'Breaking In' Canceled (Again!)

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April 12th, 2012

Breaking In has been pulled from the Fox schedule effective immediately. Originally, it had been set to resume on Tuesdays beginning April 24 following New Girl. Now Fox will air reruns of New Girl instead.

Breaking In was canceled after last season, only to ultimately be resurrected. While the un-aired episodes will almost certainly air via summer burn off, I wouldn't look for lightning to strike twice as far as getting un-canceled again.

  • pete5125

    Fox also did the same thing to Brett Harrison’s “The Loop” funny quirky show in year #1, for some reason Fox decided that his group of roommates was the problem and he should just be an office show with his brother visiting him all the time…still an OK show but it definitely lost its magic, would be nice if Fox gave Breaking In another year with another retool

  • John Berggren

    Season one was brilliantly hilarious. Then they broke the show. Somebody needs to get Michael Rosenbaum a sitcom, it seems.

  • Saamiah

    I personally loved both seasons of Breaking In and I’m really upset that it’s been cancelled. The comedy was great, and it had just enough action in it for a 20min show. The characters were original, and the acting was always top class. I don’t understand why quality shows like Breaking In are cancelled when there is so much crap airing these days. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably a fan of one of those crappy shows.

  • Phil

    Hey you never know if people are bored in the summer…let’s get better ratings in the summer and hopefully we can get it uncancelled again!!! C’mon guys! SAVE BREAKING IN (AGAIN)!!!

  • Phil

    This season sucked. Season one was fun and funny. Now everything is around the office no more breaking in. By the way Megan Mullally sucks she is sooooooooooo anoying.

  • Jani

    Apr. 23, 2012
    What were Fox and the producers of “Breaking In” thinking when they re-cast and changed the premise of the show? It was called “Breaking In” because Oz and his staff broke i-n-t-o places. When did they do that in season 2? What a shame for Christian Slater who is always good. Putting Megan Mullally opposite him and the whole cast with her high-pitched, annoying voice was sheer stupidity. It became “Oz vs. whatever her name was.” This show could have been good, but now we’ll never know. Good luck, Mr. Slater. Looking forward to your next project.

  • Mariak

    I really liked it, not as much though as the first season, but it was nice to watch. I would prefer Slater as the boss and only him, but come on now,i don’t want it to end.Don’t cancel it plzzz.

  • Stand123

    Hi All,

    Disappointed they cancelled the series even if this second season was not as good as the first.

    Why do networks just yank a series completely and replce it with re-runs rather than at least burning off the remaining episodes in a given season? What is the monetary reason for this? I could never understand it.


  • Joe

    I’m with the others. I really liked Season 1, missed it when it was cancelled. Season 2 was *meh* to me, at best.

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