‘American Guns’ Up 50% With Second Season Premiere On Discovery

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April 26th, 2012

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Discovery Channel’s AMERICAN GUNS returned with a season premiere up 50% from last year’s series premiere episode.  The Wednesday, April 25 telecast at 9pm e/p drew 1.15 HH and 0.87 in Persons 25-54 and 0.79 in Persons 18-49.


From making the ultimate zombie gun to fixing the design flaws of a Civil War-era cannon, the Wyatt family, owners of the Denver-based business - Gunsmoke, are busier than ever this season on AMERICAN GUNS.  Custom orders are pouring in, on top of the customers walking through their doors to buy in-stock guns, register for safety classes or engrave their firearm.


An all new AMERICAN GUNS airs next Wednesday, May 2 at 9pm e/p on Discovery.
  • Bruce Kenneth

    I really like the show. They make some cool things. I really liked the 1911 Rich made for his gorgeous wife. Renee sure can shoot too. The gun he made her shows how much he loves her. I even watch the reruns.

  • Gary Sell

    This is a great show. Rich, Renee, Kurt and Paige, along with their employees all work well together. Rich (dad) and Renee (mom) have 2 children (Kurt and Paige) directly involved in the family business of firearms sales and mfg. The kids are a great part of the show. There are 2 (I think) more young ones who will probably want to be included when they get a bit older. Thank you Wyatt family for a good, family viewable program.

  • Mike Clay

    I just saw the season opener (Punt Gun), and cannot believe they got that much money for a gussied-up potato gun! For the amount of money they charge, they might use something other than plumbing parts to make the punt gun …… it looks more like something I’d see some 14-year-old post on You Tube.

  • Hillbilly

    They can’t out do Red Jacket. OK Paige is hotter than Will’s daughter Steph. When it comes to gun building Red Jacket is king. JMO.

  • paulinvegas

    Red Jacket made the zombie gun with Mel Brooks’ son. I’ll admit I haven’t seen all of the American Guns…but I’m just sayin’. But no matter what two gun shows is probably two more than the current administration wants to see getting ratings. Good.

  • Aleric

    I like the show but I have problems with some of the guns they build. Charging $15k to build a pistol is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. Anyone that would pay that price is a joke in both real and TV life. I can bet you that he would NEVER pay a fraction of that to buy a gun from some of the rich people he likes to showcase in the show.

    I like parts of the show but they need to stick to the basics and not go over board in some of the builds they highlight.

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