Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Grimm', 'Supernatural' Adjusted Up; '20/20' Adjusted Down

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April 23rd, 2012

Both Grimm and Superatural were adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings. 20/20 was adjusted down a tenth.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, April 20, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM ABC Shark Tank -R 1.2 4 4.940
FOX The Finder 1.2 4 4.310
CBS Mike & Molly -R 1.0 4 4.180
NBC Who Do You Think You Are? -R 0.8 3 4.100
CW Nikita 0.4 1 1.390
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement -R 0.8 3 3.400
9:00PM NBC Grimm 1.4 4 4.560
ABC Primetime: What Would You Do? 1.3 4 4.280
FOX Fringe 1.0 3 3.030
CBS CSI: NY - R 0.8 3 6.100
CW Supernatural 0.7 2 1.570
10:00PM NBC Dateline NBC 1.4 4 5.810
ABC 20/20 1.2 4 4.090
CBS Blue Bloods -R 0.8 3 6.160


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  • DougF


    You are doing your math wrong. Last year Supernatural had more viewers live so the DVR percentage increase was smaller.

    For example Supernatural got a 1.0 in 18-49 and a 0.4 increase in DVR, that’s 40 percent.

    This year Supernatural has been getting 0.7 in 18-49 and a 0.4 increase in DVR, which is 57 percent.

    The key number is what the 18-49 DVR number is, which has been around 0.4 for the past two seasons.

  • Tabitha

    :) SPN

  • Mickey 1.0


    A belated welcome to you too!

    It’s really amazing how many new fans I keep running into. I just saw a review for the last ep on tv.com. She said it was the first episode of Supernatural she and her husband had ever seen, they were totally hooked, and they are diving into the previous seasons so they can catch up.

    This is good evidence of what I’ve always said, that Supernatural has a much greater potential audience than it is reaching on the CW. So many people are either unaware of the CW or avoid it precisely because it is the CW.


    For WB to offer Fox a full 22 episode season for a show failing in the ratings is an indication of just how much they like it and how desperate WB must be to reach the magic 100 episodes.

    I had read that it now only takes 88 episodes for a syndication deal. I just looked it up on the internet and found confirmation from various sites, including from right here at TVbtN: “The magic number for stripped syndication used to be 100 episodes, but in recent years the conventional wisdom has been 88 episodes.”

    So, unfortunately for Fringe fans, a season 5 isn’t necessary to unlock the possibility of a syndication deal.

  • Geordiegirl1967

    Neither of us are wrong. We are just measuring differently. You are talking about absolute numbers. I’m talking about %s which is how these DVR figures are expressed. I know what you are saying, but usually if a show is getting less popular its total audience (ie live + DVR viewers) would fall. In SPNs case last year 1.4 were watching  on average (1 live + 0.4 DVR). This year the live average fell 25% to 0.75. If this meant the show was 25% less popular you’d expect the DVR demo to fall by a similar % to 0.3, giving a total audience of 1.05. In fact the DVR figure is on average an additional 0.43 (57%) giving a total average audience this year of 1.18 – only 16% less than last season, not the 25% fall the change in live figures imply. When you allow for the fact that CW claim 20% now watch online in addition to the live + DVR – way up from last year – then the total number watching SPN hadn’t fallen at all since s6. They have just changed how they watch. That was my main point. 

  • Lord Seth

    @ Dahne

    At the risk of being mocked at this site, I wonder how many times a show that has been on for awhile has increased in ratings due to summer airings, syndication, or online places like Netflix.

    Hrm. Well, syndication started for The Big Bang Theory between seasons 4 and 5, and ratings were up noticeably in season 5 compared to season 4. I think they also started making episodes more accessible online at about the time syndication started as well.

    I believe The Office also started syndication between seasons 4 and 5, and there was a bump in viewers in season 5. It isn’t a universal thing, though…a number of series didn’t go up after syndication, at least not immediately, though there may have been issues like timeslot changes that caused that.

    I thought NCIS increased in viewers later in the series due to USA marathons. I know that’s what brought me into that show.

    I’m not entirely certain when NCIS started on USA, but I’m guessing it was early 2008 because that’s as far back as their NCIS forum goes. Ratings didn’t jump up at that time exactly, though there was a noticeable increase when the next season started on September 2008. So it’s likely that USA’s reruns and marathons helped out the first-run episodes on CBS.

  • johnb

    supernatural is getting really good, looking forward to a great finale and the endo of(finally) the leviathan. Next season sounds really good, back to the roots of the show and possible appearances by Jim beaver

  • Sid

    A little off topic but anyone here exited for Felicia Day guest starring on SPN this week?

  • Juan

    Yay for Supernatural and Grimm. I just started watching Supernatural on netflix and it is awesome, I’m alraedy on season 4. Also Grimm is great so good that it got adjusted up

  • Geordiegirl1967

    @Mark Wood
    Considering that back 6 years ago in April the first year of the CW with all viewing options SPN would have got a 3.4. 3.4 and in 6 years a 2.9 in viewers. That really highlights that the numbers we see weekly for SPN are more impacted by the change in how people few shows, then the the loss of SPN’s audience.

    I totally agree. This is essentially the same point I was making in my post above. Sorry I saw yours after I posted. I think SPNs total audience has held up remarkably well over the years. As you say though, the shifts in how it is viewed don’t help CWs bottom line. The current funding model for network TV is broken. Trouble is no one knows what to replace it with. 

    @cody @pandora @juan

    Welcome to the SPN fandom. I didn’t find it until part way through s5, and I got hooked almost straightaway just as you did. I have also seen lots of people here and elsewhere who have found the show through Netflix. And previously lots who found it on TNT. Not many shows are still winning over new fans in their 7th season, which is a testament to the quality of SPN. 

  • Mickey 1.0


    *rolls out the welcome wagon again*

    Hi, glad you’ve joined the fun!

    A little off topic but anyone here exited for Felicia Day guest starring on SPN this week?

    Yep! I avoid spoilers so I know nothing about it except for Felicia Day and the title, and both of these things make me really look forward to it. [Spoiler for episode title coming up in 3, 2, 1…]

    The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo.

  • Mel

    Supernatural and Grimm had been adjusted Up!!… I am happy.:D **

  • Lucy

    I see Supernatural for Netflix because I do not have CW, but I am always twisting for good numbers. This show it has that to have 10 seasons **

  • Hera

    Glad for SPN!! :)

  • Lisa Valley

    grimm is the best show on television. It gets better every week
    It should be back for second season. Keep the good shows on!!
    There are not many shows worth watching anymore. Grimm is a great
    show and I love Nick and Monroe.!!

  • Marina M

    One of the best new shows on television this year is Grimm

    NBC should be smart enough to renew it for a 2nd season. This

    station has alot of stupid shows on it. Keep this one on.

    It is smart and funny and I look forward to it every Friday.

    Make the right choice for a change. KEEP GRIMM ON !!!!

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