As 'Off Their Rockers' Out Rates 'Community' & '30 Rock' Does NBC Need More Betty?

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April 20th, 2012

Those keeping score at home can't have missed the fact that Betty White's Off Their Rockers (1.6 adults 18-49 rating) out rated both of the "Night Formerly Known As Must See TV" sitcoms Community (1.3) and 30 Rock (1.5) this week.

It seems a perfect discussion for a Friday afternoon.

Does NBC need more Betty?

  • kyle

    Betty will get renewed, Community and 30 Rock will get renewed for final season.

  • Petar

    NOPE! NBC need friends like comedies! And may be some stars out there! Why martin lawrence goes to CBS not NBC? Thats the question!

  • SoundableObject

    NBC needs more viewers in the 18-49 demo. Anything else is inconsequential.

    The Office and Parks and Rec did better than Betty White. Does that mean NBC needs more documentary comedies?

    The Voice rates better then everything on NBC. Does that mean NBC needs more singing shows with chairs facing away from the singer?

    Smash rated better than all but one of the scripted shows this week. They don’t need more of that.

  • DryedMangoez

    NBC just really needs to be balls to the wall, very aggressive next season. None of the Thursday comedies are going to gain any new viewers, except maybe Up All Night, but even then it might have hit a ceiling already.

  • Jamie

    NBC always had the highest standards. They’d get rid of all moderately rated series every season and alienate their audience.

    I don’t think they’ll be back. Can’t see NBC’s situation changing anytime soon.

  • ToXiX

    @Bill Gorman

    Off topic but have you & Robert ever listed the broadcast network shows you watch?

  • Liz


    NBC always had the highest standards. They’d get rid of all moderately rated series every season and alienate their audience.

    Yeah, that’s why NBC is in the hole. Their standards are too high, and they’re cancelling too many “moderately rated” shows. Makes total sense.

  • EatMorePez

    More Betty is not a long term solution for NBC’s problems. In the short term, and by that I mean next Fall, sure, why not. But these types of shows tend to have a short shelf life.

  • Bill Gorman

    In addition to sports, this season I watch House and 30 Rock on broadcast.

  • Bill Gorman

    @Petar, not necessasarily based on recent history!

  • jjhill83

    My guess is that Betty will serve as a Friday 8pm kickoff, with the 830pm slot being a burnoff of a non-Office veteran comedy’s sendoff season.

  • MattM

    No, Off Their Rockers is doing decent, but more Betty will just bring more older viewers and I don’t think that’s what NBC wants. And who’s to say a new sitcom starring White would be any good anyway. You also have to take in account that the woman is 90 years old and already has a number of projects going on, including Hot In Cleveland which still does decent ratings. I can’t see her wanting to run herself ragged with another show.

    NBC needs to keep trying to find that younger demo with new programming and by renewing those that did well with the 18-34 crowd.

  • Rebecca

    Yeah, but that Matthew Perry show might do better than his most recent one. Looking forward to it.

    30R, P&R, and Community are still good comedies IMO – they just sometimes have bad episodes. I still stick with them. Almost ready to quit The Office. I’ll watch Betty White, too, but not more than once a week (if anyone was thinking her show should air more often).

  • MattM


    That is awful news.

  • Cameron

    I think NBC might do well to throw away everything they’re doing and reinvent themselves as a politically incorrect network.

    It worked for Fox when it first started, and in this age it might still garner some good ratings.


    What NBC need to do is become the First Network to Get out of the REALITY SHOW Business!–Go back to the days when Dramas and Comedy show ruled the network schedule! We don’t need anymore shows about Fat People losing weight! Have the Balls NBC to do it! Your Network is already at the bottom!-You have nothing to lose!

  • Charles

    What if the ratings for NBC are going to be the new standard ratings in the future for broadcast nets?

    NBC programming has historically aimed younger then the other networks. As technology and increased competition have come around over the years, the younger demo of the NBC audience has moved to other options and programming faster then the audience of the other networks. You also see that with Fox and there scripted programming which is almost as non existent now as NBC’s.

  • James Wilson

    Not only NBC but the whole world needs more Betty.

    I still hope for a sit-com with her and Craig Ferguson. :D

  • Naemeth

    Whatever NBC try to do, it always seems to fail. They must have ordered so many different pilots to try and find a voice, if they can do good in a few new shows, they may be able to dig themselves out of their own grave they’ve dug for themselves. Friends is not going to help them, it’s long gone.

  • Liz


    You also see that with Fox and there scripted programming which is almost as non existent now as NBC’s.

    That’s not even close to being true.

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