Tuesday Final Ratings: 'New Girl', 'NCIS: Los Angeles', 'Last Man Standing' Up; 'Raising Hope', 'Ringer', 'Biggest Loser' Down

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April 11th, 2012

New Girl, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Last Man Standing were each adjusted up a tent while Raising Hope, Ringer  and The Boiggest Loser  were each adjusted down a tenth in adults 18-49 ratings versus Tuesday's preliminary ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.1/9 17.66
FOX Glee 2.7/8 6.76
NBC The Biggest Loser 2.1/6 6.52
ABC Last Man Standing 1.8/6 6.84
CW 90210 - R 0.3/1 0.67
8:30 ABC Cougar Town 1.5/4 4.81
9:00 NBC The Voice 3.5/9 9.00
FOX New Girl 2.8/7 5.23
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.4/6 12.86
ABC Dancing With the Stars 2.3/6 13.39
CW Ringer 0.4/1 1.10
9:30 FOX Raising Hope 1.8/5 3.81
10:00 ABC Body of Proof (season finale) 1.9/5 10.05
CBS Unforgettable 1.8/5 9.45
NBC Fashion Star 1.8/5 4.66

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  • rahat

    I am so happy….GLEE is going to be CANCELLED…:D

  • NealR

    Oh man! I just went to check to see if Rebecca or anyone responed to my comment of last week, and it looks like all comments from the last week (perhaps forever) are gone!


    I feel your pain. However, I often back up my comments (file-save_as) to my local drive, including last week’s comment! So, with apologies to those who have already seen it, here it is again! (If you responded before please try, if you feel like it, to recreate your response as best as possible.)

    Posted April 4, 2012 at 10:11 PM:

    I’m so glad to read that things are looking good for RAISING HOPE! (Though, as one person pointed out, we’re going to mighty disappointed if it turns out they are counting “The Simpsons” as one of the four.) I also hope it remains on Fox, for all the reasons Rebecca mentioned. (I don’t have cable.)

    I find it so funny when people complain about My Name is Earl, because I didn’t discover it until AFTER Raising Hope (I hardly watch any TV — LOST and VERONICA MARS were about it the last five years or more), and I’ve been amazed at how MY NAME IS EARL only had two or three bad episodes the entire run (I have seen all the episodes either in syndication or by renting the DVDs), whereas I think the average quality of RAISING HOPE has gone down a lot this season.

    Not that there haven’t been some great episodes, such as “It’s a Hopeful World” and “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend” (and “Kidnapped” was quite good), but so many of the episodes this season have just been okay, and a couple really bad.

    I can only attribute this to the fact that Greg Garcia doesn’t seem to be writing virtually at all anymore, whereas he wrote a lot the first season (and during MNIE). I fear he is burned out, and perhaps almost wished the show hadn’t been renewed for a second season, but since it was renewed is hoping for the best by allowing others to take over the writing. But in my opinion the results have been decidly mixed. I sure hope next season they can get back to the quality of the first season.

    @Sara — Are there any insights you can share with us?

    @Rebecca — I can’t find where I asked you if you knew where to write and/or email kudos and brickbats regarding individual episodes, or if you responded. (Maybe it was deleted.) If you know please respond even if you already did. Thanks!

  • suzzie


    Glee is not getting canceled any time soon.

  • Ana

    I’m glad that Body of Proof held on to its lead. I hope ABC will give it at least another season. Over 10 million viewers is more that the other ‘hits’ like OUAT and Revenge are getting. That has to count for something, IMO.

  • Verus

    Yikes another 0.4 for Ringer

  • Jake

    @ rahat
    Glee has already been renewed for next season.

  • clear R.

    somehow I got a feeling that Ringer is going to be renewed

  • NealR


    I’m guessing (based on something I noticed a while back in the “Earl” end credits) that your cousin might be “empty”; if so, please let him know that his “personality” is one of my favorites!

  • gabriel

    Please! Renew Ringer and Unforgettable!

    ringer doesn’t receive a well lead in! 90210 ratings are ridiculous!
    and unforgettable… well its a good show and deserves a chance!

  • SMG4E

    @clear R, I have that same feeling. Ringer is the only freshman show on The CW that has won many awards and has many big name actors. And Nikita and HoD’s ratings are almost as low, but they don’t have the awards and actors. The CW would be stupid to cancel its best show. I look forward to seeing Ringer’s second season this fall.

    As a matter of fact, a couple days ago, Ringer won “Favorite Guilty Pleasure” for TV Guide!

  • SteveO

    Hopefully the momentum of 7 weeks (and 8 episodes) in a row of Glee helps it go above 3+ in a few weeks. Esp since the finale is after American Idol.

  • moraliste

    Why do people assume CT has to be renewed in order to be syndicated? Ned and Stacy, among other shows, was syndicated on USA after only one year on one of the networks. If I remember correctly, Samantha Who had a brief syndication stint after two years, and Old Christine after two or three at the most. Apparently the rules for syndication are quite Byzantine, and may even differ from buyer to buyer (?)

  • Dillon

    Really? People are still complaining about Ringers lead in? 90210 mainly has a .7 while Ringer has a .4 or .5

    Umm….90210 rates better clearly…and is actually very consistent.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Not sure why Last Man Standing is considered likely to be renewed when it’s numbers aren’t so hot. It might not be doing THAT bad but considering where it started, not exactly renewal worthy.

    Will be punted to Fridays. If it gets the numbers it’s getting now, great. If it doesn’t, it’s likely done after 2 seasons.

    20th thought they were going to have their Rush Limbaugh cake and eat their Rachel Maddow cake too. It doesn’t work like that, morons.

  • Riff Rafferty

    And speaking of “Last Man Standing” and 20th — guys, think you got enough executive producers there? What are we up to now? 10 executive producers? Let’s see, we’ve got the original 7. Then there were the 2 Co-EPs who had to be promoted after 2 episodes while Burditt was off pretending to be distraught. Oh, and then of course 9 wasn’t enough so let’s also promote the writer who wrote the script that tanked the ratings. I guess you just really wanted to price this thing right into oblivion.

    Hey, can I be executive producer too? I won’t actually show up to the set or really even do anything, but then it’s not like Adelstein, Levy, Clements, Baker and Messina do anything either.

  • Ultima

    Why do people assume CT has to be renewed in order to be syndicated? Ned and Stacy, among other shows, was syndicated on USA after only one year on one of the networks. If I remember correctly, Samantha Who had a brief syndication stint after two years, and Old Christine after two or three at the most.

    Cougar Town is well short of the 88 episodes usually desired for strip syndication. It can be syndicated with fewer episodes of course, but it is likely to only air once per week (e.g. Ned and Stacey did this) and be worth much less.

    Also, plenty of shows get syndication deals after one or two seasons because they are performing well and the assumption is that they will easily hit the 88 episode mark (e.g. Old Christine finished with exactly 88 episodes).

  • Rebecca

    I answered when you asked that before, but since the old comments are gone now I’ll answer again and keep it short (as if that’s possible for me, lol): If you want to contact a network and give them feedback regarding a certain show they air, for example FOX with Raising Hope (or give them a scheduling idea, like I’ve done sometimes)…go to Fox.com and find their “contact us” link (that works with most network sites but on Fox’s site I see there’s something near the bottom that says “Ask Fox” – click on that, and somewhere on the page that appears you’ll see a big blue “ASK FOX” link…it’s just for questions and feedback regarding their prime time tv shows). They have some FAQ links there, and when you see it you’ll figure out what to do. Too much for me to list here.

    Still enjoying RH but yeah, [SPOILER] that “Lucy never got executed” ending is strange. I never over-think the comedies any more, though – I’ll just watch part two next week and see what they do with it. I liked the episode, overall.

  • Danny

    Fail. It was the other way around.

  • Debsafan

    As good as Ringer is no one will watch it. That’s a dirty shame.

  • NealR

    Thanks for the info! I didn’t know about that Beverly Hills P.O. Box or the askfox@fox.com email address! (Of course, whether anyone of significance pays attention to what people say is another matter of course.)

    I didn’t see your comment the first time you posted it because up until this week I’ve only been checking in with this web site once a week — which is a problem if all the comments during the last week or more have disappeared!

    I found it interesting that they specifically say that “we have NO Direct E-mail or Paper Mail addresses for ANY of our shows”! Seems like when I was a kid you could write your favorite actor or actress via the network… guess those days are over. (Of course, even back then they probably seldom really got delivered to the actor.)

    I also noticed (as I’ve always heard) that they are adament that any scripts or story ideas will be thrown out unopened. Of course, I’ve always wondered how they know what is inside the envelope before opening it! (Maybe Carnac works for them?!)

    Sorry to ramble on so long… wish zap2it did weekly coverage for RH like they did LOST, and let people discuss the show in the comment section. (I guess those days are over too, especially for those of us who refuse to join “the evil empire” [rhymes with vase book].)

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