'Make it Or Break It' Canceled, According to Executive Producer

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April 26th, 2012

ABC Family's teen gymnastics drama Make it or Break it has not been renewed, executive producer Holly B. Sorensen has confirmed via Twitter. The now-series finale is set to air May 14.

  • Kelly

    after these next tree episodes i am never watching a abcfamily show again because whats the point of watching their shows when most are going to be cancel. Its like i watch it fall in love with it then they cancel it with a cliffhanger why you doing this its pissing a lot of people off. For me i see no point in watching abcfamily’s shows again because its like if you know the relationship is not going to work out whats the point of trying in that relationship when you know its going to end. Just like the shows why watch when you know they are going to cancel it with a cliffhanger. why cant they give this show the ending it deserves. So mad at abcfamily.

  • Hannah

    Can someone post the ratings for all the episodes this season. I know some get 1.10.

  • Stephanie

    I can’t believe it is canceled!!! I love Make It or Break It and we won’t even get a good conclusion!!! They were going to the Olympics they should have at least let them have a full run for season 3…we only got 8 episodes and it won’t even have closure!!! This is so unfair…It is pretty much the only show I watch on abcfamily!!! =(

  • isaacsonsage

    The girls won d medal thanks 2 kelly and kaylie… Almost cried wen emily gave up, i actually thought they wud figure sumtin out but no!… I enjoyed the series… Payson a gud rolemodel*winks*

  • isaacsonsage

    waz the series actually cancelled??….. Myn is kinda COMPLETE

  • PhantomF4

    I liked MIOBI when it first aired in June of 2009.If there was one person who deserved to go to the OLMpics it was Emily.Iwas looking forward when it was annouced there would be a third season Iwas happy because i was curious if Emily would be back.Then i learned that would not happen and so I’ve stopped watching.I’m disappointed that the producer opted for and replace Emily with a poor subitute character named Jordan.If Sorrenson wants to do a MIOBI spinoff on another group of Olmpic hopefuls than a character like jordan could work but now not this late in the game.I dont know who’s to blame for this diaster Holly Sorrenson or ABC Family you be the judge.

  • Holly


    If I recall correctly, I think the girl who played Emily left because she was pregnant.

  • MIOBI fan forever

    This is messed up MIOBI should not be cancelled me and my friends r obsessed with this show my life is totally over without this Plz at least make One or two or a million more just do we can. See who won the Olympics

  • MIOBI fan forever

    I think the show should not be cancelled my one question is y it gets amazing reviews I know without this show my life is over what is the point of watching abc family if once u get a show u really love and then it gets cancelled the only shows I watch on abc family is MIOBI Switched at birth and Jane by design r u going to cancell that to tO ruin my whole life

  • MIOBI fan forever

    I’m not even going to fight bc Ik I can’t win I only want to say one thing


  • Belladea20

    I think it’s bs that they are canceling the best shows that they make and they really should get rid of secret life instead of miobi at least miobi show how girls can be strong!!!!

  • rosie

    i’m so annoyed!! i’ve been watching it on the internet as season 3 hasn’t aired in the UK yet!! i love this show and they ended it so abruptly! glad all the girls are going to the Olympics, just wish i knew what individual medals they would win. tbh i was pretty gutted when sasha went but maybe it was because he was filming ‘upstairs downstairs’ in the UK – explains the longer hair. well that shows been cancelled too now anyway. it seems tv networks just cancel shows people like!! it had a core audience!!

  • Jennifer

    Stupid that they cancelled. No one liked Emily’s character at the end anyways. She was SO ANNOYING. And I think it would have been nice to at least film and air the Olympics before ending the show. I hate ABC Family. Done with them

  • Jen

    Okay, so I am 23 years and I really enjoy watching this show with my little sister. Those who act in the show are absolutely amazing. Other shows on abc family drag out the same story line and this one was actually going somewhere. If this show does not get closure with a final season my sister and I will no longer be watching abc family. We love make it or break it!

  • mike

    Wow ! What a kick in the butt to viewers. It’s an Olympic Year.. and ABC can’t grab some Karma from that and build up to July?! That last show did a dishonor to the whole MIOBT cast and crew. It was anticlimactic.

  • Kylie

    Cancellig this show was pretty stupid. It’s the year of the Olympic games. You announced them as the olympic people and then cancell the show?! Get a renewal for the show. Who cares of two people left it?! Get a renewal. It was the only show that hasn’t had sexual activity in it over once. Damn.

  • Kim

    I am pretty upset that the show has ended. It was never really given a fair shot on ABC Family. Long hiatus between each season was also unhelpful to the “Make It” credibility (no one ever got to watch it!). On a channel that dubs itself a family network, but show cases more of the “down-side” of teenage life, this was at least one show that highlighted positive aspects of being well driven and happier teenager. So basically, the originally programming left on ABC Family, involves “Lying” in 2 of the titles and “Secret Life”, which basically alludes to the same principle (kind of funny seeing as you also have the 700 Club in your line up). Oh yeah, and I did forget about “Melissa & Joey”, a poorly written show, showcasing two washed up stars trying to revive their sad careers. Thank you ABC Family, for screwing it up again. I will not be checking your line-up anytime soon.

  • Whitney

    Wow, so dumb. Not only dumb to end the show, but to end it right before the olympics? I’m sorry, but that was the entire point of the show wasn’t it?! What’s next, going to stop pretty little liars right before we truly find out about A?

    I hope ABC Family goes under next. I know my friends and I are done watching that channel.

  • Mollie and Millie

    How dare u cancel Season 4!!!!!!! How could u????? WE r very upset. It is our favorite show ever. We r related to Ayla (Payson) and she is very upset if u don’t believe go ask her. Cause we r distant relatives. Anyway we spoke to her two days ago and she thinks as do the rest of the cast that u should not cancel and that u should uncanel the show
    Gd day!
    From Aylas distant relations

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