Tuesday Final Ratings: 'New Girl', 'NCIS: Los Angeles', 'Last Man Standing' Up; 'Raising Hope', 'Ringer', 'Biggest Loser' Down

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April 11th, 2012

New Girl, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Last Man Standing were each adjusted up a tent while Raising Hope, Ringer  and The Boiggest Loser  were each adjusted down a tenth in adults 18-49 ratings versus Tuesday's preliminary ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.1/9 17.66
FOX Glee 2.7/8 6.76
NBC The Biggest Loser 2.1/6 6.52
ABC Last Man Standing 1.8/6 6.84
CW 90210 - R 0.3/1 0.67
8:30 ABC Cougar Town 1.5/4 4.81
9:00 NBC The Voice 3.5/9 9.00
FOX New Girl 2.8/7 5.23
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.4/6 12.86
ABC Dancing With the Stars 2.3/6 13.39
CW Ringer 0.4/1 1.10
9:30 FOX Raising Hope 1.8/5 3.81
10:00 ABC Body of Proof (season finale) 1.9/5 10.05
CBS Unforgettable 1.8/5 9.45
NBC Fashion Star 1.8/5 4.66

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • MattM

    Damn right New Girl was adjusted up. Funny how young it skews yet it’s one of my near 50 year old mother’s favorite shows.

  • Andrew

    Ringer will end with a 0.4 next week. seems to have leveled off there.
    I don’t see anyone coming back to see the finale if they missed episodes. they would have no clue what’s going on.

    Still too early to tell for Hart of Dixie right now. it just returned this week from a long hiatus.
    It is performing better than Gossip Girl and Ringer at the moment. just have to wait over the next few episodes.

    Nikita. dead.

  • CrazedNovelist

    There was a Bull’s game in Chicago. So the CW in Chicago didn’t show Ringer last night… that’s why it’s adjusted down.

  • Dennis

    Low ratings for all series. NCIS double was great. NCIS with Jamie Lee Curtis and NCIS: LA with Peter Cambor!

  • John A

    Pity Ringer went down. It was a silly and convoluted episode but fun to watch.

  • Keri

    What’s the difference between NCIS and NCIS: LA? I mean besides the ratings.

    Glee was not very good last night. That Blaine needs to stop singing and being involved in major storylines.

  • Petar

    The Biggest Loser is second best NBC show! Not bad! Not bad at all! NBC in mondays and tuesdays look ready for rebuild! This is ER, friends, frasier, sainfeld network in the end! Now they must find 2 really good dramas for 10 pm in mondays with 2 the voice cycles promotion! 13 ep Hannibal with Parenthood in tuesday and rebuild in these days is over! And hope for one or two good siscoms! 30 rock looks done(i post in bubble watch info) the office is old too!

    ps Smash was adjust down! I was wrong! Smash will be done this season not next! Next season just will crush!

  • William

    Can’t believe Raising Hope got renewed with those numbers. LMS seems to keep falling, hopefully it will still get re-newed

  • rob60990

    Off topic but ABC cancels The Revolution and renews General Hospital for another year.

  • SF Here

    surprised to see the GLEE show. should have canceled the show.
    The worst show on TV since last season and the rating proves that.
    Love the Voice!!! watch on Mon and Tues. NCIS and the biggest loser shows are very good too…. but the Glee got to go

  • colt13

    Last Man Standing keeps dropping. It is actually growing on me.

    Cougar Town will be in more trouble after tonight, because if Modern Family pulls a 5.5, Apt 23 will pull a 4.5.

  • Petar


    Did you really think that 0.4 or 0.5 has some significance!

    Just from curiosity is really CBS was ready to aired ringer! Sounds like joke today!

  • Lane

    I could see New Girl and Raising Hope being good on TBS.

  • Kyle

    Too bad for Ringer. I’m still hoping for a 0.5/0.6 for the series (still hopefully, I’m one of the crazy fans lol) finale next week. It’s a good show people, start watching!

  • SJ

    @disney rocks

    How do you figure? DWTS hit a series low last night, while Body of Proof scored its second-highest overall numbers and third-highest demo for the season. It only lost 0.4 from its lead-in. There’s no doubt DWTS helped it initially, but not last night.

    If ABC wants to try it out on Friday night, where it was originally scheduled to premiere, it might get a new lease on life. Otherwise, it’s more than likely toast (although I wonder what Scandal’s presumed failure could mean for the show).


    Ha! If Modern Family even pulls a 4.5, I’ll be surprised. Highly unlikely that Apartment 23 opens to a 3 rating. Cougar Town is, regardless, still a dead show airing.

  • jayB

    WOW just watched the preview for RINGER Finale at cw website looks good!

    Ringer has some of the best ep. titles:

    Its gonna Kill Me but I’ll do it

    Shut up and Eat your Bologna

    What are you doing here, Ho-Bag?

    Its called Improvising, Bitch

    P.S. you’re an Idiot

  • Kat

    Wonder why everything was down last night? But this seems to be the trend with all shows lately. Big Bang Theory last week got 13+ million when all season it had been pulling in 15-16+ million. My guess, all shows go down in ratings during the spring because people are doing more, it is nice outside, adults taking kids to baseball or soccer. Just a suggestion

  • Hattie

    Definitely disappointed by CT’s ratings. I personally wasn’t blown away by the quality of last night’s episode, but even an OK episode of CT is pretty amazing in comparison to a lot of the other half-hour comedies. Impressed by NG’s ratings, though! I definitely didn’t expect it to stay so strong throughout the year — happy about it! Written for a different demographic (the younger crowd…) but I’m still a fan!

  • forg

    Modern Family and the rest of ABC wed sitcoms will be down due the hiatus and how awful the ratings are overall so I’m guessing a 4.2 and Apartment 23 a 2.6.

    At least Last Man Standing is up, hope it goes back to 2.0 soon. Aww Raising Hope, at least you’re renewed

  • Luke

    Why waste the lead in of The Voice for something useless like Fashion Star? Why didn’t they use that to premiere Awake or some other quality shows?

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