'Fringe' Falls Back To Low; 'The Finder' Goes Low Too (Blame Joss Whedon?)

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April 14th, 2012

Fringe shed a tenth of a ratings point vs. last week falling to a series low-tying 0.9 adults 18-49 rating and The Finder marked its second Friday appearance by shedding two tenths from last week dropping to a series low 0.9 adults 18-49 rating.  I'm guessing many are marking the "Joss Whedon's 'Cabin in the Woods'" square on their Fan Excuse Bingo cards.

Via @MaskedScheduler:

Both #Finder and #FRINGE were at a .9 rating in 18-49 viewers

The night's full ratings are now posted.

  • Jonathan

    Cabin in the Woods? That lost to The Hunger Games (in its fourth weekend out) AND that moronic Three Stooges movie lol.

    Fringe ended when Peter vanished at the end of last season for most fans since they have now made it so that the first three seasons didn’t matter and this season has been so terrible. Put Fringe out of its misery!

  • Jonathan

    If you still like Fringe this season, you’re not an actual fan of the first three seasons since they changed it so that those seasons basically never happened.

  • JakeSnake


    Well sadly in the TV business things can change at the last minute, so until the officially announce it we’re not out of the woods. I’m sure they will, but nothing is set in stone yet.

  • Estafringe

    Fringe is DEAD and Nikita will be back.

    Bad luck haters.

  • Dennis

    @Jonathan that is the most moronic thing i’ve ever read!

    “If you still like Fringe this season, you’re not a proper fan?”

    Ha – made me chuckle

  • Lizzie

    It’s really funny when the word ‘terrible’ is used to describe this show.

    I can understand when people feels this season may have been lackluster than previous season, but ‘terrible’??? Wow. *sarcasm*

  • Spain

    Los que criticáis la serie sois unos completos simplones que os sacan de CSI y NCIS y os perdéis, y me da igual que no me entendáis porque paso de perder mi tiempo en escribir en inglés xD Así os va, menos hamburguesas y ver más series de culto xD GO FRinge

  • Brian Marino

    I will never get why people are so gleeful when shows do bad on this website. Also why ratings are an indication of whether they should be embarrassed or are failing. Obviously from a ratings perspective they are but people act like the show is doing something wrong to cause it. They aren’t, it’s just indicative of what is popular on TV right now. I’m not saying FOX should renew something with low ratings, I’m saying you can’t blame people making a very good show when people don’t watch it. That’s like saying Citizen Kane is a failure because it wouldn’t make billions at the box office if re-released.

    Why do you want Fringe to die so badly. Even if you like another show that you hope will get renewed with a Fringe cancellation, there’s no reason to be SO HAPPY about what will make quite a few of us very disappointed. For instance, I hate Person of Interest, Big Bang Theory and NCIS. But I would never be like “OH YAY LOOK AT THAT THEY ARE DOING BAD NOW WOOOO!”

    Anyway, I hope the show gets 13 episodes, but only if the creators recognize that it is their last season and use them to work towards a final conclusion (ala Chuck and LOST). Ratings seem to indicate it won’t happen but who knows, really.

  • psychic

    When Fringe gets renewed, I get all the gloating rights. When The Finder gets cancelled, you all get to gloat at me.

  • JakeSnake


    Proper fans are those who fully agree with the opinions of Jonathan.

  • Tommy Mickens

    Here comes ALCATRAZ for season two and Fridays 2012-2012! :D

  • Tommy Mickens

    2012-2013! Bah!

  • Brian Marino

    Also, the first three seasons definitely do matter. Peter still experienced them and now *SPOILERS SPOILERS* Liv is remembering them. So while you might not like the show anymore, don’t say falsehoods.

  • dejf

    Jonathan: I am an actual fan of all seasons and I like season 4 very much. You can’t say that the previous seasons never happened, Olivia and Peter remember them. And you haven’t seen the finale yet, who knows what they have prepared for us.
    Still believe in shorten season 5.

  • Dennis


    you couldn’t be more wrong

  • halloween

    it was Friday the 13th :)

  • halloween

    time to bring Gordan Ramsey back

  • gabri

    very sorry for Fringe, hope for a 13 episode’s final season… :(

  • JeffinChicago

    The ratings are indeed meaningless for Fringe’s renewal at this late stage. It is all up to Warner Bros whether they will lower their fee. While nothing is certain, I truly believe Fringe will live to see one more season (perhaps abbreviated) since it is so close to syndication. It’s still both amusing and annoying reading the ratings doomsayer comments.

  • Spencer

    Doesn’t Fringe hit a new low every week?

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