'Breaking In' Canceled (Again!)

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April 12th, 2012

Breaking In has been pulled from the Fox schedule effective immediately. Originally, it had been set to resume on Tuesdays beginning April 24 following New Girl. Now Fox will air reruns of New Girl instead.

Breaking In was canceled after last season, only to ultimately be resurrected. While the un-aired episodes will almost certainly air via summer burn off, I wouldn't look for lightning to strike twice as far as getting un-canceled again.

  • Sott122

    The show was a disappointment this season. Perhaps that fact that Megan Mullally has had 4 canceled shows tells why. She added absolutely nothing to the show; in fact she detracted from it. It was better last year without her. I feel sorry for the rest of the cast.

  • Water Cooler

    Come on why they even brought this loser back in the first place?

    Why did they bring back that other loser Raising Hope back too?

    New Girl was the only comedy that should’ve been renewed.

  • Toucan

    I think it would have been recanceled with or without Mullally. Fans of the show just would have enjoyed it more without her.

  • Matt

    Maybe Michael Rosenbaum should of just shaved his head and went on Smallville sooner instead of wasting his time with this crap.

  • Jojob

    I watched Season 1 because I’m a Bret Harrison fan (GROUNDED FOR LIFE, THE LOOP, REAPER) and I thought Christian Slater was amazing in the mediocre MY OWN WORST ENEMY. BREAKING IN wasn’t as good as I hoped, but it was okay. When I heard there was going to be a Season 2, I was pleased and hoping for improvement. It helped the show when they went out on “capers”. (BREAKING IN was the title, after all.) Maybe they were going to improve the writing and make it sort of a comic version of LEVERAGE.
    No such luck!!! What were they thinking? Instead of building on It’s strengths, they shattered the show and made it indistinguishable from all the other clueless formula comedies. Megan Mullaly??? Terrible choice. She’s good on Children’s Hospital, but completely jarring and out of place here.
    Slater was essentially neutered.

  • Daniel

    The cast changes weren’t great, they should have kept it like season one.

    In saying that, this season was still better than a lot of other things on TV today. I don’t get why they would pull it to air New Girl repeats, they should just let the rest of the season finish.

  • carigis

    Loved first season.. when they added Megan Mullally and lost the hot chick it got boring quick. Hope slater has better luck next time.

  • R_Duque

    I for one enjoyed the show!! sucks that it was cancelled in my opinion.

  • Akihironihongo

    No surprise there, but I’m still sad. The ratings were disappointing, but oh well.

  • Johnny G

    “Megan Mullally is the reason why most people didnt watch if they stuck with what they did last season it would have gotten better ratings and maybe renewed i hate Megan Mullally she is the reason i didnt watch the show past episode 2.”

    SERIOUSLY, use punctuation please. It is always the angry “I hate this” or “I hate that” posters that just go OFF with run-on sentences. Please, stop it!

    PS: Thank Jesus you used that period at the very end. Because that was the one spot where I wasn’t sure if you were done or not.

  • therock

    so now Christian Slater just needs a TV show for CBS and CW…to have a failed show on every network

  • Networkman

    Megan Mullally is more suited for multi cam. IMO single cam should have a more realistic approach/tone to them. So it now seems as if Megan is overacting when she is in Breaking In. The reason why most sinlge cams, especially on NBC is low rated because alot of people can’t relate to many of the characters. Many of them come off as cartoonish. The Bernie Mac Show was a great single cam because the situations and the acting were realistic.

    Also I think Christian Slater would be more suitable in a Crime Drama on CBS. He has the perfect demeanor for those roles. I would love to see him in NCIS or CSI.

  • Networkman

    @therock. CBS is where he should go. I would cast Christian as a supporting actor. I don’t think he should be a leading man in a new drama. He should now want to join a drama that is already establish.

  • Jay Gee

    For all those saying FU Fox, did you watch the first season?! Thank you Fox for putting a once great show out of it’s misery. I just wish someone watched the first episode or two before telling Fox: “Okay, we’ll renew you, just get rid of Megan Mullaly (she was annoying as hell AND tried to play dumb.) The HR girl played dumb better and Dutch did it to perfection. Don’t mess with the formula from season 1.”

    Now I hear Megan Mullaly is moving to Justified!!! Watch out!!!! Now that would garner comments on Justified. ;)

  • therock

    @Networkman or cast Christian Slater on “established’ Gossip Girl to finally guarantee cancellation…maybe he can do the season finale and work his magic :)

  • Spencer

    @Stephen judson
    Heck should have never been renewed? It should hAve Never came on tv!:)

  • Eric_Philly

    Without Mulally the show still could have been good this year… but oh well, I guess it wasn’t likely to make it anyway.

  • LJ

    I would’ve been really sad if it was cancelled after that great season 1. After this season, I’m fine with it gone. The jobs, Odette, and the quirky humor were the best parts of the show and they are all missing. Megan Mulally doesn’t fit in this show at all.

    The Sean Patrick Flannery episode was pretty solid though.

  • Rafael

    I loved season 1 and was happy it got renewed but hated how they changed the plot, they didn’t even do any fancy “Breaking In” it was all about life in their office which was pretty BORING! I wish they just sticked with the original cast and story, whoever decided to change them YOU SUCK!

  • JMG

    Does anyone else remember when Fox tried to retool Human Target the same way… taking away much of what people liked about the show and generally making it awful? It was nigh identical, too (the business gets taken over by an older woman who’s going to shake things up).

    It ought to make Firefly fans glad their series never got a second season.

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