'Fringe' Ratings Rise & 'The Finder' Ratings Fall

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April 28th, 2012

In the afterglow of its recent renewal announcement, Fringe drew a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating vs. a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating last week. At 8pm, The Finder also had a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating last Friday.

Via @MaskedScheduler:

#FRINGE rises to a 1.1 with 3,142,000 viewers. #FINDER at a 1.1 with 3,941,000 viewers. Hangn' in gang.

The night's full ratings

  • Dennis

    When are you going to start Fringe?
    You should try catch up over the summer so you can watch the final season in september :)

  • Ali

    This site is going to suffer without the hype surrounding Fringe’s ratings now… Good luck finding another Fringe to hype up!

  • Petar

    Congrats to Fringe fans on the renewal for a 5th season.

    Thanks! Hope SPN will be next!

    ps what about other shows! I know that fringe is best news for the all tv sites an i am glad, but lets talk and comment and other friday shows! Its that new strategy or something first fringe than everyrhig else!

    @John A
    the finfer and touch was after Idol too but dint hit 4.0 rating even once!

  • Fringe Fan

    @Richard Steven Hack

    “Wait for the next season drop into sub-Dollhouse territory…”

    I don’t think so, to be honest. I think Fringe has now reached its core live audience level. As I said, I’m not expecting to see any major increase but I’d also be very surprised to see ratings go any lower than the occasional 0.9, with 1.0/1.1 being the norm again.

  • John A

    Yeah season 2 aired on Thursday. It started with i think 7 or 8 million and fell to 5 million by the finale.

  • DGH

    ” I know that the ratings are almost meaningless now”

    Fringe ratings should be 100% meaningless for fans.

    Sadly for Fox, not meaningless.

    Although I’m pretty sure it’s dead, a case can be made that Finder ratings matter.

    I’m sure FOX cares about ratings for other shows of course but your wrong when it comes to Fringe.(just like you where about it getting renewed) If Fringe’s ratings meant anything to FOX it surely wouldn’t have been renewed. Unless they are just praying for a ratings miracle from the Nielson’s Rating’s Fairy?

  • Tessa

    @Fringe Fan:
    I’ve heard some of the usual SPN elite having a go at her for daring to take time on screen away from Dean and Sam, but that’s true for every actor or actress that ever dared to go on the show.

    True words. It doesn’t matter who it is, the purists will complain and give you their tired, broken-record whine that “the show is about the brothers.” Frankly, after seven seasons, the brothers can’t carry the show alone.

    I thought last night’s ep was great. Finally some plot advancement as opposed to all the MOTW crap we’d been getting all season. And how come people are complaining about F Day but no one made the same complaint about Garth who got the same treatment two episodes ago?

  • badman

    @ Richard Steven Hack

    you always compare fringe to dollhouse… nobody really cares though!!
    you can stop picking on fringe! FOX renewed it so find another show to talk about and just leave us Fringe fans alone!!

    and something else.. please GET A LIFE!!!

  • John A

    Well Idol was getting i think a 7.0 or 8.0 in the demo when it aired with fringe. Idol is alot weaker now though.

  • Dennis

    @John A and Touch which was supposed to be Fox’s big hit has already fallen to just over 6million, shedding half of its audience from the first episode and it has Idol as a lead in

  • Tessa

    @Richard Steven Hack

    How about “Picture him with boobs”? I laughed so hard people in the other room jumped. :D

  • John A

    But Touch and Finder shouldve done better. Fringe was not a great fit with idol audience but it did help it last as long as it has.

  • Jack

    Fringe up, Finder down!

  • dryr

    Can any smart TV experts explain to me why the Finder is still using an opening credit sequence so bland and boring that, even though I like the show, makes me want to not watch the show?

  • Bob Smith

    “Fringe will not be renewed” – Richard Steven Hack

    Sorry but I will take all future predictions with a pinch of salt.

    lol, I’m joking, I’ll just completely ignore your worthless opinion.

    Btw, apt name.

  • Fringe Fan


    “Frankly, after seven seasons, the brothers can’t carry the show alone.”

    Exactly what I’ve been saying for years. I can guarantee you that none of the “fans” complaining about the fact Sam and Dean aren’t at the centre of every scene have absolutely no idea how impossible it would really be for Jensen and Jared to carry the show on their own. The workload would be massive for them. I don’t know of any other show where the fans expect two actors to appear in every scene of a 22 episode season. It’s kinda ludicrous really.

    I’ll admit, this season has lacked focus for me and has maybe featured a couple too many standalone episodes at the expense of properly establishing the Leviathan threat, but that has nothing to do with a lack of Sam and Dean. Do miss the Impala though! ;)

  • josh

    Go fringe

  • FoxKID

    STEADY FRINGE is better than a declining one.


  • Justin121

    Y’all think Fringe is the surprise renewal.

    FOX is gonna pull-a-Dollhouse on you and renew The Finder.

  • Fringe Fan


    “Y’all think Fringe is the surprise renewal.”

    Nope, that’s going to be when they renew Dollhouse for a third season! ;)

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