'Fringe' Season Five Trailer - Spoiler-ish

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April 26th, 2012

Here is Fox's season 5 trailer for Fringe. I have been advised there are scenes from not yet telecast episodes, so don't watch it if you are spoiler adverse.

  • Miko


  • jamandas

    OMG just got Goosebumps!

  • Ryan

    Got my eyes watery….

  • wwwparker

    The only thing that spoiled was its the final year. Frowndy face.

  • Chris

    I’m dead. I can’t even.

  • akakak

    … fringe the useless tv show that has low rating and keep getting new season … when good show with higher rating keep getting cancelled …

  • fringefan

    shut up akakak..

  • sam

    why did that say the final season? is it official yet

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “why did that say the final season? is it official yet”

    It’s official.


  • mary

    Fringe is amazing!!!!!!

  • Robert Scorpio

    Fringe has been a great ride…and amazing they do so much on such a shoe string budget..


  • Darklord

    akakak, yes ratings SUCK,still we got renewed. Isn’t that AWESOME?

  • jaz

    EAT THIS HATERS! And incl. some who doubted all these months that this show will end!

  • Masterbreel


  • eleonora

    Thnx FOX !!! I’m very happy ! :)

  • Justin121

    OMG where was I?

    Congrats to the Fringe fans and all low rated shows with passionate fanbases :D

    Knowing that it got “the” Final Season might actually make me watch it (I watched the first few episodes and stopped).

    Great word-of-mouth plus a planned finale entices me to. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

    @Bill Gorman,

    In another thread I suggested that, in addition to the magic 88 episodes every show needs, serilized shows also need final seasons now. I hope you take that into consideration or write an article about it.

    Helpful tip: it started with Lost. After that, networks and studios reaized that it’s in their best interest to bill a “final season” to most long-running serilized dramas.

    2010: LOST.
    2010 in-season: 24.
    2011: Smallvile.
    2012: Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Chuck.
    2012 in-season: House.
    2013: Fringe.

    I seriously think the Lost phenomenon changed the way networks and studios look at syndication requirments for dramas by seeing the additional benifits an announced final season does to: ratings stability, syndication value and DVD sales.

    Note it’s a spectrum that goes from most- to least-heavily serilized dramas. Note no CBS shows and FOX only does in-season announcments until Fringe.

  • Ray

    The people that hate Fringe do so because they lack intelligence. The show is above their heads so it confuses them and they hate it.

    Thanks FOX for listening to the fans for once!

  • Kissan

    Ikr. I might actually watch this since it’s gonna be the final season next year. Like I did with One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives and House.

  • psychic

    In a very good way. :D

  • Labia Shredder

    So glad we get to see a final season of a scifi show…in a long line of cancelations and disappointments this wont be one.

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