'Cash Cab' Cancelled by Discovery

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April 19th, 2012

After nearly seven years and more than 200 episodes, Vulture is reporting that production on Cash Cab has been halted. Repeats of the show will continue to air in syndication.

In addition to Cash Cab winning the Daytime Emmy for Best Game Show in 2008, 2009, and 2010; host Ben Bailey also won for Best Host in 2010.

  • G Saviano

    umn. This show was canceled 3 years ago! Ben does not lie!!!!

  • psychic


  • AppleStinx

    Another victim of high gas prices?

  • Nick

    :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
    LOL @AppleStinx

  • Miles

    Weird, what it’d cost to make, 10 bucks a episode ?

  • Bud the Couch Spud

    I’ve been bummed ever since I found out contestants already knew in advance that they were going to be picked up by the Cash Cab.


    @Bud Only partly true. I appeared on very early episode as show was starting up. Recruited like many from a pub trivia team in New York City, I was lured on false pretenses to attend some event downtown. The producer went out with me to “to hail a cab.” Several vacant ones went by; she even stopped me from entering one. (That should have been a clue something was up.) Finally, the “right” cab arrives and she opens the door for me. I get in; she stays outside. Suddenly, the inside lights go on and I’m told I’m on Cash Cab. We drive however many blocks. My pot goes to $300, but I lose it all on the final challenge. I was then let out — and had to hoof it back to my office (all this took place on my lunch hour) on my own. All in all, I would have preferred to know what was going on ahead of time — so I wouldn’t have felt like it turned out to be an annoying waste of time.

  • Rodh

    Bad move by Discovery, unless it was Ben who didn’t want to make any more. Great game show that holds up even in repeat showings. If i’m a programming exec, I keep this going with fresh episodes as long as I can! The residuals alone make it a win-win for all concerned.

  • Justin

    Is it wrong that I thought the show was cancelled like 5 years ago?

  • PieceOut

    Odd that I havent seen a new episode in many many years. Reruns are like 5 years old. News flash. Old show that disappeared is now cancelled

  • Tom Crooze

    @Raggedt: OR You’re lying! Don’t you just love the internet! You can lie about anything and get away with it! BTW my name is Tom Crooze and I’m Tom Cruise’s stunt double! Prove me wrong people, prove me wrong! You can’t! HAHAHAHAHA

  • ToXiX

    @Tom Crooze

  • TVDude

    Hey NBC, it’s cheap and would probably rate better than most shows on your network! ;)

  • Justin Poppiti

    Ha, true, tvdude.

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