Dick Clark Dead at 82

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April 18th, 2012


Dick Clark, well-known TV host, producer of American Bandstand, and New Year's Eve celebration fixture died today of a "massive heart attack" according to his agent. He was 82.

He is survived by his third wife, Keri Wigton, and three children.



            For more than half a century, Dick Clark brought the best of American music to audiences across the country, creating careers and countless fans for artists on his iconic shows, “American Bandstand” and “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” We’re proud that ABC was home to those programs and will always be part of his legacy. On behalf of everyone at Disney and ABC, we send our sincere condolences to Dick’s family, as well as the three generations of fans who will miss him as much as we do.

  • Greg

    Master of Bandstand, New Year’s Eve, and the Pyramid. RIP

  • rob60990

    Very very sad. :(

  • Reese Adams

    The Day the Music Died……

  • Mike

    title is mean. say paased away instead

  • Survivor Fan

    Funny- He liked New Year’s, but not Birthdays…

    He died on my 16th birthday!

  • PieceOut

    @Mike I have a family member that worked for him for more than a dozen years as a producer. He is a tyrant like Michael Landon. Only mean one was him.

  • CortexiphanFan

    Too bad it wasn’t Seacrest who kicked the bucket.

  • me

    I liked him a lot as the host of American Bandstand. and he did a good job when he hosted the New Year’s Rockin’ eve specials too. may he rest in peace.

  • Ralph Hahn

    (Carried over from Monday’s Cable TV News page)

    @Coffee Steve: I loved watching Dick Clark when “Bandstand” went national and aired at 4:30pm on WABC-TV CHannel 7 in NY. I watched it after school every day (after homework, of course).

    While still a youngster, I set-up a table in my room similar to the “Bandstand” set. Remember that half-circle logo with AMERICAN BANDSTAND written on the curved part? It was authentic as I could get it.
    Funny…since I had created and produced a political talk show locally, I went for the “Charlie Rose”-look. Black background, round wooden table for host and guest(s).

    I occasionally watched “Bandstand” when it went weekly on Saturdays. But, as the ’70s approached, I liked “Soul Train” better.

    He was a great game show host. I enjoyed watching “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve” show, but I hated the West Coast “live” act shows that were likely taped months in advance.

    In all honesty, the one show that I DIDN’T enjoy was the Blooper show with Ed McMahon. To me, it was like “Hee Haw.” Programming for the lowest common denominator. It the novelty had worn off, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that these so-called professional and amateur at-home “bloopers,” were created for the show.

    To yet another of my heroes from TV’s earliest days. Dick Clark, RIP.

  • Ice Mountain


  • psychic

    RIP. :(
    So many people dying lately…

  • Joseph

    In the mid-1980’s, Dick Clark did something that I far as I know, no one else did before or has done since: Simultaneously host shows on ABC (“American Bandstand”), CBS (“The $25,000 Pyramid”), and NBC (“TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes”).

    I hope that Dick Clark Productions will continue to produce “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, and that Ryan Seacrest will continue to host it.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Survivor Fan: >>> Funny- He liked New Year’s, but not Birthdays…

    He died on my 16th birthday! <<<

    I don't know why you thought that Dick didn't like birthdays, but Happy Birthday today.

  • henry baker

    its a sad loss my condolences to his wife and children rip.

  • Karla

    Loved watching American Bandstand when it was a local show out of Philly. At that time my goal was to be a dancer on there in the afternoon. They went to Cali before I was old enough…….

    Prayers to his family he brought much joy to many folks for many years

  • TV Gord

    Mike, saying ‘passed away’ doesn’t make him any less dead.

  • Rebecca


    (And Happy Birthday, Survivor Fan!)

  • gustavo

    Rest in Peace Dick.

  • A

    He already looked like the walking dead on new years eve.
    Poor guy. Rip.

  • Nick

    :-( :-(:-( :-(:-( :-(:-( :-(:-( :-( :-( :-(
    (On a happy note, happy birthday to “Survivor Fan”)

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