Thursday Final Ratings: 'Idol', 'Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's', 'The Vampire Diaries', 'Mentalist' & 'Missing' Adjusted Up; 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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April 27th, 2012


American Idol, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist and Missing were each were adjusted up a tenth while Scandal was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Thursday's preliminary numbers.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, April 26, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.1 13 12.650
FOX American Idol 4.0 12 14.870
NBC Community 1.4 4 3.210
ABC Missing 1.4 4 6.980
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.1 3 2.220
8:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 2.5 7 8.170
NBC 30 Rock 1.6 5 3.470
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.3 9 9.450
CBS Person Of Interest 2.4 6 12.730
NBC The Office 2.1 6 4.170
FOX Touch 1.9 5 6.430
CW The Secret Circle 0.5 1 1.150
9:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 1.6 4 3.170
10:00PM CBS The Mentalist 2.2 6 12.030
ABC Scandal 2.0 6 6.860
NBC Awake 0.8 2 2.210

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  • Nick

    People have got to stop complaining about adjustments in the finals. AI, TBBT, and Grey’s Anatomy will almost always get adjusted up, while the shows after them will consistently get adjusted down. TBBT and GA end at 8:31 and 10:01 respectively, which makes the Nielsen system a little messed up (at least more than it is usually). Live shows, such as DWTS, AI, and the special 30 Rock, are also tricky. You should know this, as I learned this from the mighty Bill Gorman. ;-)

    P.S. I think @One is delusional.

  • ber

    Oh and as for the CW debate, again I think people should think more in terms of schedule.

    Fact 1: They have 10 hours a week to fill

    Fact 2: The Vampire Diaries, 90210, ANTM, Supernatural will be back for the entire year. This leaves them with 6 hours.

    Fact 3: Gossip Giril will be back for at least, and most likely, half a year. The remaining half year seems bond to go to Cult, which has some buzz and happens to be just a 13 episode season, so perfect fit. This leaves the CW with 5 hours to fill in the fall.

    Fact 4: The CW ratings have been getting worse and worse and I can only imagine how that affects their financial but I am sure they are not in position to spend tones on promotion of new shows. Therefore, assuming anything else than the premiere of more than 3 shows in the fall (plus Cult in midseason) is not reasonable at all, and I would even argue that premiering 3 new shows the entire year is a strecht for them at this point, but let’s leave at 3 in the fall + 1 spring being a strecht.

    Fact 5: Ringer will be canceled.

    This means that the CW has 5 hours to fill with:
    – 3 new shows
    – 2 out of: Hart of Dixie, Nikita, The Secret Circle.

    Therefore, only one out of these bubble shows will be canceled! There is also the possibility that the CW insists on having an hour filled with failed reality shows as it seems keen on doing, in which case it will simply be between Hart of Dixie and Nikita…

    Bottom line: the CW would have to be in condition to cancel 4 shows this year for them cancel The Secret Circle, which it is not.

  • Jenna

    Latest buzz is CW may seriously pick up 6 pilots, which I doubt, I can seriously see four new shows this fall, or five if Cult is mid-season.

  • Rob R

    Boy The Vampire Diaries has plummeted from its prior year ratings.

  • Lisa

    I don’t think CW would pick up six pilots, even if the buzz is all 6 are strong.

  • IwuvDean

    Good for Missing!
    And TVD, can’t believe it got adjusted up considering…wow~!
    The CW should really just cancel TSC!Come on people!

  • rob60990

    The CW has nothing left to lose at this point. No use keeping a bunch of shows pulling .5s.

  • @scl2


    1×01 – 2.0/6 – 7.33
    1×02 – 2.0/6 – 7.28
    1×03 – 2.0/6 – 7.21
    1×04 – 2.0/6 – 6.86


  • To

    Cancel Scandal, thanks.

  • gem

    HELL NO!

  • jenny

    Cancel Scandal and give PP back the timeslot. Thanks

  • gem

    Let’s put the elephant in the room here – what most AAs like to watch and what most white audiences like to watch is inherently different. It is what it is! plain and simple! and I can accept this fact bc I’ve seen it been going on over the years. ABC won’t cancel Scandal for a number of reasons 1: Its produced by Shonda Rhimes, 2: It’s pleased by a show led by an AA female which is able to carry a 2.0 rating which is miraculously by their standards believe me (most may not want to) 3. The second season will be the real teller if its able to generate as much white audiences as it does their AA viewers. Not yet off with its head! Well if I’m being delusional then its skinnie off my binnie, tv dramas are not really my flavor

  • Captain

    I feel like TSC will be this year’s Nikita. It will do JUST well enough to justify a renewal, it will be moved to Fridays and then it will tank and get canceled.

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    Renew Scandal, thanks.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I agree with Ber and Captain: The Secret Circle will be renewed and moved to Fridays to replace Nikita and burn off its last season.

    The CW can’t field more than three new shows, according to conventional wisdom. Therefore it has to cancel at least two, and preferably three shows, depending on episode orders for new shows. If I were the CW, Ringer, Nikita and Hart of Dixie would all go. I’d dump Gossip Girl, too, but apparently there is some sort of Ostroff-nostalgia going on over there which makes zero sense.

    Secret Circle is on its way out but it’s getting better quality wise and should be given a second season to finish it off. The show really is pretty good, it just skews weaker because it’s witches and not vampires and the acting and writing are slightly weaker than TVD. Also, it’s had a fairly weak overall story arc. Since the introduction of John Blackwell, it’s gotten more focused.

    The rest of the shows are safe. The next one to go next season will be either Secret Circle or 90210. Supernatural will likely stay safe for another season or two on Fridays. Vampire Diaries has at least one, probably two, more seasons left in it – if they don’t screw up quality-wise next season.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    BTW, Nikita fans, don’t miss tonight’s episode. I saw it last night. It’s one of their best, showcasing Aaron Stanford as Birkoff who is excellent.

    Watch for the funny reference to the movie “The Italian Job”. :-)

    Maggie gets a couple funny lines, too: “I’m the muscle” and “The guy on the phone is deeply stupid.”

    Great episode.

  • Ultima

    Newsflash for CBS, when you take off two weeks between every damn episode of Person of Interest the show is bound to take a hit.

    Let’s look at the numbers…

    7 new eps, 1 week off; down 0.1 on return
    1 new ep, 2 weeks off; up 0.2 on return
    2 new eps, 3 weeks off; up 0.4 on return
    2 new eps, 1 week off; up 0.1 on return
    4 new eps, 1 week off; up 0.3 on return
    1 new ep, 2 weeks off; down 0.1 on return
    2 new eps, 2 weeks off; down 0.6 on return
    4 new eps, end of season

    Person of Interest has had repeats throughout the season, this is the first time it’s actually come back significantly lower. The obvious conclusion is that the drop wasn’t due to scheduling.

  • Lexie

    Cancel Scandal and put Private Practice bcak where it belongs on Thursdays Please!

  • Ultima

    because fox simply doesnt have enough pilots to make up for there cancelations on the drama side

    That means they need to pick 4-5 new dramaz which im not sure if they want to do that again

    That’s not how it works; you can’t simply count up the number of cancelled shows and state that’s how many new ones they need. FOX only needs to pick up three of their five drama pilots, which is completely reasonable.

    FOX had ~100 hours of new Monday-Thursday dramas this season. Assume that they will go with ~45 hours of Tuesday sitcoms and cut a few hours off of Idol/X Factor. They’re left with ~90 hours for Monday-Thursday dramas.

    Bones (22+4), Glee (22) and three new dramas (13-15 eps ea.) gets them to 90. They can even squeeze in a back nine for their new fall drama if they hold over a handful of Bones episodes or bump a few episodes of something to Friday.

    I’m ignoring Fridays because I think they’re far more likely to go with reality there instead of a new-ish drama.

  • john

    Did anyone else notice during TVD that CW was calling the la complex a new hit series? Pretty sure a. 3 for you premiere isn’t a hit lol

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