As 'Off Their Rockers' Out Rates 'Community' & '30 Rock' Does NBC Need More Betty?

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April 20th, 2012

Those keeping score at home can't have missed the fact that Betty White's Off Their Rockers (1.6 adults 18-49 rating) out rated both of the "Night Formerly Known As Must See TV" sitcoms Community (1.3) and 30 Rock (1.5) this week.

It seems a perfect discussion for a Friday afternoon.

Does NBC need more Betty?

  • The Big Toe

    Betty will get renewed.
    Community will get renewed for a fourth and final season.
    30 Rock will get renewed.

    Trust me, I know.

  • Mumbo

    There’s plenty of room in the schedule for all of them.

    If there’s something NBC has no shortage of it’s gaping holes in its schedule.

  • a p garcia

    NBC should fund cloning research and make many clones of Betty White thereby assuring a Betty White will be on the air every night of the week including the nightly newscast & Today!

  • bk8718

    I seem to remember (and feel free to correct me if I get any of this wrong) ABC being in similar trouble in the early 2000s. And then they launched Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, all within a span of about twelve months- and all from very different directions. All three took off and gained huge ratings and critical acclaim. And ABC rode those three shows out of fourth place. That’s what NBC needs. Big hits, watercooler type shows- at least two or three. Until that happens, I just can’t see NBC crawling out of fourth.
    That said, if anyone had any idea how to launch a massive hit like that at will, NBC wouldn’t be in this position.

  • Tom

    Show Fear Factor during the summer!

  • kahunablue

    hey young guys us old guys got the money and the time.They better program some for us or they ain’t gonna be here.

  • Rebecca

    @The Big Toe,
    How do you know?
    (that rhymes)

  • Justun121

    NBC just doesn’t learn.

    The Office
    My Name is Earl
    30 Rock
    Parks and Recreation
    Up All Night
    Free Agents
    Go On (the new Mathew Perry single-camera comedy)

    (@One and others feel free to add input — in this case, more failures)

    Single-cam have never and will never be mainstream. They’re certainly no saving grace for a perpetual 4th place network.

    Yes, there was The Office and Modern Family, but other than that… No ratings hits whatsoever. They got really carried away with the good (not great) The Office ratings and its and 30 Rocks enormous critical acclaim. Everything after that was a ratings dud and not even an awards darling will never be anything more than a low-rated cult fave.

    Just like ABC has to get that the Housewives lightining is not striking again, someone needs to tell NBC the quircky, niche, or whatever you want to call it, type of comedy is not “in” anymore — if it ever was.

    I stress that Whitney was a step in the right direction and it and Chealse shoudl’ve premiered out of America’s Got Talent instead of the now cancelled Free Agents and certain to be cancelled Up All Night.

    However, picking the new single-cam “Go On” and ending Whitney before May sweeps in a sign od probable cancellation seems like the two steps backwards.

  • Justun121

    @Doug siad:
    The name of the game in broadcast these days is managing declines because… the last network to be up substantially, in any season, was ABC in 2004/2005

    @Ultima said:
    Nonsense. FOX was up 17% in the fall; CBS is up despite not having the AFC championship game in primetime this year (effectively up ~10%).


    FOX is DOWN and CBS is up only by 3%. By the end of the season both will be down.

    Seriously, do you love arguing for the sake of arguing?

    Nice try at trying to be @Bill Gorman with that “nonesense” comment, though.

    And no, you don’t get to justify by saying “in the fall”. @Doug was clearly talking about full-season increases. You don’t get to slice it in whichever way allows you to be snarky. You just don’t.

  • Bill Gorman

    “FOX is DOWN and CBS is up only by 3%. By the end of the season both will be down.”

    If you remove just the Super Bowl from FOX’s ratings last season, they’d be up this season vs. last season.

    I don’t think there’s much chance that CBS will finish the year down among adults 18-49. They are a tenth ahead of last year at this point, and certainly could finish even with last season, but finishing a tenth behind is highly unlikely. There are too many weeks of shows baked into the season average for them to change by that much this late in the season. And as Ultima noted, the AFC Championship game is like an every other year mini-Super Bowl in primetime.

  • Justun121

    I had written a long post contrasting the diffrences between ABC’s rise in 2004-05 and FOX’s 2011-12 but I thought the above shortened version would do.

    I’m not getting into that, but I still maintain @Ultiam was way off in the way s/he responded to @Doug.

    Namely, FOX’s rise for 2011-2012 would doubtly be bigger than ABC’s 2004-05. Add to that ABC moved football to ESPN since 2005-06. Shouldn’t that factor in, too, if you were going to factor in the AFC champoinship or any sporting events?

    Add to that, comparing a Fall rise to a full-season rise is apples to oranges.

    Even if all of the above were wrong, what @Doug said was certainly not worthy of being called “nonesense”. That’s just rude and is not a way to have a civilized discussion. It needed to be pionted out.

  • David

    Maybe a new Betty White sitcom could bring some folks to NBC.

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