'Breaking In' Canceled (Again!)

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April 12th, 2012

Breaking In has been pulled from the Fox schedule effective immediately. Originally, it had been set to resume on Tuesdays beginning April 24 following New Girl. Now Fox will air reruns of New Girl instead.

Breaking In was canceled after last season, only to ultimately be resurrected. While the un-aired episodes will almost certainly air via summer burn off, I wouldn't look for lightning to strike twice as far as getting un-canceled again.

  • Melanie

    Last season I was happy it got renewed – this season I’m happy it got cancelled.
    Michael Rosenbaum’s Dutch was the funniest character on the show. Christian Slater’s Oz was the most interesting character – last season. This season there ISN’T an interesting OR a funny character to be found. Buh-bye.

  • ToXiX

    Tried to watch the season premiere episode, it was awful. This news isn’t surprising, but it’s odd that IHMTD wasn’t officially cancelled along with BI, might as well get it over with Fox.

  • RyanCanada

    i loved this show! ugh so frustrating, i hate fox.

  • tv#1

    This is a shame. I was enjoying season 2 more than 1. I really liked all the changes they made. I feel bad for Slater and Harrison. I can’t figure out why neither of them can find a successful TV show.

  • Red Jane

    This was a weird one – they un-cancel the show to make it much worse (ie less charismatic characters)? Goodbye Breaking In!

  • KoolRebel

    Season 1 was great but without Michael Rosenbaum, Odette Annable & Trevor Moore not being in season 2 the show stopped being funny. What were they thinking messing up with a great cast of season 1. I want to buy the first 7 episodes just to see how great they were. Even Slater was funnier in the first season. Oh well, what can I say. FU Fox.

  • psychic

    Heh, heh. Lol.

  • Martim

    F*** you FOX, you changed the show, not the producers and now…well now no more Breaking In, f*** you FOX.

  • keyser

    I have to agree! I loved season 1 and they changed too much this year and giving Oz (Slater) a kookey ass female (“Oh, look at me”) boss to report wasn’t as great an idea. She tried to steal every scene she was in with some lame forced comedy. Oh well, I can always go back and watch season 1.

  • result

    FAUX does it again. Season one was too short, then you cancel it only to bring it back minus one key character and you add two unnecessary ones? You brought in the most annoying hideously humorless actress. Humor is all about timing, and if you’re producing a scripted show then you have the opportunity to get the timing perfect. Clearly the chemistry that was once on the show is gone. The show deserves to be cancelled without question but that is your doing. The viewers can’t stand that annoying woman you put in to be the lead.

  • Martim

    you can cancel it but at least should let it air on May like it was suppose to…

  • Riff Rafferty

    See, Kevin, how grateful the little fanboy geek nerd dork dweeb losers are? Instead of saying, “Thanks for giving us another 13 episodes as a gift on this show that was a total money-losing failure, and thanks for not shutting down production after 8 the instant the ratings came in” like someone normal might, you get this.

    Keep on kissing their a$$es. It’s sure paying off dividends for you.

  • AniMatsuri

    It’s interesting that promos for this show were all about, “Look! We got Megan Mullally on this season.” And for the most part, the comments here say she’s what made the show less enjoyable.

  • Fennerbender

    It was a fun show last season, but the changes made just managed to kill off what base they did have. Oh well looks like no TV Tuesday is back for me.

  • gustavo

    The first season:was pretty hilarous.The second season without Michael Rosenbaum and the add of Meghan Mullaly is crap.

  • Toucan

    I think Fox or the producers were hoping to attract a new audience by retooling the show. It was pretty much a whole new show or maybe a a spin off this year. They must have known it might drive away fans of the first season, but the ratings were low last year so they didn’t care.

  • Nick

    Who expected this to be renewed again?

    I never watched this show, so i’m not especially sad or happy.
    I would much rather see a title with Rules of Engagement, Happy Endings, Up All Night, or Two And a Half Men on it.

  • William Haney

    First, whatever happened to Michael Rosenbaum? He was missed this year. Also, I wonder how this would have done as part of the NBC comedy blocks?

  • ToXiX

    @William Haney
    It would have Bent & BFF numbers. Not that it’s much far from that anyway.

  • martim cardoso

    Not necesserily, it’s really about the publicity, I mean, I guess so, if it was on the NBC Thursday Night Comedy block it would get the same numbers or a little more (1.5, 1.6) just like 30 Rock as. Bent & BFF have 0.9, 0.8…On Fox they gave the show 0 publicity, that’s how I see it. But that’s just my opinion…

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