Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Biggest Loser' & 'DWTS' Adjusted Up; 'Raising Hope' Adjusted Down

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April 18th, 2012

The Biggest Loser and Dancing With the Stars were both adjusted up a tenth while Raising Hope was adjusted down a tenth in adults 18-49 ratings versus Tuesday's preliminary ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS NCIS 3.0 9 18.080
FOX Glee 2.4 7 6.230
NBC The Biggest Loser 2.3 7 6.960
ABC Last Man Standing 1.6 5 6.510
CW 90210 -R 0.3 1 0.680
8:30PM ABC Cougar Town 1.4 4 4.450
9:00PM NBC The Voice: Results 3.3 9 8.860
FOX New Girl 2.7 7 5.220
ABC Dancing With the Stars: Results 2.5 7 14.170
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles -R 2.0 5 11.170
CW Ringer 0.5 1 1.200
9:30PM FOX Raising Hope 1.8 5 3.790
10:00PM ABC Private Practice 1.7 5 6.530
CBS Unforgettable -R 1.5 4 8.190
NBC Fashion Star 1.5 4 4.460

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Chris Cheungeez

    Hey you f nuts…..CT is a great show with a message. As all of B. Lawrence’s shows, this show always closes with a message, a lesson learned. A good message for all at that. Watch it, learn from it, and apply it….perhaps the writer’s message can enhance your life! There are very few shows that provide a “Lesson Learned” out there, something to “take home with you” this is one of them. Enjoy it, learn from it, and damn it, give it a 4th season!

  • Steve

    And another thing to consider for the debate between Private Practice and Body of Proof is that Private Practice fetches high advertising money for ABC. This was from the 2010 season, so it obviously doesn’t pull as much weight as then, but Body of Proof never made the list. Just something to think about…

  • RA

    @Phil.. umm do you even realize how many true fans Glee has?! Millions! There are people that watch it once in a while but then there are the TRUE Glee fans, like me! It does not suck, in fact if you actually watched it all the time it gets better! And besides, in some countries they don’t even have Season 3 yet, they’re still on Season 2! So they haven’t even had a chance to watch this season at all yet and then there are other people who PVR it and watch it at a later time. It is doing FINE and staying strong and obviously people still watch it or it wouldn’t be coming back for a fourth season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June

    No marsinvestigations1,
    Hart of Dixie got very little promotion compared to Ringer and The Secret Circle.

  • adam

    yay, 1.2 million viewers for Ringer!

  • rahat

    @RA:: it does suck…I didnt miss an epi……..they are doing same things over and over again….sectionals regionals and nationals……..season 1 was worth watching…season 2 was okay……season 3 sucksssss

  • rahat

    I watched every episode…and I am not even a fan……

  • Ana

    NCIS. Wow! How is it that the show with the most viewers manages to get a mere 3.0 in the demo? The Voice beats that with less than half the viewers. I don’t watch either show but I find it interesting. CBS must definitely skew older…

  • Ana

    For Glee haters, this show is the 2nd biggest money maker for FOX in terms of advertising dollars. (Third if we count the X-Factor which failed to deliver on the expected audience and will most likely be dropping from the list for 2012). Glee brings in more ad dollars than the biggest hits on CBS, NBC or ABC with the exception of CBS’ Two and a Half Men, so, even with the low viewers in comparison to others, this is still a juggernaut for FOX and won’t be going anywhere for now.

  • Neal

    @Rebecca @Avery16 @Tvfreak @Bunny @One — check out my RH comments (if you feel like it) made right after the finale on last week’s thread. (April 11th’s “Tuesday Final Ratings” — my comments are at the very end.)

    Guess I liked it more than Avery16, but not as much as Rebecca and tvfreak.

    @Rebecca — you’re probably onto something there that they needed to a finale that would work whether or not the show was cancelled, because they knew there was a decent chance that it might be (given the ratings).

    @Bunny – Thanks for the “soph laffers” article — interesting.

    @Avery16 – I guess the way you feel about the finale is the way I feel about this season as a whole with the exception of maybe a half dozen episodes (such as Kidnapped, the christmas show, and Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend).

    So, by the standards of last year this week’s episode was sub-par, but I thought by this year’s standards it — despite the illogical, impossible story — above average (thanks to all the funny lines and bits, including “The Natesville 12″).

    But I think if one compare’s this season’s finale to last year’s (some of the best 22 minutes in TV history for anyone who is familiar with the characters and events of the season) you see how lacking this year’s finale was.

    Avery16’s comments about next year really reminded me about how disappointed I was with the beginning episodes of this season. I thought “Kidnapped” was the only really good one out of the first few episodes. Fortunately “It’s a Hopeful Life” and “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend” reminded me how great the show can be, and so I stuck with it.

    I’m hoping for the best for next season… but fearing the worst.

  • Jenny

    Private Practice did a pretty good job with the first episode on Tuesday. Hope it will be renewed for 6th season. Best show on TV!

  • The End

    @Ice Mountain

    The very fact you asked that question suggests to me you don’t understand ratings at all and are just picking at the show because you view them as being ‘low.

    Raising Hope is a cheap to produce show, in single camera format with next to no ‘big’ actors and a small budget. It most certainly was making Fox money, even with these ratings.

    I swear, some people need to look beyond the ratings and consider other factors for renewal.

  • chris

    I really hope they at least make a 1 or 2 hour series finale episode for Ringer! That way they can wrap up the story for fans, they could possibly air the episode during the summer or something.

  • Rebecca

    @Chris Cheungeez
    Agreed about Cougar Town (except for calling people here f nuts, lol). Love the show.

  • a p garcia

    Gov. mandated DST wins the night again.

  • Rebecca

    @NealR (this will be long, sorry)
    I found your comments that you mentioned, and if it’s okay I’ll just post them here so I can respond better (you could do that in the future, if you want – just copy and paste what you said before in a more recent thread like this one…sometimes most of us don’t go back to older threads to see if anything more was added, sorry):
    [so your comments are here in quotes]
    “Okay, I have egg on my face. But the important thing is it was a very funny episode. (Bobby “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend” Bowman has seldom disappointed, either in RH or “My Name is Earl”. Kudos!) Lots of funny lines that really somehow sold the ridiculous premise. Plus I loved how they Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, and Jamie Pressly to do cameos!
    I must admit that the ending bothered me a little, but I was so relieved that the APPARENT ending (going off to Tibet) didn’t happen that I was in tears of joy — which I imagine is exactly what was intended (to make us really feel what it would be like if the family got broken up). And having that tune from the opening funeral scene of “The Big Chill” (sung by some old band, I forget which) really make it work too.
    @Rebecca — What did you think of it?
    (P.S. Just kidding about not knowing the Rolling Stones!)”
    “Other thoughts:
    1) Was that “Ride like the Wind” that was playing during Lucy’s brief time in the hereafter?
    2) The reason I say “ridiculous premise” is not so much because of the odds against someone surviving an electrocution, but because it is legally impossible for “the charge to be dropped” once a person has been convicted. (Yes, I know, this is a comedy… which is why I soon forgot about this. Especially with all the funny bits (hemoroid pillow on head!) and lines (“I thought letting the lady pick the jury was the gentlemanly thing to do”!).
    3) My only real complaint: Wish they had been able to work in a cameo for “the crabman” too!”
    Okay, you know I enjoyed the episode. With almost any RH episode, for me there are usually some “Oh my” moments when things seem over the top or “I can’t believe they just did/said that” (like with the helper pig being butchered by MawMaw). But I accept that this is a wacky comedy (maybe wackier than most shows I watch). And yeah, the thing about Lucy not being successfully executed – that was strange and not likely to happen in the real world. But I kind of like how they “explained” it in part 2 (and her going to Ed Begley Jr as both the “welcoming committee” head for both Heaven and Hell was funny) and sometimes you just have to go with the flow when it’s a show you like. Hubby laughed a lot, and that’s rare for when he’s watching anything on TV (he doesn’t watch as much as I do)…I’ve seen him laugh at maybe a handful of shows regularly, and RH is one of them. I might get him into Cougar Town some day now that I have the dvds. (Off topic, I know, but that’s a Tuesday show for now, too.) Anyway, yeah, it’s too bad they didn’t show “Crab Man” at the trial….his character on RH, though, is mainly just a pizza delivery guy so maybe he didn’t know them well enough yet to be a character witness in support of the Chance family. There were a couple other former Earl actors/characters they didn’t show, too (the “day hooker” has been on before, as the same character she played in Earl…also the drunken blond male mayor who was always in the red jacket and shorts – but they were only on once). Jaime Pressly was only on once, I think (with the cute dachshund pups I adored), whereas Earl’s brother who plays her husband (now ex, I think) on RH has been on two or three times. I think that was the “Ride Like the Wind” song you mentioned in that “white light hallway” scene but I’m not positive. And yeah, in the real world I don’t think stuff that happens in a prison can make it so your original crimes are “erased” (what put you there in the first place)…the victims’ families would have something major to say about that. Far-fetched, wacky comedy – just roll with it. I watch mainly for Virginia Slims Chance (hehe), Burt and cute little Hope. MawMaw is a perk. I liked Martha Plimpton when she was the young teen wife in the old “Parenthood” movie, but she has come a long way and she’s FANTASTIC in Raising Hope. I hope she gets an Emmy some day or at least another nomination (she lost to Melissa McCarthy last time, another actress I like…not so much for Mike & Molly since I don’t watch that regularly, but for other things she has been in. Never saw “Gilmore Girls” but loved her in “Samantha Who?”.).

  • c.a.

    I thought NCIS was a good show.

  • RA

    @rahat Well if it sucks so much then stop watching it! And yeah of course they do Nationals and Regionals all the time.. ever been in a Glee Club before?! I guess not! That’s the point, having competitions is what they are supposed to do!

  • Tom

    ABC needs to cancel “Private Practice” and renew “Body of Proof” for a third season and put it back on Tuesday at 10pm with new episodes always airing after the “Dancing with the Stars” results shows.

  • Neal

    @Rebecca – Glad you were able to find my comments and thank you for copying them here. I did think about doing that myself, but I was worried about how much space I’ve already taken up with my recent comments without further bugging people (who aren’t interesting in RH and/or my comments) by duplicating them.

    But of course few people are so “eh-nal” as me to go back to last week’s thread the night of the show to make a comment and/or check to see if others have commented. From now on I’ll try to have the self-control to wait until the following day when the ratings info article comes out. Though even then there are two threads to deal with, the immediate readings and the final readings, to deal with!

    All in all I wish zap2it was doing a “recap” article on “Raising Hope” the last two years, so we could comment at length there starting the night of the show.

    (I’d be willing to do with if nobody else wants to — it doesn’t have to be long and involved and theoretical like the LOST recap [as much as I loved them] were, just a simple take on the show and some points illustrating the good and bad. As you know, I’ve very opinionated on the shows, and would start with an article assigning letter grades to each of them, from A+ like “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend” to the only F (you know which one). (I have all of them recorded so I could review any as necessary.) (If anyone at zap2it is reading this and is interested contact me.)

    By the way (finally!), I basically agree with all of your comments above — and I’m glad you mentioned about “crabman” being a pizza guy because I could only remember his scene reading the gas meter (in “snip snip” I think) but I knew he had another one, and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t remember it!

    Oh — I almost forgot! I just noticed today (I don’t know how I missed it before as scan the zap2it headlines every day and read any articles that even remotely appear interesting) that zap2it did an article on the finale!


    It (zap2it regular Rick Porter) mentions the similarites to the “Seinfeld” finale (which I thought of while watching the show but soon forgot as it is a minor aspect), and an the episode of “The Simpsons” where Skinner goes back to being a low-life after being replaced by the real Skinner (I don’t see the similaries here). (Rick, if you’re reading can you please elaborate?)

    I pretty much agree with his criticisms, but on the other hand I did laugh a lot (and was so happy at the end the family wasn’t broken up), that I still gave the episode a postive review. (By this season’s standards I thought it was in the top third.)

    But I found myself slightly annoyed by the article, since zap2it hasn’t been doing a regular weekly recap of the show, so that people (like me) could give feedback to TPTB regarding appreciation of the best episodes and disappointment in those that weren’t so good. After all, we know from “Earl” (the “who jackie”) that TPTB behind hope did at least pay attention to another well known tv review site (that I don’t think recaps “Hope” either, or do I have egg on my face again?), and we know TPTB behind LOST paid attention to zap2it (the theory about how the horrible Bai Ling scenes actually may have saved the show).

    Okay, I’ll stop rambling now!

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