Sunday Final Ratings:'Once', '60 Minutes', 'Amazing Race', 'Good Wife', & 'Celebrity Apprentice' all Adjusted Up

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April 24th, 2012

60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, a new Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, and Celebrity Apprentice were all adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus preliminary Sunday broadcast ratings.

Sunday's Final Broadcast Ratings for April 22, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
7:00PM CBS 60 Minutes 1.8 5 12.960
ABC America's Funniest Home Videos -R 1.4 4 5.890
FOX Married…With Children -(Pilot) 1.3 4 2.930
NBC Dateline NBC 1.2 4 4.160
7:30PM FOX The Simpsons -(Pilot) 1.5 4 3.170
8:00PM ABC Once Upon A Time 3.0 8 9.080
CBS Amazing Race 2.6 7 9.140
FOX FOX 25th Anniversary Special (8-10PM) 1.8 5 4.320
NBC Harry's Law 0.9 3 8.620
9:00PM NBC The Celebrity Apprentice (9-11p) 2.1 5 6.310
CBS Good Wife 1.9 5 10.420
ABC Firelight (9-11p) 1.6 4 7.560
10:00PM CBS NYC 22 1.4 4 7.390

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • RandomCommentor

    “It might surpise some people at this site to learn that there are many TV viewers across the United States who know nothing about ad rates, the 18-49 demo, and whether or not they are the “right kind” of viewer. And making snide, sarcastic comments about the situation doesn’t help.”

    Blame the U.S. News/Media outlets. They really do have rocks for brains. It’s especially disconcerting when they interchangeably use the 18-49 demons and viewer #s when comparing different shows. I guess they got their “research” from ABC’s spin-riffic press releases.

    Sidenote: OUAT’s Robert Carlyle is consistently great and… *looks at IMDB* he voiced Gabriel Belmont in the Castlevania: LOS video game? I remember when people were flaming about an “unknown actor” voicing the main character then on some forums. Times certainly do change…

    Seriously though, he’s carried more then a couple otherwise questionable episodes. It was a very smart choice to turn the tables and make him a protagonist of sorts.

  • RS

    OK, anybody still paying attention. Let me try this one out for comments. They fooled you into believing that Bael and Pinn were contemporaries, when that was not the case. I did a linear time-line on the Fairy Tale Episodes and to my surprise, the first one is Desperate Souls. The Snow White eps are easy to time-line, but you have to pay attention to the other eps for everything else. The clue was the Jiminy Cricket ep. Rumple had already “turned” so it came after Desperate Souls. So Geppeto was a boy when Bae was a boy. So Bae came to our world in Y-30 (assuming that Y-0 was the year of the curse). So assuming normal aging in both worlds, Bae was 40 in Y-0 (the same age as Gep.). And he aged, as did Emma and Pinn. in real world 28 years. Therefore, Bae is currently 68 years old (40 plus 28) in our time.

  • OodlesofNoodles


    One of the writers confirmed that Rumple has been the Dark One for centuries by the time the events of “That Still Small Voice” (Gepetto’s episode) occur, so basing Bae’s age off of the Fairy Tale timeline doesn’t work. We don’t know at one point in our timeline Bae got sent to, but we can probably assume Rumple tried to send Storybrooke to roughly the same time that Bae would have arrived here. That’d put him in his mid forties at Emma’s arrival.

    But again, that’s pure speculation without knowing what point in time Bae was sent to.

  • The End


    I agree, time is relative in the grand scheme of things. Bae could of arrived in storybrooke a few years before Emma, he could arrive years after her arrival. When dealing with time and stuff like that you can’t always assume things lol

    Rumpel being the dark one for so long explains things, likely just gave into his despair and stopped caring about others, and only about his ultimate goal of reuniting with his son.

    Personally I think Baes character will be between 20-40 in this show when he does appear. I dont see him being an old man and I dont see him being a kid either, as said in this episode, he needs to age a bit to make reuniting with Mr Gold a more emotional event.

  • Danielle


    Thanks! I’m not really all that worried. It was just nice to see it hit 3.0 again. :)

  • Caroline Simard

    Yeah for OUAT,such a wonderful show that keeps getting better and better each week!!! So glad the ratings are up to a 3.0, ABC, renew it already!!!!

  • Hollywood

    I for series continuation “Harry’s Law”!!!!! Itself from Russia, I look with subtitles (I have disability on hearing), very much it was pleasant to me!!! Please, don’t cancel display of a new season of these remarkable series with fine actors at the head of our darling of lawyer Kathy Bates!!!

  • Meridith Johnson

    I’m with you Mike…i so loive OUAT…i love Missing too i hope they will give it a chance….please don’t cancel Missing

  • Kim Miller

    HARRY’S LAW deals with current issues and should be renewed for season three. Do reality shows have to rule–seriously–what is happening to the American ‘thinking mind’??????

  • Terry Johnson

    I hope this show gets another chance but . I have to admit since it changed from a small firm in a bad part of town helping the down trodden to a bigger firm I don’t watch much. It seriously needs to return to season 1 premise. That is what seperated it from every other lawyer show on tv. I like feel good shows and that made me feel good. This season not so much. If I want to watch white collar crime shows I’ll watch more news.

  • Tami

    Harry’s Law should be on the air. The reason the ratings are so low is because they took it off for so long and then moved it to another night. This is a good show and I am sick of Neilson ratings anyhow, these people like to watch survivor and 16 and pregnant. Real people want to be entertained and in touch with the characters. You might want to change the demographic on the Neilson box holders.

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