How Will 'NYC 22' Premiere with Adults 18-49? (Poll)

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April 15th, 2012

Mid-season replacement NYC 22 makes its debut Sunday night at 10pm on CBS following a new episode of The Good Wife. Many are watching to see how this show performs to see if it will shed any light on the fate of the NY & Miami CSI spinoffs. But my guess is within a few weeks the NYC 22 ratings will tell us far more about the fate of NYC 22 than the fates of CSI: NY or CSI: Miami.

  • hardline_pro

    Probably around a 2.0, but I expect it to drop afterwards. Hopefully it fails so CSI: Miami can get 1 more season.

  • James

    Not great: 1.6 – 1.8. I’ve seen zero promotion for this series

  • rob60990

    It will bomb. 1.8.

  • Californiadgd


  • JJ


  • zerg

    no promotion ,bad lead in
    1.9 – 2.3

  • John A

    Why premiere a show so late in the season?

  • Chris

    I havent seen any commercials for this

  • mackey

    1.5-1.7 Everything above wouldn’t be bad for a low caliber show starting at 10 pm behind a weak lead-in and so late in the season.

  • Mike

    Sunday 10 PM , great competition on cable. Then a weak lead in.
    A 2.5 if it gets lucky.

  • TheOneAndOnly

    I hope it will flop.

  • Nick

    Dead on arrival

  • Ultima

    I’ve seen zero promotion for this series

    no promotion

    I havent seen any commercials for this

    I’ve seen dozens of promotions for it over the past few weeks, usually during basketball or the Race (which is all I’ve watched live).

  • Ultima

    Dead on arrival


  • nyclover

    It doesn’t seem to be like a great show, or have any one really famous. I saw one still image promotion on CBS during the Letterman show at like 12. It lasted about 5 seconds. I’ve seen no other promotion. I’m guessing 1.8

  • Mystery

    I wish Miami and New York are cancelled! I’ve seen all episodes, but…Let’s face it: Miami and New York are dead now.

  • Networkman

    This drama doesn’t really have a concept that stands out. From the promos I’ve seen, it is simply about rookie cops. Well, we have seen that before with Rookie Blue. I think producers should have set this during the 1970s. NYC during this time was more “seedy” and dangerous. At least it would of made the show more gritty. I say premiere episode gets a 2.0 going against GCB.

  • Cath

    Depends on how long the golf goes. CBS has been promoting this very chance they get. My son who is in the demo won’t watch it but CSI:Miami is one of the few network shows he watches, even with the shifts for sports.

    Nyclover must not watch much CBS because they have been promoting the show at least twice every half hour in prime time for weeks.

  • Victor Hugo

    My guess 1.8

  • halloween

    i never heard of this before?

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