'Make it Or Break It' Canceled, According to Executive Producer

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April 26th, 2012

ABC Family's teen gymnastics drama Make it or Break it has not been renewed, executive producer Holly B. Sorensen has confirmed via Twitter. The now-series finale is set to air May 14.

  • Mohammed

    Confusing since it’s the only decent series airing on that channel.

  • RyanCanada

    i always thought there ratings were good…

  • charlene

    I am still waiting for the renewal. Of the lying game

  • salim

    not a suprise cos their main aim through the series is to reach the olympic games and they will accomplish this aim at the end of series 3 therefore leaving no story for the 4th season

  • Dan

    The Lying Game got a renewal a couple of days ago

  • Jos

    @Charlene “The Lying Game” has been renewed, it was announced on Tuesday.

  • Meg

    That’s too bad – it was a cute show and one of the few things I watched on that channel. My impression was that the ratings were decent, so I find the cancellation surprising.

    Will we get an ACTUAL series finale from ABC Family? Or will they screw viewers AGAIN by ending yet another show on a cliffhanger with a secret brother reveal in the last scene? (Kyle XY, Nine Lives of Chloe King)

  • Christina


    I’m disappointed. I hope the final episode will bring us some closure. Despite everything, this show had a nice 3 season/3 year run. On the flip side, I’m really happy ABCF bringing back The Lying Game, the freshmen season ended with a nice, surprising twist that was strong enough to earn another 10-12 eppys.

  • Tommy

    Darn it! I really thought that ABC Family was going to give it a final 8 episodes 3B to take place after the Olympics. Now I guess we will never know how the girls do one they actually get the london.

    @Meg. All 8 episodes of 3A have wrapped filming weeks ago, and the producers filmed the final episode thinking that they would be coming back for at least 8 more episodes. From what I’ve heard these episode end with the team at the airport leaving for London.

  • David

    So I guess they broke it?

  • Jamie

    This is the first time I heard the word ‘cancelled’ used officially but after Monday’s episode ABC Family did promote the last few episodes as a countdown to the “series” finale so I figured that was a good giveaway.

  • panda22

    sucks!…..we will have no resolution, unfinished. no actual olympics and competing, which was the whole point/premise of the show!!


  • John

    The show never really survived the JARRING exit of Emily: “I’ve clawed and scratched my way up through nigh-homelessness to be an Olympian…ohwaitpregnantbye!” (I’d blame Chelsea Hobbs, but that would be in poor taste.) Obviously there’s no way to write in a pregnant Olympic gymnast, so they tried EVERYTHING to cover for the hole, and nothing worked. It’s really irritating, hearing them talk about the new girl with words and storylines that were CLEARLY meant for Emily.

    So I’m not going to care. Good effort, ABCFamily, but you really blew the moves at the end of your routine. No medal for you.

    (I wonder if I’ll try to replace this with Bunheads?)

  • Steph

    I’m not sure what MIOBI ever did to ABCFamily to get the treatment it did. Super long hiatuses and not much love shown for a show that has consistently gotten decent numbers. It certainly isn’t the lowest rated show on ABCFamily, and I think an additional 8 episodes would have been a fair conclusion to the series and given long-time viewers the closure we deserve. They did it for Greek and Wildfire, so I’m not sure what the problem is with MIOBI. I have no interest in investing in any of their new series if they’re just gonna “Kyle XY” them.

    @Tommy … I’d actually be happy if the last scene is the girls heading to the Olympics, but I’m just hopeful they’d be happy and will have resolved any drama before they go.

  • rob60990

    I’m not surprised. The show could never stand on its own like Secret Life, Pretty Little Liars, and Switched at Birth.

  • panda22

    @ Steph…100% agree, it’s Kyle XY all over again.

  • Sarah

    Disappointed to hear that. One of my favorite shows on TV

  • Amy

    you no abc family u really starting to piss people off an i wont be surpise if you guys go under in the next 2 yrs you have canceled idk how many shows alot people like just because the dam rating are down 1 time i mean really a tv show has it up and down it not always going to be a perfect show so abc you really think doing this to a another show you are just making more and more people hate you i hated cw but now i love it compare to abc famiy abc family sucks they have cancel shows and not even thought about it and just said hey lets cancel this and and this and piss people off well its working

    Will we get an ACTUAL series finale from ABC Family? Or will they screw viewers AGAIN by ending yet another show on a cliffhanger with a secret brother reveal in the last scene? (Kyle XY, Nine Lives of Chloe King)

  • mark

    i cant believe. thats so unffair. in olympic year they canceled the show, it is so stupid. and we havent an end perfect. we not will see the girls in london or more things like sasha with summer or not, emily, etc.. too bad decision again from abc family. we need to do something

  • sarah

    why cant they freaking cancle freaking secret life it has no freaking plot any more its just the same thing over and over. and make it or break it actually was going somewere wow k good call abc family>:(

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