Another Finalist Eliminated On “American Idol,” Who Was It?

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April 26th, 2012

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Season Four AMERICAN IDOL Winner and Grammy Award Winner Carrie Underwood

and World-Renowned Rock Band Coldplay

to Perform on Next Results Show Thursday, May 3


Last night, America cast a season-high 58 million votes for their favorite finalists on AMERICAN IDOL. Tonight, host Ryan Seacrest revealed that Elise Testone received the fewest number of votes and was eliminated from the competition. Also on tonight’s results show, Katy Perry performed her hit, “Part of Me,” and AMERICAN IDOL Season 10 finalist Stefano Langone performed his new single, “I’m On A Roll,” featuring Ben J of New Boyz. In addition, the official touring Queen tribute, The Queen Extravaganza, performed Queen’s classic smash hit “Somebody To Love,” along with original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor.


With only four performance shows left in the season, tune in next week, Wednesday, May 2 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), when the Top Five – Hollie Cavanagh, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez – return to the IDOL stage to sing for America’s votes on a British music-themed performance show.


Don’t miss the live results show the following night, Thursday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), when another finalist is sent home. In addition, Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum artist Carrie Underwood will perform. One of AMERICAN IDOL’s most successful winners, Underwood has sold more than 12 million records worldwide. Another Grammy Award-winning, chart-topping act, the world-famous alternative rock band Coldplay, also will perform, hitting the IDOL stage for the first time.


The Top Five finalists are:


Hollie Cavanagh

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Age: 18


Keep up with Hollie at:

Skylar Laine

Hometown: Brandon, MS

Age: 18


Keep up with Skylar at:


Joshua Ledet

Hometown: Westlake, LA

Age: 20


Keep up with Joshua at:


Phillip Phillips

Hometown: Leesburg, GA

Age: 21


Keep up with Phillip at:

Jessica Sanchez

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Age: 16


Keep up with Jessica at:



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AMERICAN IDOL is produced by 19 Entertainment, a division of CKX, Inc. and FremantleMedia North America, Inc. The series is created and executive-produced by Simon Fuller, CEO, XIX Entertainment, and executive-produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; Ken Warwick, Executive Producer, FremantleMedia North America, Inc.; and Nigel Lythgoe, CEO, Nigel Lythgoe Productions.


See what happens every Thursday when the show ends, but the cameras keep rolling, as the eliminated finalist says an emotional goodbye and exits the IDOL stage. Visit for this exclusive insider’s view each week after the West Coast broadcast of the results show, as well as for exclusive videos, interviews, photos and special behind-the-scenes information.

  • Lane

    She was the best to me.. :/ Why is Joshua still there?

  • Naun

    Carrie! :3 ?

  • PieceOut

    The judges beat her down week after week until they got their wish. Obviously girls are voting with hands over their ears if Phillip and Joshua are still on the show. Not sure why the judges and or producers are carrying Joshua with praise when its nothing but church choir slop. The show has to be a setup.

  • Snoot

    I agree with Lane. She was the best to me too, and I cannot believe Joshua is still in it.

  • Colin

    Finally!! Elise was arrogant and unbearable.

    Joshua and Jessica are the best! They have to be in the final, otherwise America gets it wrong.

  • Mark

    Elise was my favorite. I can’t stand Joshua, his voice sounds so dirty to me it’s just horrible. Jessica can never carry the melody. And the judges mistake screaming for singing when it comes to Skylar.

    Phillip and Hollie are my final two. The new judges suck. They have their favorites and if your not one of them, y oí u get the worst feedback even if your good. Paula and Simon never did that crap. And Kara didn’t either, I’ll mever get why they fired her. She was great!

  • Bob

    Couldn’t stand that arrogant B. What a complete and utter phoney. She thought she stuff didn’t stink. She should have gone home long ago. Glad her stink is gone. Now for Joshua, Holly and Jessica to bail. Phillip and Country girl need to be in the final and Country girl to win it all. Phillip winning would make it 6 males in a row. Time for a girl to win.

  • DanO

    Elise had escaped elimination time and time again… it was her time. I don’t think it’s possible to be in the bottom as often as she was and still win.

    My ideal final 2 at this point would be Jessica and Skylar. I don’t care for Phillip… he’s a little too one note for me. Hollie’s decent singer, but a little robotic. I like Joshua at times… he has a fantastic voice, but I like Jessica and Skylar a little bit more.

  • joel



  • Ron

    A phoney is someone who doesn’t show any emotion, get upset or let America know how they really feel. Elise was the furthest thing from a phoney. The problem is she was too honest and showed too much true emotion, even if at times her disappointment and frustration came across as arrogant or snobbish.

  • AI Fan

    This is just IMOO, but I think the contestants on these shows should be at least 18, and this is why to me Jessica has no stage presence and all. Not one bit disagreeing she has an amazing voice, but she is lacking some maturity, and in a few yeas she may be the biggest voice out there, but not today.

    Like Philip or not, he is the most rounded of them all now, I felt Elise was also a very rounded performer. IMOO a person could have a god given beautiful voice and be able to sing any song given to them, but that’s not all that makes a great performer, you also need an “it” factor.

    Which leads me to why this fan is about done. I am really starting to question the votes lately, if tweens are running this show how did Colton get kicked off last week, how did Jessica and Joshua get in the bottom three that one night and then the drama with the save. I will bet this, Philip is off next week, then Skylar, and then Hollie, and that let’s the show and judges favorites go up against one another. Jessica and Joshua, both with amazing voices and the personalities of fungus.

  • Sam

    Can’t believe Hollie is still there. IMO, she should’ve been gone home several weeks ago. Can definitely see a girl winning this season between Jessica and Skylar. Elise was good too, but I guess maybe the songs did her in like the show’s new mentor said.

  • joel

    Phillip is a one trick pony whose songs are hit and miss. He growls more than he sings and has a very limited range. His style is like Dave Matthews but he’s not as good. We already have Dave Matthews so Phillip feels like a karaoke been there done that.

  • Pippa

    first Hispanic to win. GO JESS!

  • joel

    They do call them the “judges” after all. Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word judge.

  • leslie

    About time Elise n her arrogance went home

  • CWsucks

    Jessica needs to go.

  • ynnad

    jessica’s talent?? SUPERB!!. with a voice like that.. i can’t even call her a human.. out of this world.. go for it jessica… :D

  • ynnad

    jessica and skylar should battle it off in the finals.. but jessica’s way better than skylar..

  • Coco Ukntbeme

    Why are yall hating on Joshua he my be a church boy and God is with him thats why he is still there. The boy has mad talent and he can sing anything his voice is unique and America voted for him so SUCK IT UP! LMBO

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