'GMA' is #1 for the Week--Poised to Break 16 Year Winning Streak with 'Today Show'

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April 16th, 2012

via press release:

Fast Finals:GMA is #1 for the Week--Poised to Break 16 Year Winning Streak

with “Today Show”


GMAOutdraws “Today” by 13K Total Viewers for Week


GMA Up Year-to-Year in Total Viewers While Today Declines



For the week of April 9, 2012, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” drew 5.147 million Total Viewers, to rank No. 1 for the week, outperforming NBC’s “Today” (5.134 million) by +13,000 Total Viewers, according to Fast National Preliminary Nielsen data.  In the process, “GMA” outdrew “Today” during the course of a week for the first time in more than 16 years – since w/o 12/4/95.


“This is an exciting day but we will save any celebrating for when the final numbers come in on Thursday. Like every week, we want to thank our loyal viewers, our stations, our amazing team of Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Sam Champion, Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, and our dedicated staff and crew for getting us to this amazing point,” said Tom Cibrowski, Senior Executive Producer.


“GMA” improved on the year-ago week by +7% in Total Viewers (4.812 million on w/o 4/4/11), while NBC’s “Today” (-9%) decreased.


For the 3rd time in the last 4 weeks, “GMA” ranked as the No. 1 morning newscast twice during the course of a week in Total Viewers, out-delivering NBC’s “Today” by +366,000 on Wednesday (5.585 million vs. 5.219 million – 4/11/12) and by +333,000 on Friday (5.085 million vs. 4.752 million – 4/13/12). 

  • RJ


  • Hillbilly

    I guess after 16 years a win is a win. Congrats to GMA. I’m surprised ABC didn’t have a press release for each day they won. ;)

  • cra

    I just switch to GMA from Today show. Today has grown boring and frankly its emphasis on politics at 7 AM is a turn off. I like GMS it gives me more news and more fun at 7 AM.

  • Geri

    We switched from “Today” when they pulled the Sarah Palin stunt and haven’t returned. I wonder how many others did the same thing?

  • KKTT100

    They deserve it. They are much more fun to watch in the morning than TODAY.

  • Dogmom


    Me too. Stupid stunt, did it for me.

  • Justin121

    ABC has been toutng “smallest margins within The Today Show” forever.

    They finally beat it!

    I can’t imagine the press release from Spin Masters :D

  • cc

    Great news! Hope it continues. Today Show became a joke when Katie was supposed to be considered a serious news person.

  • Brad

    Poor NBC. LOL! I’m sorry but TODAY is just boring! No wonder they’ve declined. I stopped watching TODAY back in 2007 when they cancelled Passions to air a fourth hour of TODAY. It then became too much to handle and now there is talk of a fifth hour?! Lord Help!! I looked up Passions ratings and while it was low in households with a 1.6 it was highly ranked in the female demos often ranking between 2nd and 4th so I found it stupid to cancel it for TODAY #4 which it itself is low rated. Kathie Lee and Hoda’s little one hour segment from 10-11 is absolutely an hour of garbage. I would rather the screen go dark then watch them. Either way I now watch GMA in the mornings.


    It’s all cause ann curry is horrible as co-host. She is so boring and awful and has no chemistry with matt lauer.

  • Rob R

    This is very bad news for Ann Curry. Matt Lauer was on vacation last week, which perhaps allowed this to happen. Although the final numbers may reverse the trend and “Today” might continue its streak. I did try GMA a bit during the Katie Couric week, and honestly found it somewhat embarrassing. It seemed like Entertainment Tonight with a news break, and I felt like George Stephanopolous was supremely embarrassed to be part of such a circus. Maybe that is what GMA is supposed to be. But if there was ever a serious news day, GMA would be the LAST network morning show I would watch.

  • bsp

    @Rob R
    My sentiments exactly. GMA is now nothing more than The ET Breakfast Edition. And notice that there’s no mention of DEMO ratings in this PR, just total viewers.

    That said, I made a point NOT to watch the Today Show during the Sarah Palin debacle, either. Yuck.

  • AustinG

    Well deserved! GMA is much more fun to watch!

  • Kerry

    @bsp and Rob R, so GMA is like a AM edition of ET but Today isn’t? I beg to differ. Both shows follow the same silly tired old formats, they’re both equally as embarrassing.

  • Kyle

    GO GMA!

    Robin does an AMAZING JOB! Also GMA is a lot more fun to watch. Today = Zzzzz

  • steve

    Again, that’s what NBC gets for hiring Sarah Palin…backlash is a BYOTCH

  • bsp

    Same formats, generally, yes, but it’s a matter of degrees, and GMA goes much farther down that path these days, with Lara Spencer hoping to lead them to “Scorching” on the “Pop News Heat Index”!

  • jp

    congrats GMA. Its a better show then TODAY.

  • East

    I watched Today for 28 years faithfully every morning until the day Sarah Palin was added as a host…I switched to GMA and found I liked it and have watched since. I saw a snippet on the Internet of Matt gushing about Palin and it has tainted my view of Today…will never again tune in.

  • Michael Giondomenico

    Good Job Good Morning America. America’s favorite Morning Show

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