'Fringe' Ratings Rise & 'The Finder' Ratings Fall

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April 28th, 2012

In the afterglow of its recent renewal announcement, Fringe drew a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating vs. a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating last week. At 8pm, The Finder also had a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating last Friday.

Via @MaskedScheduler:

#FRINGE rises to a 1.1 with 3,142,000 viewers. #FINDER at a 1.1 with 3,941,000 viewers. Hangn' in gang.

The night's full ratings

  • KS

    Does it really matter for Fringe?

  • Tony


  • Dennis

    I’m so happy I no longer have to worry about Fringe’s ratings, still nice to see it rise though

  • beatrix~

    not anymore

  • JJ Has the Juice

    Wow, there’s a very weak bounce. Can’t be making Kevin Reilly feel too smart right now. But JJ has got the juice- screw with him and you’re dead in Hollywood!

  • Fringe Fan

    Not as much of a jump as I would have liked but up is up. I know that the ratings are almost meaningless now but I would have hated to have seen Fringe drop this week. It wouldn’t have been much of a thank you to FOX.

  • Petar

    Does it really matter for Fringe?

    NOPE! Not anymore!

  • Dennis

    I predict FRINGE will stay steadyish with a 1 – 1.1 for its final season and a boost for the finale :)

  • John A

    1.2 would be better but at least it didnt go below a 1.0

  • Thomas Deyvson


  • Fringe Fan

    Nice to see Fringe holding its lead-in’s rating if nothing else. I suppose at this point that’s as good as can be expected.

  • Tessa

    Does anybody care anymore. Even the site sounds tired.

  • Petar

    Injoy people:

    BTW fringe news:

    23 pages!!!!!!!! OMG Golden mine for the site and intenet tv sites! I guess that is one of the reasons why all tv sites love so much fringe! I mean even new hit shows dont atract so much interes!

  • Dennis

    @TESSA What do you mean does anyone care???
    This site is called TVBYTHENUMBERS

    so obviously people come here to see how show’s do in the ratings

  • John A

    Kinda unfair the finder will be cancelled while fringe renewed.

  • were123

    It’s nice that it got up. Sure, it doesn’t really matter, but it’s still nice, like if some of the viewership said ‘hey, let’s thank fox and watch it live’. A small part, but still :)

  • KS

    Last night Supernatural episode was all crap except that there are some revelations of Leviathan’s plans. Felicia Day is hot, but character is not as good as expected. I didn’t like the episode at all.

    I will not be surprised if the half hour ratings were 0.8/0.6

  • suzie

    The Finder is dead, Fringe only got another season with those ratings to wrap it up for syndication. The Finder is a freshmen show so will be canceled.

  • Fringe Fan


    I still care about the ratings. At the end of the day, renewal aside, Fringe is a show that I really enjoy and believe deserves better ratings than it gets. In its own way it is the equal of what The X-Files was, back in the day, and it’s a shame that it hasn’t received the same level of recognition in the public consciousness. If for no other reason than the stellar performances from the actors on the show, most notably John Noble’s Walter Bishop and Walternate.

    I know that the more out of control (and slightly annoying) fans of the show have made something of a mockery of Fringe and its fandom around here, but I for one wish that it could be seen just for what it is. Exceptional television.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    ” I know that the ratings are almost meaningless now”

    Fringe ratings should be 100% meaningless for fans.

    Sadly for Fox, they’re not meaningless.

    Although I’m pretty sure it’s dead, a case can be made that Finder ratings matter.

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