FX's 'Justified' Disarms Previous Finales

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April 11th, 2012


A press release headline that can't be fully appreciated unless you saw the episode.

via press notes:



Season 3 Finale Most-Watched Season Finale In All Key Adult and Male Demos


Week-to-Week Finale Jumps +25% in Adults 18-49


Last night’s Season 3 finale of FX’s award-winning series Justified was its most-watched season finale in all key Adult and Male demos: A18-49 (1.35 million), M18-49 (926,000), P18-34 (596,000), M18-34 (420,000), P25-54 (1.43 million), and M25-54 (967,000). Week-to-week, A18-49 jumped +25% (1.35 million vs. 1.08 million), a 10 week high -- fueled by a +33% surge in M18-49 (926,000 vs. 697,000) as W18-49 jumped +11% (421,000 vs. 378,000). In fact, all remaining key demos experienced double digit growth from last week ranging from +14% to +48%. Total Viewers were up week-to-week +8% (2.67 million vs. 2.47 million) to post a 10 week high.

Moreover, the Season 3 finale was Justified most-watched telecast since its Season 2 premiere in M18-49 (926,000), P18-34 (596,000), M18-34 (420,000), P25-54 (1.43 million), and M25-54 (967,000).

Once the final Live+7 data for the entire season is released, we will send out another update.  Based on average Live+Same Day to Live+7 DVR increase per episode for season 3 (+64% in Total Viewers and +75% in Adults 18-49), last night’s season finale will likely be the most-watched episode of the season. 

Source: Nielsen Live + Same Day Preliminary Nationals

  • Jonas

    F*ck Yeah! That’s what I’m about!

  • Scott


  • Liz

    That headline literally made me laugh out loud.

  • Heidi

    Puntastic headline there. :-p

    The finale was very intense and man, we have to wait almost a whole year before we find out about the fall out from this.

    Excellent work there, Justified crew, excellent work!

  • AdWhois

    Was a great finale. Definitely looking forward to another great season of Justified!

  • cindercity

    That last scene was great.

    “He just saw a man in a hat pointing a gun at Boyd”.

    And when it damned on Winona what he was implying.That was both great and sad.

  • Roechelle

    LOVED IT!!!!!! Absolutely the best show no one seems to watch.A man wearing a hat pointing a gun at Boyd!!! What an ending.. How long until the new season starts???

  • Brian

    FX continues to be the best damn cable network ever!!

    First there was
    The Shield
    Rescue Me

    Now we have
    Sons of Anarchy
    Always Sunny…
    American Horror

    Plus Anger Management sounds like it could be promising.

    Truth is I am just counting down to September and the start of Sons of Anarchy season 5!!!

  • Rocco

    BBQ man swings into action. Ava kicks ass. Great characters on that show.

  • MikeInCanada

    I thought this was a great season and at the end I was wondering how they would get Boyd back out on the streets for next season.

    The only thing that I figure was the Limehouse would meet his demise at the end but I guess not.

    I liked them having Cathy Cahlin Ryan, Vic’s wife on The Shield make a guest appearance as the mother of the family kidnapped by Quarrels.

    Also loved the “Man wearing a hat pointing a gun” quote….

    Great stuff!!!

  • SarahL

    Great headline, Robert. LOL! Justified‘s season finale was pure entertainment. I will never get over the sight of Raylan to stepping back as
    Quarles reach for his severed arm.

    Justified is such a great show. I think that it has the one of the most talented casts. Its writing team is definitely the best on tv right now. The writing is clever, witty, and full of emotional resonance. Watching Raylan try to deal with the fact that his father was willing to kill him to protect Boyd was heartbreaking. Too bad more people don’t watch Justified. They are missing out.

  • Merlinus

    Just gets better with each season!!

  • DW

    now that we have the people that work for f/x out of the way , outside of sunny , f/x is a lousy network. I’ll take AMC & HBO anytime.

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous

    Agreed with @Brian. It seems the networks of FX, AMC, HBO, Showtime are bringing better to watch television than the lousy broadcast networks of FOX, CBS, NBC, & ABC.

    Back on topic, excellent season finale and not surprised at the ratings jump. It really gets better as each season passes.

  • dizzylucy

    I love this show, it’s so ridiculously good, and the finale was fantastic.

    The “disarming” was crazy! The writing and performances on this show are second to none, and every single character, even the most minor of ones, is perfectly cast and portrayed.

  • Melanie

    LOLOL Fabulous headline. Wonderful show.

  • Kris

    Great wrap-up! Anyone who wants more of Justified should check out Elmore Leonard’s original books, along with his new one, “Raylan” which overlaps weirdly with the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the show!

    For more info, check out this article about Leonard/Justified!


  • joterri

    Yes!!!!! Timothy and Walter are the best!!! To the writers I tip my hat! Can’t wait another year…..

  • Sam

    This guy is the coolest cop on TV. No doubt!!!

  • Ralph S

    Between “Justified” and “Breaking Bad”, it’s no wonder that the mainstream networks are continually scrambling. Great finale Tuesday night. Looking forward to next season

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