“Giuliana & Bill” Delivers Its Most Watched Episode In Five Season History

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April 25th, 2012

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Season Five Up +36% Among W18-49 Year Over Year

Series Drives MyStyle.com to Year’s Best Day Ever For Video Streams, Up +105%, and Daily Unique Visitors Up +55%

LOS ANGELES -- April 25, 2012 –Style Media’s “Giuliana & Bill” delivered the series most watched episode ever on Tuesday, April 24 among Total Viewers, according to Nielsen. Last night’s episode of “Giuliana & Bill” ranked number four in the time period for W18-49 against all cable networks and delivered 630,000 Total Viewers. The fifth season of “Giuliana & Bill” is up an impressive +36% among W18-49 and +28% among total viewers, compared to the first four episodes of season four.

Additionally, on the social media front, “Giuliana & Bill” drove MyStyle.com to its best day for the year in Video Streams, up +105%, and Daily Unique Visitors, up +55%. The series was ranked among the top 10 most talked about series on Tuesday, April 24, according to Trendrr.

Immediately following episode four, Style premiered “Giuliana & Bill: Baby Dreams,” a 30-minute special on surrogacy hosted by Giuliana and Bill Rancic, which more than doubled the time period average for the prior four week period across all key demos and delivered 371,000 Total Viewers.

“Giuliana & Bill,” which averages 515,000 Total Viewers and 263,000 W18-49, airs Tuesday nights at 8pm ET/PT on Style. Viewers have followed the couple as they have struggled to conceive, going through three rounds of in vitro fertilization, a miscarriage and then Giuliana’s battle with breast cancer. In last night’s episode viewers got a behind the scenes look at their decision to proceed with a gestational carrier and the moving phone call that they are in fact pregnant.

"Giuliana & Bill" is produced by Comcast Entertainment Studios, a division of NBCUniversal. Executive producers are Robert Sizemore and Jay James for Comcast Entertainment Studios and Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic for You & I Productions. Renee G. Simon and Ruth Rafidi serve as network executives on the show.

Source: Nielsen, NPM L+SD Impressions – Giuliana & Bill #504 (Tues, 04/24/12, 8P-9P) ranked against all original episodes series to date (08/05/09-04/24/12), Giuliana & Bill S5 To date (04/03/12-04/24/12) vs. Prior Season Equivalent (07/18/11-08/08/11), Giuliana & Bill ranked against all cable nets Tues 8P-9P strict daypart, Giuliana & Bill: Baby Dreams (Tues, 04/24/12, 9P-9:30P) vs. Prior 4 Week Time Period Avg (03/26/12-04/22/12); Omniture, SiteCatalyst – Daily Unique Visitors and Video Starts (Mon, 04/25/12) vs. Prior 4 Week Monday Avg (03/26/12-04/22/12); Trendrr.TV – Daily Cable Rank (Tues, 04/24/12).

  • RJ

    Most likely due to their pregnancy news, but I’m so happy for them! :)

  • HT

    Can anyone tell me what happened to her face? I’m not being mean, I’m being serious. I was at the gym and there was yet another show about her and him on the tv and she looked so very different about 5 or 6 years ago. Not just blonde, but her face was much softer and prettier. What happened? Under nourishment? surgery? I really couldn’t figure it out but it’s bugging me, because she really was quite beautiful from what I saw. Anyway, again, I’m not meaning to be nasty, but just wondering…

  • USAmerica1st

    @RJ, agreed. The ratings were caused by the pregnancy and people wanting the details of the gestational carrier, Bill and Guiliana’s interaction with her, the egg and sperm methodology, and the legalities. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. Very happy for them.

  • Chrissie

    Dear Julianna and Bill,
    I am half way thru your episode on your breast surgury and can npt stop the tears from coming down my face. You are so lucky to have Bill your Mom and Dad ( I love them to pierces!) Last year in 8 months I lost my Pappa then my Dog Mishu lost my job with a famous guitar player in Ojai CA then my Dad! A year before that my Brother. I know you have lost a lot too, god bless your heart. You are so wonderful for putting yourself out there. I love you girl. Stay forever the same as you are. Your the best. Many, many good wishes for you and your family!

  • Palmkris

    @HT, I guess 5 years, getting diagnosed with cancer, multiple cancer treatments (including surgery), and the realization that she has little chance of naturally have any children, on top of her normal day-to-day routine can do that to a person.

  • Jay

    @HT I think she’s just too skinny (and this was before all the cancer stuff happened) and too tanned. I think she’d look a lot better if she gained some weight – not that she doesn’t look good at the moment.

  • Jay

    Also, yeah, people’s looks obviously degrade with age…I wish I looked as good as I did 6 years ago…

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