'Saturday Night Live' with Host Josh Brolin and Musical Guest Gotye Delivers Below Average Ratings

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April 15th, 2012

Saturday Night Live hosted by Josh Brolin with musical guest Gotye averaged a  preliminary 2.7 rating in adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with Local People Meters. That's a bit below average for the season and down two tenths vs. last week  when Sofia Vegara hosted with  musical guest One Direction.

via press notes:

In Late-Night Metered-Market Household Averages for Saturday night:

*             "Saturday Night Live" with host Josh Brolin and musical guest Gotye, averaged a 4.6/11 in metered-market households.  "SNL" was the night's #1 telecast in metered-market households, ahead of all primetime programs on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

*             In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, "Saturday Night Live" averaged a 2.7 rating, 12 share in adults 18-49.  "SNL" was the night's #1 program in the Local People Meters, ahead of all primetime telecasts on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

  • tvfreak

    Compared to last week with Sofia Vergara, this episode was pretty unmemorable. Once again, I have to say I’m pretty much Wiig-ed out.

  • SJ

    …and yet, it beat everything in primetime not named The Voice.

  • Networkman

    Will NBC use SNL in primetime during the fall? Once again this is an election year, so just as in 2008, they can have campaign skits on Thursday night which will probably help in the demo. It may have the best shot going against The Big Bang Theory than any of their other comedies.

  • KoolRebel

    This is the best episode of the season, I never laugh at this show in years & I laughed in every skit. Every SNL show should be good like this. I’ve been watching every show since 1975 & it’s been dreadful for years, but I still keep watching. I miss the humor of the John Belushi & Eddie Murphy years.

  • Kdude

    Blame Coachella? lol

  • FowlScat

    The new addition makes zero impact on the show. Is there just no standout talent to be had anymore? How can they just keep moving in and out mediocre unmemorable cast members? They need more freaks like Bill Hader to keep things fresh and give them more to work with.

  • Gary Middleton

    Networkman, that’s such a great point. When we read about the imminent departure of various veteran cast members, it’s worth remembering that Lorne might do whatever it takes to keep them for that extra half-season. Seem to recall that’s what he did with Dana Carvey in 1992.

  • Gary Middleton

    The cracking up during sketches has reached disaster scale, imo.

  • JoeyDavid.com

    This has got to be one of the worse episodes I’ve seen. I usually laugh at some of the skits but this one, NOT 1 skit was even close to funny. It was a horrible episode.

  • JoeyDavid.com


  • edward

    I don’t even watch SNL, only watched it because of Gotye he was amazing!!

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    NO SOFIA= Lower ratings, Sofia should host every week, what a fantastic, funny, and intelligent Latina.

  • tvfreak

    @HotLatino: Yeah, Sofia made everything good last week. Except the musical guests, of course. I would have loved it if they could have chosen a better musical guest like Muse, Panic at the Disco, or Adele.

    Next episode: not till May, with Eli Manning and Rihanna…yeah, I think it’s gonna be, if anything, worse than last night’s episode.

  • pete

    I loved this episode, I was impressed and surprised by Josh Brolin. Steven Speilberg on Laser Cats was also quite fun. SNL is always interesting in their choices. If Eli Manning is half as good as his brother a few years back, it’s going to be a GREAT show.

  • Daw Johnson

    It was a decent episode.

    That said, it was 100% unclear why Josh Brolin was hosting. Men in Black III doesn’t come out until next month, and no one even associates him with that movie anyway.

  • Networkman

    Fred Armisen plays Barack Obama. Instead of returning to Saturday Night Live, I feel he should portray the President during the primetime specials only. SNL needs revamped. In my opinion, some of the featured players are not even ready to be upgraded to repertory players. So they could hire new cast members that may have the potential to begin as repertory players. Better writers are needed. Weekend Update should be improved. I would really like to see Jason Sudeikis take over as anchor. Bill Hader is now the strongest player and may need to take this show under his wings and help rebuild. Why is he not apart of the writing staff?

  • NYC_lover

    What kind of ratings would SNL have to get to be cancelled? 1.0, 1.5?

  • iggy

    DYK that roughly 81% of all episodes get below-average ratings?

  • Justin


    Fred needs to die so Jay can do Obama. Fred’s Obama has gotten worse and worse since he started in Feb 2008.

    Also Jason, Kristen, and Andy are rumored to leave after this year. I say good Riddence to Kristen and Andy but I kinda like Jason when he’s mellow. His Devil character is one of the best new characters the show has had on Update in awhile.

    For Eli Manning/ Rhianna. If there’s another Shy Ronnnie, I’ll punch something. I hate that character.

  • pete

    NYC_lover & Iggy SNL is the third highest rated show on NBC. It’s only behind The Voice and Football in ratings. It’s very profitable and it’s ratings are up for the year (not sure what Iggy is talking about), I don’t think it’s going to be cancelled anytime soon.

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