"The Life & Times Of Tim" Canceled, Again, By HBO

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April 20th, 2012

After being canceled after its second season, and then uncanceled and renewed for a 10 episode third season, The Life & Times Of Tim has been canceled by HBO once again after its third season. Its last episode was February 17.

  • Brandon

    Good, I hope this means a new animated series will be in the works for HBO now.

  • The Hafk

    I like the show, but this isn’t surprising.

  • Jay S.

    Great show, why HBO never really supported it is a mystery.

  • Derek

    I loved The Life and Times of Tim, but as said above it isn’t surprising.

  • Mike

    Imagine writing a show every episode not knowin your going to be around for the next one the show is amazing, I never hear of the show until a co worker told me to watch it on hbo go, more marketing would save the show

  • Shabbir

    Im glad. first series was funny. after that is was really bad. Tim getting in crazy situations repeat x10. After afew minutes, i could predict exactly what would happen and was never surprised.

  • John A

    This was a great show. Oh well at least 3 seasons were made.

  • The Big Toe

    The RE-cancellation was not a surprise to me.

    Is HBO trying to sell the show to the other networks, again?

  • One

    Not surprising, once it stacked up that nice string of flat-out zeros…

  • John A

    The show had no fan base. I mean only 10 comments about the cancellation is bad.

  • mat

    10 comments on a website i would have never come across if it weren’t for life and times of tim. even in its cancellation its still unsupported.

  • AppleStinx

    10 comments and growing. Perhaps if we get enough people to comment on the site, HBO will consider uncanceling the show again.

  • MJDB

    Un-cancelling can go either way:

    Family Guy-Worked out (Currently in its 10th season)

    Breaking In-Recently re-cancelled after its second season (remaining episodes will air in the summer TBD)

  • Todd

    The show was so damn funny. How could you say after season 1 it was not funny? The humor was over the top and each episode had great storylines. It was funny how Tim was always the butt of the joke and that’s what the series was all about. I personally have never laughed more at an animated series than this one. I had a feeling the creators knew it was ending and that’s why the finale ended the way it did. I will miss the show, but will enjoy the DVDs.

  • Todd

    By the way, I have never commented on anything on this site before (by the way, love this site) but felt that I had to because I loved Tim so much.

  • Mark

    Loved this show. 30 episodes (60 situations) is a pretty good run.

    I hope Steve Dildarian goes on to make another comic gem.

  • Marsinvestigations1

    Great show. Season 3 was a gift. Glad it made it this far. Deserved a better fate.

  • Darrin

    Love this show. It’s a shame they cancelled it.

  • Kris

    Life and Times of Tim was great. I hope it comes back in some form or another again. :P

  • Glen

    I guess I’m one of those people who liked the show, watched the first season, and then watched sporadically after that. I don’t think it was very high rated and HBO never really seemed to promote the show and that was confusing when they cancelled and revived it the first time.

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