'Good Morning America' Tops 'Today' Viewership For The First Time In 16 Years

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April 16th, 2012

While I'm certain a press release from ABC is being crafted at this very moment, our friend Brian Stelter at the NYT has the numbers early, and for the first time in over 16 years ABC's Good Morning America topped NBC's Today in average viewership for a week with 5.147 million viewers to 5.134 million viewers.

Update: Full ABC press release now posted.

  • carole

    When CBS made changes to their morning show, I started watching Good Morning America.

  • Justin121

    ABC has been toutng “smallest margins within The Today Show” forever.

    They finally beat it!

    I can’t imagine the press release from Spin Masters :D

  • Ralph Hahn

    Maybe it’s viewer resentment against Matt Lauer’s new $25 million contract and the fact that sources within NBC say that Lauer wants Ann Curry gone.

    And, maybe the GMA crowd WANTS Katie Couric in the morning. She could still do her syndicated show as Meredith Vierra did “Millionaire” as well as “Today.”

  • Nick

    Regardless of who beat who, those are great numbers for both programs.

  • steve

    That’s what NBC gets for hiring Sarah Palin….what were they thinking????!!!!

  • nano

    no!!! Its news division is all NBC had left to be proud about):

  • JeffT


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