'Breaking In' Canceled (Again!)

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April 12th, 2012

Breaking In has been pulled from the Fox schedule effective immediately. Originally, it had been set to resume on Tuesdays beginning April 24 following New Girl. Now Fox will air reruns of New Girl instead.

Breaking In was canceled after last season, only to ultimately be resurrected. While the un-aired episodes will almost certainly air via summer burn off, I wouldn't look for lightning to strike twice as far as getting un-canceled again.

  • JakeSnake


    I even said yesterday that I suspect if we do hear an announcement this week it will be on Thursday, because it would be a good idea to announce it the day before the next episode as a way to get the fans excited and watching. Either way one thing remains true:

    Fringe will get five seasons.
    Only one show can survive, and now we can finally take strides to ensure that show is ours :)

  • marcus

    I swear to go if that money pit Fringe gets renewd and breaking don’t some how beat the odds again or wind up on FX I will be so pissed.

  • Ultima

    Don’t worry Breaking In fans, it will be back; FOX keeps hearing from its focus groups that zombie shows are the in thing right now! ;)

  • Naemeth


    I bet you had fun with the headline ;).

  • Liz

    Poor Nellie Andreeva must be shattered.

  • JMC00

    Should have never made such drastic changes. Mullaly’s character was annoying and she never should have been cast. Should have kept Michael Rosenbaum and Trevor Scott. They should have had Annable’s character written out in the first episode and replaced with Erin Richards (Molly) as another thief extraordinaire. Just a stupid decision to make it an office show. Most of the better episodes last season where them out doing jobs.

    Guess FOX just had Sony over a barrel on this one production/budget wise

  • xwiseguyx

    I hated Season 1, but loves Season 2.. too bad.

  • Jerry

    I loved the first season, but Megan Mullally was a terrible addition to this season. I’ve never seen her in other shows and now I will actively avoid her.

    Losing Odette wasn’t the best, but her commitment to House came first so they could have worked that out. And Michael Rosenbaum was busy with movies I think.

    Regardless, adding Mullally was a BAD idea. And turning it into an office show and not really showing any of the jobs did not work. Was the idea to save money? Because I doubt they did that by having all the new office cast members!

    I think if they left the show as it was last season it would have done fine. They tinkered with it too much and it deserves its fate, unfortunately.

  • SJ

    Why this even got renewed for a second season is beyond me. It got a 1.3 for its season finale last year – the only episode not to air post-Idol – which should have been proof enough for Fox that this show cannot stand on its own.

    Agree that adding Mullally was a bad move. She’s funny when she plays balls-out crazy characters like Karen on Will and Grace or Tammy 2 on Parks and Rec, but otherwise she’s just annoying (Party Down, Happy Endings and here).

    Odette Annable is not the only one losing two shows this year; Kevin Rahm, who was a regular on Teenage Daughter and recurred on Housewives is also losing two. Wanda Sykes two years ago lost her late-night show on Fox and Old Christine within one week.

  • doug

    Yeah, yeah, good job, FOX.
    Canceling the first season, turning the good comedy into a terrible one, and canceling it again.

    This whole process IS the greatest comedy to me.

  • CrimTV


    Does Kevin Rahm play Lee on Desperate Housewives?

  • The Watcher

    In the future this will serve as a perfect example of how NOT to revamp a show. Everything that was changed made it worse-cast, pacing, locations, humor…even the basic premise switched from “action comedy” to “dreary office talkfest”.
    Megan Mullally was the worst. When I see her on a talk show she seems to be pretty funny and her voice is almost normal, but when the cameras come on she apparently turns into a screechy, annoying harpy. I can’t take it for more than a few minutes, and neither can my wife.

  • Spencer

    I don’t get why they canceled it last season it had 7 8 millions till the past episode
    This season 2/3 wow

  • Dan

    Additionally this will be Bret Harrisons third series cancelled after 2 seasons (The Loop, Breaking In, and Reaper)

  • Vince G

    As much as I loved this show, I cannot disagree with this decision. This season pailed in comparison to this season. Michael Rosenbaum was the main reason why I loved this show in the first place. He was hilarious. This season just felt like a completely different show…and a sucky one at that.

  • Riff Rafferty

    The problem with this show was that the episodes written by the creator were awful. Usually not a great sign. There was maybe one watchable episode last season, which was the one with the blank canvas painting and Ted McGinley. I liked the second season cast better — particularly Erin, my new fave — even if I would have liked to have seen more of the, you know, “breaking in” part. (I guess FOX didn’t like the concept they bought?) I certainly will not miss all the shilling that littered Deadline.

    Until then, production continues…

  • SVU: Playboy Club


    It’s his fourth, he recurred on ABC’s ‘V’ too.

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous


    It was an unbelievably amazing and hilarious first season. Second season, one of the worst season bombshell seasons I have ever watched of all programming on television.

  • lf

    At least Megan Mullally will probably still star in Season 4 of Childrens Hospital.

    After Breaking in, My Own Worst Enemy and the Forgotten, and now Bullet to the Head pulled from this week’s scheduled release, I’m wondering if someone put a curse on Christian Slater.

  • mzxcxz

    Great news. Season 2 was awful.

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