Wednesday Cable Ratings: 'South Park' 'Sons of Guns', 'House Hunters', 'Duck Dynasty', + NBA Basketball & More

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April 19th, 2012

South Park was again Wednesday's top cable show with a 1.3 rating in adults 18-49, down from last week's 1.4. Sons of Guns was the number two cable original with an 0.9 rating in adults 18-49.

We only receive the top 100 cable shows for adults 25-54 for the whole day from our primary source, if you don't see your show it wasn't in that top 100 list.

The list below is long but you can use your browsers "find on page" feature (usually CTRL+F or CMD+F) to search - that's probably the easiest way to find last night's episode of Moonshiners.

Wednesday cable ratings highlights:

Show Net Time Viewership (million, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
South Park CMDY 10:00 PM 2.425 1.3
Family Guy ADSM 11:30 PM 2.730 1.3
Family Guy ADSM 11:00 PM 2.699 1.2
Sons of Guns DISC 9:00 PM 1.939 0.9
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 2.024 0.9
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:00 AM 1.781 0.8
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 10:00 PM 1.565 0.8
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 1.808 0.8
American Dad ADSM 10:30 PM 1.941 0.8
BOONDOCKS, THE ADSM 12:30 AM 1.415 0.7
NBA REGULAR SEASON     L ESPN 10:41 PM 1.673 0.7
Daily Show CMDY 11:00 PM 1.808 0.7
NBA REGULAR SEASON     L ESPN 8:05 PM 1.715 0.7
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:15 AM 1.542 0.7
NCIS USA 8:00 PM 3.145 0.7
American Restoration HIST 10:30 PM 1.996 0.7
Family Guy ADSM 2:30 AM 1.209 0.6
NCIS USA 7:00 PM 2.591 0.6
Moonshiners DISC 10:03 PM 1.343 0.6
American Dad ADSM 2:00 AM 1.215 0.6
American Dad ADSM 10:00 PM 1.647 0.6
American Restoration HIST 10:00 PM 1.961 0.6
Dog the Bounty Hunter AEN 9:30 PM 1.379 0.6
American Dad ADSM 1:30 AM 1.168 0.6
Colbert Report CMDY 11:31 PM 1.307 0.6
Family Guy TBSC 9:30 PM 1.180 0.6
FX MOVIE PRIME FX 8:00 PM 1.123 0.6
NCIS USA 9:00 PM 2.859 0.6
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 10:30 PM 1.139 0.6
FRIENDS NAN 11:33 PM 1.207 0.6
FX MOVIE PRIME FX 10:00 PM 0.964 0.6
Ugly Americans CMDY 10:30 PM 1.058 0.5
Chopped ALL-STARS FOOD 11:00 PM 1.052 0.5
SOLD! HIST 9:30 PM 1.491 0.5
FAMILY GUY TBSC 9:00 PM 1.115 0.5
FRIENDS NAN 12:02 AM 1.147 0.5
NCIS USA 10:00 PM 2.234 0.5
SPORTSCENTER 1AM        L ESPN 12:55 AM 0.966 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS HGTV 10:00 PM 1.745 0.5
Ghost Hunters SYFY 9:00 PM 1.349 0.5
NHL QTR FINALS L NBCSN 7:30 PM 1.030 0.5
Auction Hunters SPIKE 9:00 PM 1.473 0.5
TWO/HALF MEN FX 7:30 PM 1.032 0.5
Pawn Stars HIST 8:30 PM 1.765 0.5
KING OF QUEENS TBSC 6:30 PM 1.012 0.5
TWO/HALF MEN FX 7:00 PM 1.037 0.5
Sons of Guns DISC 11:03 PM 0.808 0.4
NCIS USA 6:00 PM 1.715 0.4
SOLD! HIST 9:00 PM 1.411 0.4
Pardon The Interruption ESPN 5:30 PM 0.867 0.4
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 11:01 PM 0.876 0.4
SEINFELD TBSC 7:00 PM 1.124 0.4
Pawn Stars HIST 12:31 AM 1.112 0.4
Storage Wars AEN 8:30 PM 1.324 0.4
SEINFELD TBSC 7:30 PM 1.143 0.4
South Beach Tow TRU 10:00 PM 0.968 0.4
FAMILY GUY TBSC 8:30 PM 0.917 0.4
NHL QTR FINALS L NBCSN 10:23 PM 0.748 0.4
KING OF QUEENS TBSC 6:00 PM 0.959 0.4
LAW & ORDER TNT 8:00 PM 1.828 0.4
Hardcore History HIST 11:01 PM 1.103 0.4
Storage Wars AEN 7:00 PM 1.013 0.4
Supernatural TNT 11:00 AM 0.773 0.4
PROPERTY BROTHERS (1 HR) HGTV 11:00 PM 1.172 0.4
PROPERTY BROTHERS (1 HR) HGTV 12:00 AM 0.962 0.4
LAW & ORDER TNT 6:00 PM 1.416 0.4
TWO/HALF MEN FX 6:30 PM 0.926 0.4
LAW & ORDER TNT 7:00 PM 1.592 0.4
CSI: NY TNT 12:00 AM 1.301 0.4
NCIS USA 5:00 PM 1.594 0.4
The Soup ENT 10:00 PM 0.677 0.4
Storage Wars AEN 7:30 PM 1.030 0.4
Auction Hunters SPIKE 9:31 PM 1.218 0.4
Pawn Stars HIST 8:00 PM 1.276 0.4
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 11:31 PM 0.748 0.4
CSI: NY TNT 1:00 AM 1.094 0.4
Pawn Stars HIST 12:01 AM 1.046 0.4
LAW & ORDER TNT 5:00 PM 1.205 0.4
Conan TBSC 11:00 PM 0.715 0.3
Storage Wars AEN 8:00 PM 0.996 0.3
Hardcore History HIST 11:31 PM 1.011 0.3
CSI: NY TNT 11:00 PM 1.273 0.3
Chelsea Lately ENT 11:00 PM 0.596 0.3
Fairly Legal USA 11:00 PM 1.144 0.3
LAW & ORDER: CI (ORIG) USA 6:00 AM 0.874 0.3
LAW & ORDER TNT 9:00 PM 1.574 0.3
CHARMED TNT 9:00 AM 0.680 0.3
LAW & ORDER: CI (ORIG) USA 7:00 AM 0.922 0.3
NCIS USA 12:00 AM 1.124 0.3
Million Dollar Listing NY BRVO 10:00 PM 0.832 0.3
Hot In Cleveland TVL 10:00 PM 1.091 0.2
LAW & ORDER TNT 10:00 PM 1.063 0.2
Hannity FOXNC 9:00 PM 1.851 0.2

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • jordan

    NBA playoffs haven’t even started yet. Start looking at the ratings when the playoffs start. You can’t compare playoffs to the regular season. No clue if the NHL has better attendance than the NBA. Congrats if it does. NBA has been doing better the last few seasons after a decade of declines, Since the MJ era. Since the Lakers started playing the Celtics and the Dream Team Heat came together, the NBA has been hotter again. You can love the NHL, but the NHL will never be as big as the NBA. I’ll take the NFL over either of them any day.

  • SarahL

    Comparing the NHL playoff ratings to the NBA regular season games? Now that is sad.

  • Matt

    I don’t think anybody did compare them, in fact I think the guy who the NBA fanboy was chewing out said they WEREN’T comparable.

    The NHL will never be as big as the NBA? Check the progress of both leagues since 2006.

  • Hillbilly

    Sons Of Guns went with a zombie themed show for the season finale. :roll:

  • Ben

    Does anyone have Happily Divorced numbers.demo? I know it wasn’t in the release. Thanks in advance.

  • Gary

    Torrid is right. The NHL will always be the 4th major league. That’s just it, and this season NBA attendance is higher than NHL attendance. And NBA ratings are higher too. Oh and you have big market teams playing in these playoffs. It’s gonna set a new record. To think otherwise is Fanboyism to a depraved level. Your sport allows fighting to boost ratings – nuff said.

  • bg

    First of all, MLS attendance is higher than NBA and NHL (although MLS season has fewer games than the NBA and NHL). MLS regular season and playoff TV ratings are much lower than NBA or NHL.

    The EURO 2012 will have a major presence on ESPN this summer. For 3 weeks, ESPN will dedicate many hours towards EURO 2012. The EURO will be like a mini-World Cup event for ESPN.

    Soccer was rated the 2nd most popular sport in recent Sport studies in the United States (among the key demographic) behind American Football…

    As for ratings, The Stanley CUP Finals have never cleared the 10 million mark. Hockey has peaked..Hockey is very much North-East centric sport (with Canada). Hockey’s Demos are attractive. But, we shouldn’t expect massive ratings for the playoffs…NBA playoff ratings are much higher than NHL playoffs.

  • Matt

    Gary, it’s funny that you’re judging whether other people are right or wrong considering you can’t even get simple facts right.

    Via ESPN.com, the NHL had 18 teams this year averaging sell-outs all season.

    Bringing their attendance average to 95.3% capacity.

    The NBA’s attendance average has been 90.0% this season, with only nine teams averaging sellouts.

    And we have big market teams playing in the playoffs? What’s new? I suppose that’s why SJ/STL set local records and NJ/FLA was the 4th most watched cable game of the season thusfar?

    And fighting is allowed to boost ratings? Haha, thanks for proving how little you know about the sport. Actually it’s allowed to guys don’t rip each other’s heads off. Nobody head hunted Yzerman when Probert was playing, but seeing how little you know I doubt you recognize either name.

    Don’t talk about what you don’t know please. It makes easy work for those who do.

  • Matt

    bg, the soccer kids love to point out how they have higher attendance, which is funny considering their buildings are TWICE THE SIZE of NBA and NHL arenas. Why don’t you go by attendance capacity and then see how soccer is a far cry from hockey or basketball in the States.

    Also, soccer being the 2nd most popular sport in the States is funny. False, but funny. In the world it’s by far the biggest, in the States it’s not even close.

    And your cute facade that hockey has peaked is amusing… Considering they broke their previous record last year and are doing better ratings than that this year.


  • jordan


    Yes, the NHL will never be as big as the NBA in this country at least. The regular season of the NBA is still killing the NHL in the ratings. I’m not even a huge NBA fan but be realistic here. And the NBA has done better in ratings, the last few years. Because of the Lakers, Celtics and Heat. It will never do as well as the MJ era again. Hockey is doing better than it has done in recent years. But its not doing better than it did in the 90’s. It had to do better when it was on ESPN than this network. I’m not saying hockey’s ratings won’t improve in the coming years. But they are not going to beat the NBA. Not in the USA.

  • Matt

    Jordan. That’s why the Final did the best rating in 38 years right?


  • Tom

    Those Hot in Cleveland ratings can’t possible be correct, can they? It had a 0.4 rating and nearly 2 million viewers last week. How could it have lost half of its audience in a week?

  • LOL

    Wow Matt is really dumb. Im blown away by how poor his thinking skills are. And his reading comprehension is atrocious.

  • xwiseguyx

    Sad to see the ratings for Million Dollar Listing NY are so low… safe to say that MDL and Jeff Lewis Interior Design show are history…

  • JoHn

    I can’t believe more people watch repeats of Family Guy than a new episode of South Park. I never knew how bad South Park was rating as I barely check cable ratings.

  • Accor

    Wow were comparing leagues now?

    All the guy did on page 1 was praise the NHL ratings for being at a level that they’ve never been at in past years during the first round on cable. He had a right to praise them as a lot of other sports sites that track ratings are seeing this a positive sign.

    I think both leagues are worth bragging about now compared to 5-10 years ago as both the NHL and NBA are on the right tracks with their growth.

    The NHL got a 2.3 against Kobe this past Sunday. I’ve been tracking these ratings for years now and that’s unheard of. That game scores higher than most of the Thursday comedy block on NBC so they must be doing something right.

    The NHL has a chance to breakout now later this decade like the NBA did back in early 80s now that they’ve slowly gotten a lot of markets established and the superstars like Sid the Kid and Ovechkin.

    The NBA used to be a niche sport like the NHL back in the 70s so anything is possible here for league growth. None of these leagues start out as ratings champions. I think the difference is the way the networks handle their sports. The NHL has finally found its network that they’ve never had in NBC.

    Somebody brought up the MLS and that’s another league that you guys need to keep and eye on because their coming too. MLS just like the NHL is in a great sports family over on NBC. The MLS has played it smart over the years by building new stadiums and tapping into new markets like the Pacific Northwest where the game is really popular.

    My whole thing is that I just want people to keep things into perspective and look at the bright future that these leagues have and stop downgrading everything just because your a fanboy.

  • Charmed

    Charmed is doing great for a WB show!

  • Matt

    LOL, criticizing other people’s arguments and then not presenting any of your own just makes you look like an idiot.

    Accor, while the NBA’s ratings are up versus what they were a few years ago, they’re not even close to what they were 10 (Moreso 15) years ago and possibly never will be.

    As for soccer, it could very possibly become popular in the US, but if it does it won’t be the MLS. The MLS is a minor league in the soccer world.

  • Peter

    Hot In Cleveland 1.091.000 314.000 adults 18-49 0.2 rating
    Happily Divorced 884.000 307.000 adults 18-49 0.2 rating

  • The End


    South Park isn’t rating badly though, stop listening to the clueless people saying it is. A 1.3 on cable is brilliant.

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