What Will Be The Renew / Cancel Index's Biggest Prediction Goof This Season? (Poll)

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April 26th, 2012

Every season I make my predictions, and every season there's at least one prediction (sometimes more!) that turns out to be a big goof.

Last year's biggest surprises were probably Chuck & Fringe which were predicted "likely canceled" when they were both eventually renewed. There were no shows last season that were predicted "certain to be canceled" that were renewed. The biggest surprise of all was probably the Dollhouse renewal in spring 2009. I think there's still egg somewhere on my face over that.

What's your guess on the biggest prediction goof this season?

The poll below contains all the shows that my Renew/Cancel Index predicts are either "certain to be canceled" or "likely to be canceled". Instead of listing all the shows predicted as "certain" or "likely to be renewed" I created a single item for all of them (and that's a long shot pick, I've never had a "certain" to be renewed show canceled, and I think 24 was the only "likely" show, but there may have been a couple of others).

My opinion is that being wrong on a "likely" isn't nearly the goof as being wrong on a "certain", and that my "toss up" prediction is a "no guts, no glory, no shame" option. but I'm sure commenters may disagree. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Note that Robert's Bubble Watch predictions are similar, but not exactly the same. Let's keep this guessing to just *my* predictions. Robert can do his own post later if he wishes.

  • Luis

    Harry´s Law go first.

  • Dana Delany

    This is the paradise of Denial.

  • psychic

    Ringer, Harry’s Law and Body of Proof with the most votes..?
    (Admittedly I voted for Unforgettable. Silly me.)

  • Jon

    Harry’s Law. Still has a lot of viewers and NBC is desperate enough.

  • shawn

    Harry’s Law is such a great show. I know it is very possible it will get canceled, but I still have a feeling NBC may save the show for Season 3 because of it having over 8 million viewers every week! Only time will tell….

  • JC

    Call me the king of Denial Paradise, but I see 6 on there that might live to see another day contrary to what has been said here all season long.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @JC, All hail the King!

  • Red Jane

    All of the above look pretty dead to me… Maybe Ringer because of the CW+SMG and the fact that in quality if not ratings it kind of improved towards the end….

  • Liz

    I can’t see any of these coming back, but if I had to pick one, I’d probably say Body of Proof, for spackle purposes.

  • Jake

    @Bill Gorman –

    Bondoel will not be pleased!

    Obviously the list is incomplete as it does not include Nikita Cancelled… And as he said we will all be surprised in May when the renewal is announced ;)

  • Oliver

    I think you’ll get at least one “likely to be renewed” show wrong. I can still envisage Last Man Standing, Happy Endings or Touch being axed.

    I remain suspicious about NBC’s schedule next year, and I think The CW may spring some surprises given how badly the network is doing.

  • Dennis

    Please not Harry’s Law!

  • suzie

    None of the above, for me its Nikita being on the bubble still, when it keeps collecting 0.4’s. I cant see how Nikita’s ratings are any different than Ringer, so I think they are both dead.

  • cc

    If Harry’s Law gets canceled, it proves NBC has no clue what viewers want to see. A network lacking in viewers doesn’t throw away a show that brings in viewers, despite demos. It should build around that.

    And why is HL not On Demand? Is it the only NBC show that isn’t?

  • Paul

    The surprise is obviously going to come from NBC. They are in SUCH disarray, we really do not know where they stand internally at this point. NBC might just have to renew a show that wouldn’t otherwise make any sense to do so. Such as Awake or Harry’s Law to have as midseason replacements.

  • Alex

    PanAm? lol

  • The End

    Personally I think Missing, Alcatraz and NYC will come back.

    The Finder, probably. Leaning towards 95 percent cancelled there.

    The rest cancelled. At least in my opinion.

  • AppleStinx

    I have a strange feeling that this is to reveal which show has the most delusional fans? :grin:

  • Rich

    I do think the biggest surprise will come from NBC–they’re in such bad shape that it almost seems like anything can happen.

  • DW

    easy. harry’s law with missing coming in a close second.

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