TV Ratings Broadcast Top 25: 'American Idol', 'NCIS' Top Week 30 Viewing

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April 17th, 2012


American Idol was the week's highest rated program with adults 18-49 for the week ending April 15, bettering both Modern Family and The VoiceNCIS was the most-watched scripted program of the week.

Primetime Broadcast Adults 18-49 Viewers for the week ending April 15, 2012:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net 18-49 Rating 18-49 Viewers (000)
1 American Idol-WEDNESDAY FOX 5.0 6437
2 American Idol-THURSDAY FOX 4.3 5458
3 Modern Family ABC 4.2 5337
4 VOICE NBC 4.0 5125
5 Two and a Half Men CBS 3.6 4543
7 2 Broke Girls CBS 3.5 4477
8 How I Met Your Mother CBS 3.5 4468
9 MIKE & MOLLY CBS 3.2 4082
10 NCIS CBS 3.1 4026
11 Big Bang Theory,THE 9P-SP(S) SR CBS 3.1 3915
12 Criminal Minds CBS 3.0 3880
13 Dancing with the Stars ABC 3.0 3789
14 GREY'S ANATOMY ABC 2.9 3744
15 DON'T Trust The B-APT 23 P ABC 2.9 3645
16 Big Bang Theory, THE R CBS 2.8 3631
17 New Girl FOX 2.8 3539
18 Glee FOX 2.7 3477
19 Rules of Engagement CBS 2.7 3467
21 Amazing Race 20 CBS 2.6 3295
22 Hawaii Five-0 CBS 2.6 3268
24 CSI CBS 2.4 3062
25 Simpsons FOX 2.3 2980


Primetime Broadcast Total Viewership for the week:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000) HH Rating (Live+SD) HH Share (Live+SD)
1 NCIS CBS 17660 11.0 18
2 American Idol-WEDNESDAY FOX 16807 10.0 16
3 Dancing with the Stars ABC 16387 10.6 16
4 American Idol-THURSDAY FOX 15810 9.7 16
6 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 12864 8.3 13
7 Criminal Minds CBS 11809 7.5 11
8 60 Minutes CBS 11025 7.2 13
9 VOICE NBC 10518 6.2 9
10 Two and a Half Men CBS 10400 6.5 10
11 Modern Family ABC 10351 6.3 10
12 Hawaii Five-0 CBS 10304 6.6 11
13 Big Bang Theory,THE 9P-SP(S) SR CBS 10208 6.2 10
14 Good Wife, THE CBS 10161 6.6 10
15 Body Of Proof ABC 10045 6.7 11
16 CSI CBS 9944 6.3 10
17 SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD CBS 9906 6.0 10
18 Big Bang Theory, THE R CBS 9720 5.9 10
19 MIKE & MOLLY CBS 9578 5.9 9
20 Unforgettable CBS 9448 6.2 10
21 Amazing Race 20 CBS 9123 5.5 9
23 NYC 22 P CBS 8859 5.7 9
24 GREY'S ANATOMY ABC 8847 6.1 10
25 Person Of Interest 10P-SP(S) SR CBS 8580 5.5 9

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All numbers are live viewing plus same day DVR viewing.

'The Voice,'

  • Jack

    NCIS is great!!

  • carole

    Love NCIS…CBS had 16 out of 25 top shows…

  • Ana

    I have long been puzzled by CBS’ success. I have tried watching some of their shows and I just can’t get into them. So I tried to figure out what is it that draws viewers to watch mediocre shows, especially the comedy lineup. I mean, is anything more offensive and sexist then Two and a Half Men? And now looking at these numbers I think I found the answer. CBS uses a variation of the same formula for everything: tough macho guys, guns, sexist humor, womanizing guys and hot women. CBS only has three shows with female leads. Unforgettable which is bound for cancellation. The Good Wife which I personally watch because I think is one of the smartest written shows on tv, but gets anemic demo numbers. And Two Broke Girls which is a mediocre effort at comedy but has two hot girls and one with big boobs and it’s sandwiched between two macho shows. This says a lot about CBS’ demographics.

  • Brokeman

    Ana I love the good wife too. I feel it is the best written show on TV. I also agree that most of CBS’s show are sexist and really not that funny. I fail to see the appeal in NCIS. It just does not keep my interest.

  • Andro

    Interesting the way some folks definitively state their own opinions as though they’re indisputable facts. Let’s celebrate our diversity. Free countries allow you to express your opinions, no matter how ill conceived or diwmwitted. This is offensive, that’s sexist! How mediocre! Hot Women! I’m guessing you’re not the latter. Two and a half men (with Charlie Sheen) has been on for, what eight or ten years? For much of that time it was CBS highest rated show, so I guess it’s audience is made up strictly of unenlightened sexist cretins, and you and your like rise above all the drivel? If you did watch the show, much of what is funny is the fact that the Charlie character is the king of misogyny, and he is frequently chastised, embarrassed, and even punished for his viewpoints, hilariously. My sister doesn’t like it either but then she was born without a sense of humor, and thought Seinfeld wasn’t even funnny. The non Charlie version with Ashton Kutcher is going to land it on the cancel roster I predict, unless it improves in a hurry. Good thing you ladies have the good wife to watch, which I find a real snoozefest, I’d rather watch soap opera reruns. “Sandwiched between 2 tough Macho shows”? How I met your mother? Really? Ha ha, pretty macho stuff, oops better go watch now, feeling a surge of testosterone… and a drop of several IQ points.

  • jimmy

    The Mentalist has become televisions worst show ever, only edging out House which has become silly. Reason is both lead actors ego’s. Cancellation is in order

  • Sandi

    I LOVE Big Bang Theory. It’s the anti-thesis of what you say is CBS line up. It a bunch of Geeks trying to be cool. They certainly aren’t macho. Nothing is more offensive to me than 2 and 1/2 men. It’s just disgusting. I thought it was Charlie Sheen, but I’m thinking the writers are to blame because it’s worse than ever.

    I HATE HATE HATE American Idol. The only judge who made any sense was Simon and he’s moved on. Why is it even on this list? No one can find anything else on during that time slot maybe?

  • zumpie

    No big fan of CBS, here—but I’ll agree that The Good Wife is el dullsville. That said, I enjoy both The Big Bang Theory AND 2 Broke Girls. And FYI, I’m straight and female. It’s a cute show and those two hot girls also have nice chemistry and comedic timing.

  • Mike

    You are all taking this stuff to seriously. It’s supposed to be entertainment. It’s supposed to be silly, funny, unrealistic. It’s an escape from real life. I’m curious though – how can everyone be experts on shows they hate so much? Why on earth would you watch shows you hate when there are about 1,000 other channels? And books. And real life…

  • JS

    I’m so glad that Idol has pulled way ahead of The CRAPPY Voice- Every time I turn on that crap- I see people like Juliette Sims wearing a bird costume and screaming awful into a microphone..and the judges not even telling her what a POS she is.. just like the show.

  • Nathan

    People like Ana make me want to hack CBS and stream the Howard Stern Show into the last 10 minutes of The Good Wife…

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