'Breaking In' Canceled (Again!)

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April 12th, 2012

Breaking In has been pulled from the Fox schedule effective immediately. Originally, it had been set to resume on Tuesdays beginning April 24 following New Girl. Now Fox will air reruns of New Girl instead.

Breaking In was canceled after last season, only to ultimately be resurrected. While the un-aired episodes will almost certainly air via summer burn off, I wouldn't look for lightning to strike twice as far as getting un-canceled again.

  • Merlinus

    Like others, I enjoyed season 1 & was disappointed the changes for season 2.

  • Bunny

    If Happy Endings get a season 3 I bet they’e going to bring Megan Mullally as a regular … whenever she guest stars the ratings go up for that show…which sucks because the eps were never good when she’s around..

  • JeffinChicago

    Oh well, ‘dems ‘da breaks.

  • Shannon

    I don’t give a damn what anybody says about me for saying this. But I loved it it was a quirky comedy with strange characters and that’s why I liked it.

  • DW

    i love the fact that this has 44 comments and , as of this post , the overrated justified only has 13 comments for its highest rated episode. good job earth.

  • Were

    Sad news for Breaking In fans, never watched the show though.
    What if it was saved by a cable network or netflix just to be in danger for a third cancellation? It would make it the first show to be cancelled 3 times! Maybe a guiness record xD

  • Kristen

    Megan Mullally ruined the show. It was fun and lighthearted in the first season, but was also more interesting, and the humor was more biting. It still wasn’t my favorite, but it was ruined beyond repair in Season 2. It just wasn’t funny at all anymore. I still watched each episode, hoping for it to improve, and because I like Christian Slater, but I’m glad it’s gone. Now it’s out of its misery. :(

  • Gary

    No crap, they drop two of the most popular characters to add in the grating Megan Mullally, put it out in the midseason AGAIN after it started to struggle last time (and in the middle of March, no less, not even Jan/Feb like other midseason shows), and barely promote it. They expect it to do well HOW, exactly? For shame, Fox.

  • Gary

    @DW Everyone knows how good Justified is already. If it was cancelled, THEN maybe people’d be talking about it.

  • Freddy Arrow


    “After Breaking in, My Own Worst Enemy and the Forgotten, and now Bullet to the Head pulled from this week’s scheduled release, I’m wondering if someone put a curse on Christian Slater.”

    Yeah, starring in several TV shows and a bunch of movies. Poor guy…

  • MikeInCanada

    I really enjoyed the first season…This season…Not so much. Megan Mullally as much as I love her on some shows just ruined this one for me….

    Not sorry to see it go…

  • MattM

    Rare you see a show that’s equally disliked online as it is in real life. If this was about Ringer being canceled there’d be 8 pages of people saying it’s BS.

  • jr

    Christian Slater curse

  • Toucan

    I usually like Mullally, but the character didn’t work on this show. They had a weird boss with Slater adding another one just made him less interesting. It was better when they went out on jobs. I don’t think Annabel’s absense made a big difference.
    I have to say while I always liked Karen on Will and Grace, it kind of looks like Mullally can only play one character. That character works on some shows and not others.

  • ND Mitchell

    I liked the series especially Christian Slater who is very rare to see on either TV or movie screen but the series was missing something to get the attention of the fans. That means no more Megan Mullally, too. :(

  • Dan

    Now that we know the fate of Breaking In and Touch is basically renewed and Finder is cancelled, is only a matter of time before FOX announces Fringe’s fate. My guess is if a “Final Fifth season deal” doesn’t come through the series will just end this May. It wouldnt surprise me, the series is hemorrhaging money.

  • a p garcia

    Couldn’t have happened to a better show

  • craigcuk

    In the tradition of sending things to Networks/Production Companies like peanuts, small dinosaurs etc…… can I suggest we have a campaign and flood Fox with cards saying…..in very very big letters

    Breaking in cancelled!!!

    WTF took you so long!!

  • Todd

    Surprised it lasted as long as it did. They completely took everything that was good from the first season and cast it aside with the cast changes. Not sorry to see it go.

  • Rebecca

    I like Megan Mullally just in small doses – I enjoy her on P&R when she’s on as Ron’s ex Tammy, and I remember her being on New Christine once or twice….but after I got tired of her on Will & Grace (and basically stopped watching for their last two or three seasons) I just can’t take her full time on other shows. I liked Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, and the actors who played Cash and the crazy HR lady – but it was sad to not have Rosenbaum and Odette any more. When Mullally speaks normally and when she’s on talk shows and isn’t using her screechy voice I like her just fine. But they never seem to cast her for her normal voice on TV shows, just for the screechy annoying one. Not as bad as Fran Drescher though. I wish all of the cast and crew good luck in future endeavors, and if more of BI airs in the summer I’ll try to watch (IHMTD comes back Sunday, June 3rd for its burnoff – maybe they’ll put BI with it).

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