'Fringe' Falls Back To Low; 'The Finder' Goes Low Too (Blame Joss Whedon?)

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April 14th, 2012

Fringe shed a tenth of a ratings point vs. last week falling to a series low-tying 0.9 adults 18-49 rating and The Finder marked its second Friday appearance by shedding two tenths from last week dropping to a series low 0.9 adults 18-49 rating.  I'm guessing many are marking the "Joss Whedon's 'Cabin in the Woods'" square on their Fan Excuse Bingo cards.

Via @MaskedScheduler:

Both #Finder and #FRINGE were at a .9 rating in 18-49 viewers

The night's full ratings are now posted.

  • BwhoUR9

    I just discovered Fringe this year and I love it, although S3 set the bar pretty high so it seems this season is struggling. Even if it weren’t, all good things must come to an end, especially when you at some of the terrible shows out there getting good ratings. It’s a crazy world, and ratings are absolutely no reflection on the quality of the show.

    I only hope whenever the series ends, it doesnt get “lost” at the end like Lost (and even Heroes) did. I hope they can really do it the justice this wonderful show deserves.

  • Patrick

    I found fringe two weeks ago (its not well advertised outside the US) and I cannot be more happy with what I have found. This show is of amazing quality in both acting and writing, and deserves to have 100 seasons (but will settle for a fifth). People judge the show based on ratings (high ratings dont make good shows) although I am betting that most have not even seen it and yet judge it, and if have so and still dislike it they can get out of my universe.
    Admittidely this is not my favorite season of the four as it started slower, and I prefer the Olivia and Peter relationship they had going on however it is still better than most shows and as mentioned ‘who knows what is to come’ as the last few episodes of each series heralds most of the praise.
    You will see when season 5 of Fringe is aired it will provide a spectacular ending for its loyal fans (unlike chuck)

  • John

    Apparently, there have been two endings shot for the finale depending on the show’s future.

  • Fred

    I didn’t buy the Hunger Games excuse, as that movie’s target demo is younger than 18-49.

    However, I might buy Cabin in the Woods as an excuse. Most Whedon fans are probably in their late 20’s- 30’s now. And, they are all rabidly insane — they’ve probably seen the movie twice already.

    However, despite appearances, there’s not actually that many Whedon fans (hence Dollhouse ratings), they just never shut up online, so it seems there’s more of them than there are.

    Either way, Fringe ratings no longer matter. The show is an abysmal failure, beyond any doubt.

    The question is; does making it a free failure to Fox, still make sense for Fox. I’d say no, as a repeat of anything else brings Fox more money, even if Fringe is free.

  • Fred

    Patrick “This show is of amazing quality in both acting and writing”

    I’ve seen it. It isn’t. The writing is pretty poor, to say the least. The dialogue is not realistic. The sub plots are a complete mess.

    The acting isn’t bad, on the whole — however, “amazing” it is not. We’re not talking Homeland or Breaking Bad or House of Lies or The Big C or Terriers here… it’s above average for a comic book show (which usually have some of the worst actors on the planet in them — see Heroes), but let’s not get too excited.

    There’s a good reason the show has no viewers, and a lot of that is to do with production quality, and the lack thereof. There’s some significant failures in direction, art direction and writing.

  • Eric_Philly

    Whedon!!!! (I know it’s not the same as the Star Trek guy)

  • groove365

    I sort of feel bad for not watching Finder and watching Bellator instead. Oh well it’s dead anyway.

  • Observer

    They never should have killed of Joe Flanigan’s character in the first episode this season.

  • Fringefan

    Ratings suck! I’m still hoping we’ll get a season 5 though.

  • Craig

    I think any show that’s on a Friday will naturally have a tough time bringing in the viewers. Maybe fringe would do better on a Saturday or another night thru the week.

  • The End

    I have a feeling this won’t be the last Finder slip. If I was a betting person I would say this show will get below 2.5 million soon.

  • Simon

    Fox is close to renewing Fringe for a fifth and final season, TVWise has learned. For the past couple of months, Fox has been having discussions with Warner Bros. Television about the future of the low rated series. Sources familiar with said discussions tell me that, while there are still a few points that need ironing out, a deal for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes is expected to be reached within the next few weeks.

    I’m told that one issue that has been resolved is the length of this fifth and final season; with WB initially pushing for a full season of 22 episodes, while Fox expressed that they would be more comfortable with a “limited episode order” of 7 – 13 episodes, which would get the show close to or past the 100 episode mark required for syndication. Another issue that has been widely reported on is Fox’s licensing fee for the series. I’m told that WB has offered Fox “a substantially lower” fee for the fifth season. As such, insiders tell me that they expect Fox to announce the renewal of Fringe for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes in the coming weeks.

    This news will come as a relief to fans of the series, which has had a hard time in the ratings for its last two seasons. The latest episode of the sci-fi series attracted a mere 3 million viewers and a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic in live+same day. With those numbers, most shows would be looking at certain cancellation, but the amount of money Warner Bros. stands to make from off-network syndication deals is the driving force behind the series’ future. The only real question that still needs to be answered is will we see an announcement before the network’s upfront presentation in May?


  • Fringe Fan

    Oh, Fred! Fred, Fred, Fred! Silly, silly Fred!

    That’s all!

  • TV_Eric

    Man I’d figure Joss’s Biggest Fan would have made an appearance by now. I’m sad this isn’t the case.

  • Tillman123

    Dear Tessa, so you only watch fringe for fauxlivia? You are aware that she is not the only character on the show right?

    Dear Fred,

    It’s YOUR DAMN OPINION that fringe is bad so stop acting act like what you say is the damn truth.

  • tscchope

    @Simon I am puzzled why you bothered putting in a link to the tvwise article, since you have posted it in its entirety. You don’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge that you have done this. You seem blithely unaware that you are infringing their copywright.

    Your opinion is that Cringe is wonderful; Fred is that it isn’t. You’re one of 3 million who watch the show;Fred doe not. Sice the show has lost 6 million viewers since its inception, most would agree with Fred’s assessment.

    Cringe had already failed ratingswise on another weeknight, which has why it was moved to Friday.

  • Writin_Reg

    I so want Fringe to be renewed – I love all the characters and the uniqueness of this series in the fact that many of the character play dual parts. That alone should make this show unique enough to stay where it is – on tv on Friday night.

    I watch just 2 tv shows period – I used to watch 3, but Ghost Whisperer was removed. I do not replace my tv shows easily, so if they leave tv, I will find and watch all their repeats or not watch tv period. Fringe is the last TV show I watch on Fox, so if they drop Fringe then that means all 4 of the main networks have lost me and my entire household viewership. At one time my house hold watched a 12 network shows a week, but as each network dropped a favored show – we dropped watching the networks.

    In my book this is Foxes last hurrah left. If others are like me – well we turn to the Movie channels and computers for entertainment. We do not replace favored TV shows with others. Rarely do new shows get a chance in todays entertainment seeing TV is not ALL there is anymore.

    I notice a lot of Fringe viewers are also heavy computer users – so places like FOX, should keep this in mind when they are counting the demigraphics of who are watching their shows.

    As far as many of me and my friends are concerned if Fox loses Fringe and Syfy loses Haven – my other show I watch that HAS been renewed – TV can possibly count itself as on the way out the door. Without our favorite shows – we don’t NEED TV – we have computers and know how to use them.

  • Nell

    Umm where are you getting your ratings? Are you counting people that DVR the Fringe series? I hate commercials therefore I DVR my shows. I’m sorry all you Fringe haters out there don’t appreciate a creative interesting series. It’s a shame but it’s your opinion. Fringe has some science, mystery and creativity that make the show amazing and the acting is really impressive.. Not to mention Fox would cause and uprise with Fringe’s loyal fans if they cancel the series. #savefringe

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