

    a night of beer farts and ball scratching. no way anyone enters the clubhouse with cameras and microphones. the clubs i know have cameras pointing at the entrance with 8′ fence. this is for everyone that runs the other way when they see a 1% patch. they’ll be awed at that hardass biker with the camera in his face blasting across all the boob tubes. i’ll be laffing out loud

  • wrank

    hope they have a filming of a member getting his red wings or a prospect getting his rocker. the club will cruise at 25 mph with a camera truck in front of them. a great time for a real club to blast by and give em all a louggie. cant wait to come back here after the first show. i will tevo it as im sure i’ll be acting like white trash and puttin somewhere interesting

  • SD babe

    Haha! Billy the Kid! What a joke! I use to date him! Selfish little bitch with a tiny package! Acts like he is a god, but is the most pathetic boy ever!!! He is a drunk!!!! I can’t believe they gave him a show!!!

  • dago for life

    They are not 1% ,and dont claim it . its about the life style and brotherhood .

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