What Will Be The Renew / Cancel Index's Biggest Prediction Goof This Season? (Poll)

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April 26th, 2012

Every season I make my predictions, and every season there's at least one prediction (sometimes more!) that turns out to be a big goof.

Last year's biggest surprises were probably Chuck & Fringe which were predicted "likely canceled" when they were both eventually renewed. There were no shows last season that were predicted "certain to be canceled" that were renewed. The biggest surprise of all was probably the Dollhouse renewal in spring 2009. I think there's still egg somewhere on my face over that.

What's your guess on the biggest prediction goof this season?

The poll below contains all the shows that my Renew/Cancel Index predicts are either "certain to be canceled" or "likely to be canceled". Instead of listing all the shows predicted as "certain" or "likely to be renewed" I created a single item for all of them (and that's a long shot pick, I've never had a "certain" to be renewed show canceled, and I think 24 was the only "likely" show, but there may have been a couple of others).

My opinion is that being wrong on a "likely" isn't nearly the goof as being wrong on a "certain", and that my "toss up" prediction is a "no guts, no glory, no shame" option. but I'm sure commenters may disagree. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Note that Robert's Bubble Watch predictions are similar, but not exactly the same. Let's keep this guessing to just *my* predictions. Robert can do his own post later if he wishes.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Simon: Yes, I absolutely was wrong about Fringe.

    And I can admit it.

    However, I STILL maintain that this is a Dollhouse moment and Fox is just crazy to have renewed it.

    And I expect both that the new 13 episodes will suck rocks, ending with a “God did it” moment a la Lost and Battlestar, and that the ratings will be sub-1.0 for the entire season.

    But I will watch those 13 episodes, just as I’ve watched every Fringe episode since the beginning – even the abominable ones like that stupid animated episode…

  • Eric_Philly

    Voted for Alcatraz… Fox’s ratings are anemic these days.

  • Akihironihongo

    I must say, if Harry’s Law ends up getting renewed, it will DEFINITELY be your guys’s biggest goof ever. Yes, worse than Dollhouse. Now, that’s not saying I think it WILL get renewed. In fact, I’m probably almost as surprised as you guys are that it has yet to be canned.

  • Hugh

    I picked Body of Proof, thinking it may have 44 at the end of this season. Season 3 renewal would then mean Season 4 is likely.
    It will only have 30 at the end of this season so no.

    “Chelsea” is not a bad pick, it isnt THAT much lower than “WHITNEY”.

  • Jack Russell

    The biggest surprise would be Pan Am.
    Everyone says it’s already cancelled (except ABC).
    I would be shocked but happy to see egg on all of our faces.

    It will never happen… but it would be funny as hell.

  • Brian

    My opinion is that in these bubble show analysis’ that people do it is all skewed by the view of the person predicating. Most of the shows that are higher rated on this list are not critical or pop culture favorites.

    For example: Harry’s Law has outperformed every show previous and after in all three of it’s time slots in total viewers. NBC desperately needs total viewers.

    Also, For years ABC has not had a single series that has performed anywhere close to where Body of Proof is performing. A good example is: Private Practice is doing much worse even with “Dancing with the Stars” as it’s lead-in. I can’t imagine ABC is going to have a better option on Tuesday nights.

  • Spencer

    Nobody pays attention to Millions any more

  • Riff Rafferty

    “Harry’s Law”. WBTV just saved “Fringe” and now they will save this, their best drama — and NBC’s most-watched scripted series. Also, the only one they have that has both an Oscar winner and a Tony winner in the cast.

  • Riff Rafferty

    I can’t choose between Harry’s Law being renewed and Happy Endings being cancelled…
    I WANT Happy Endings to be cancelled because:
    A: It takes up a valiable post-MF timeslot
    B: It’s a horrible show
    C: It gets bad ratings

    Thanks for reminding me of the other bit of Bill “logic” I can’t figure out. He keeps saying “Rules of Engagement” and “Rob” will only be renewed if CBS expands sitcom time but he never says this about ‘certain to be renewed’ “Happy Endings.” Can anyone help here? Does he seriously think “Happy Endings” is a shoe-in to come back if ABC were to only have 6 sitcoms on the schedule? (Not that that’s going to be the case but just sayin’) While ABC is making a ridiculous 13 (oops, sorry Delta, 12) sitcom pilots (7 single-cams)? Really? Really??

    Although I’ve been very disappointed with the trying-way-too-hard 2nd season, I wouldn’t have minded if “Happy Endings” got a 3rd shot. Its continuing existence screws 20th and FOX, and that’s always a plus in my book. Then Zach Knighton came out with that obnoxious, ageist comment (which seemed to be a backhanded dis at Victor Fresco), and now I hope ABC just pulls the plug. Fix whatever needs to be fixed on “Awesometown” and take the shot with that instead. It’s a much better companion for “Apt 23″ and it’s not overwritten and forced and OH EM GEE LOOK HOW FUNNY WE ALL ARE, AREN’T WE ALL JUST SO FUNNY? like “Happy Endings” is. Also, the former “American Dad” writers need their own Power Hour. Because that show really is just so funny.

  • Christy

    I really hate to see A Gifted Man cancelled. It was a really good show. It,s
    just to bad people did,nt give it a chance.

  • Bettie

    Harry’s Law is one of my favorites!

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