Wednesday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'SVU', 'Survivor', 'Modern Family' Adjusted Up; 'Off Their Rockers, 'Best Friends Forever', 'Rock Center' Adjusted Down

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April 19th, 2012


Law & Order: SVU, American Idol, Survivor: One World, and Modern Family were each adjusted up a tenth while Rock Center, Off Their Rockers, Best Friends Forever were adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Wednesday's preliminary ratings.  

Broadcast final ratings for Wednesday, April 18, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol (8-10 PM) 4.8 14 16.890
CBS Survivor: One World 2.8 9 9.960
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers 1.6 5 5.980
ABC The Middle -R 1.3 4 4.600
CW America's Next Top Model -R 0.4 1 0.930
8:30PM ABC Suburgatory 2.0 6 5.690
NBC Best Friends Forever 0.8 2 2.830
9:00 PM ABC Modern Family 4.1 11 10.210
CBS Criminal Minds -R 1.7 5 7.400
NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 0.6 2 2.550
CW America's Next Top Model 0.6 2 1.310
9:30PM ABC Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 2.6 7 6.430
10:00PM ABC Revenge 2.3 6 7.770
NBC Law and Order: SVU 1.6 4 5.950
CBS CSI -R 1.5 5 6.730

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  • Jo

    Revenge is not and has not been slow, although some of the people who watch(ed) it seem to be.

  • MoHasanie


    Its not slow at all, but yesterdays episode compared to previous episodes, was slower and a little boring IMO.

  • Rebecca

    BFF only has 3 more episodes to air anyway, so they’ll most likely all air, right? And I asked this over on the Fox r/c thread but no one answered, or maybe no one knows yet…will Breaking In possibly air the rest of its episodes over the summer? I know that’s not a Wednesday show…just thought I’d ask anyway.

  • March

    I don’t understand what people want with Revenge, do they want the revenge to be completed from Emily’s side if so what will be left for the show, it’s being adapted from a book, they have to make it longer after all it’s a soap opera.
    By the way the last Revenge episode that was higher then this episode was the one that aired January 4th in total viewers that is, so that’s good i think.
    Don’t Trust The B in Apt. 23 is great i hope it stays stable and gets renewed i can see it being transferred Tuesdays at 9 pm next season with Happy Endings behind it possibly.

  • Jacob

    why have NBC’s viewers drop so much over the last couple of years, damn can not even watch any shows on there cause you think thay might get the boot.

  • MoHasanie

    Glad MF was adjusted up, but I think its still a season low.

    ABC’s mid season shows are getting average ratings. Apt 23’s retention from MF is a little low, and its total viewers aren’t great, so overall disappointing considering the promotion it got and it got ABC’s best lead in. Scandal, and GCB, have low to average ratings, but they were promoted so much as well, and they are both getting low to average ratings. But between the two, I can’t decide which ABC might renew. They should see how Scandal does on its own. If it gets 1.8+, then renew it over GCB.

  • MJ 23

    Damn I miss Whitney and Chelsea!

  • gustavo

    It’s incredible how bad performed Suburgatory last night(2.0).Doesn’t look so good for an orginal episode.Now is doing like:38% less than earlier in the season.

  • AlfieFred

    1. 6 and a 4 share is still awful for SVU and it’s been going down each week and huge decline from last year. Last night it was even up against a CSI re-run. I think Meloni fans and apparently just about everyone are bored by the new slow, predictable, rehashed L&O’s stories.

  • Bee

    yay for revenge and apt. 23! but darn scheduling! now revenge and apt. 23 will hit new lows next week with no MF, unless there’s a miracle, and then after three normal weeks, they’ll again go out on low notes for their finales thanks to idol.

    also, i really wonder what the networks will do next season. are they just gonna keep things as they are and hope that next spring’s declines aren’t so severe?

  • gustavo

    @MoHasanie:I agree 100% with you.Although Bill get mad because i pointed before what you’re saying now:Apt 23 doing 37% less in the demo,aren’t so good numbers.However helps having a lead-in like MF for a renewal.

  • rob60990

    “It’s incredible how bad performed Suburgatory last night(2.0).”

    Considering the show only dropped a tenth from last week when The Middle was new, it didn’t do all that bad. At least it cracked a 2 after a rerun. Crappy Endings couldn’t do that and its repeat lead-in was bigger. :D

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “As bad as HL did at least it got a 1.2 in that slot.”

    Harry’s Law fan SoS campaign cry right there.

    “It was better than Rock Center!”

  • Mike J

    Suburgatory should be cancelled for not being good, Happy Endings is a much better show.

  • gustavo

    @rob60990:You’re right,though considering Suburgartory reached more than:3,0 in previews episodes:doesn’t look any good either.

  • Justun121

    Fewh.. Revenge only one tenth below its usual ratings and is actually up with TTL audiences to an impressive 7.77 million viewers.

    I’m happy :D

    Isn’t sad when a hidden camera show with a 1.6 rating is one of the highest rated shows on you network.

    It’s even sadder when your programs are officially at and below CW levels.


  • rob60990

    I’d be worried if all these shows dropping don’t rebound in the fall which they usually do.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    I’d be worried if all these shows dropping don’t rebound in the fall which they usually do.

    Not in the last couple seasons they haven’t.

    Fall premiere ratings have been about Spring finale ratings.

  • rob60990

    Usually with comedies and procedurals they rebound. Serialized shows have a harder time doing so.

  • Beckham

    In the beginning of the season, I heard lots of good things about Revenge and OUAT. What happened to all the compliments. It might be because I don’t follow both those shows but I heard those two shows were supposed to be really good.
    If you had to pick, which do you like better?
    Person of Interest or OUAT?? Just want to know everyone’s opinion..

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