Cable Top 25: The NFL Draft Tops Cable Viewership For Week Ending April 29, 2012

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May 1st, 2012

The NFL Draft topped cable viewership for the week with 6.67  million people tuning in.  Pawn Stars was the highest rated cable original, with 5.63 million viewers Monday at 10PM. Legend of Korra (4.08 million viewers ) and Game of Thrones  (3.90 million viewers) were the highest rated scripted programs.


Top 25 cable shows for the week ending April 29, 2012

Rank Program Network Day Time Viewers (000)
1 NFL DRAFT               L ESPN Thu 08:00P-11:13P 6661
2 PAWN STARS HIST Mon 10:00P-10:30P 5626
3 PAWN STARS HIST Mon 10:30P-11:01P 5328
4 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:15P 4832
5 AMERICAN PICKERS HIST Mon 09:00P-10:00P 4681
6 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 4671
7 DALLAS/OKLAHOMA CITY ESPN Sat 09:41P-12:21A 4115
8 LEGEND OF KORRA NICK Sat 11:00A-11:30A 4079
9 SWAMP PEOPLE HIST Thu 09:00P-10:00P 4012
10 LA CLIPPERS/MEMPHIS TNT Sun 09:44P-12:27A 3982
11 BOSTON/ATLANTA TNT Sun 07:09P-09:44P 3971
12 GAME OF THRONES HBOM Sun 09:04P-09:57P 3903
13 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 3662
14 SHREK 2 TOON Sat 07:00P-09:00P 3531
15 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 10:30A-11:00A 3385
16 BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC Tue 10:30P-11:00P 3370
17 DEADLIEST CATCH DISC Tue 09:00P-10:01P 3286
18 UTAH/SAN ANTONIO ESPN Sun 12:58P-03:35P 3197
19 BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC Tue 10:00P-10:30P 3181
20 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 10:00A-10:30A 3086
21 JESSIE DSNY Fri 08:00P-08:30P 3070
22 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Wed 08:00P-09:00P 3060
23 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 09:30A-10:00A 3056
24 BIG BANG THEORY, THE TBSC Tue 09:30P-10:00P 3022
25 IN PLAIN SIGHT USA Fri 10:00P-11:00P 3006

There is a lot more information in the daily cable ratings.

We always post whatever specific show data we received directly and see via press release or other trade publications.  You can  subscribe to our RSS feed and we have created a special category (Overnight Cable TV Show Ratings), which we usually post late in the afternoon on the east coast (and Friday night data isn't posted until Monday).
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  • disney rocks

    Bad for iCarly. Not making the top 25 two weeks win a row. And #25 was very low; hardly even 3 million.

    I don’t keep track of reruns, but it seems strange how there isn’t one NCIS in the table. Is something wrong?

    I thought it did great and regularly appeared in the top 25 cable reruns?

  • RHONJd

    go jessie!

  • Pete

    Go Legend of Korra go!

  • Robin

    wow way to go KORRA

  • jamie

    Does anyone know what Nick’s “How To Rock” got last Saturday night?

  • Mav

    18-49 Primetime April 29

    1. Thu NFL DRAFT ESPN 8:00 PM 6.661 3.3
    2. Mon Pawn Stars HIST 10:00 PM 5.626 2.0
    3. Mon Pawn Stars HIST 10:30 PM 5.328 1.9
    4. Mon WWE Entertainment USA 10:00 PM 4.832 1.9
    5. Sun NBA Clippers/Grizzlies TNT 9:44 PM 3.982 1.9
    6. Sun GAME OF THRONES HBOM 9:04 PM 3.903 1.9
    7. Mon WWE Entertainment USA 9:00 PM 4.671 1.8
    8. Sun NBA Celtics/Hawks TNT 7:09 PM 3.971 1.7
    9. Tue Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 3.370 1.6
    10. Tue DEADLIEST CATCH DISC 9:00 PM 3.286 1.5
    11. Tue Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 3.181 1.5
    12. Mon American Pickers HIST 9:00 PM 4.681 1.4
    13. Thu Swamp People HIST 9:00 PM 4.012 1.4
    14. Mon WWE Entertainment USA 8:00 PM 3.662 1.4
    15. Tue Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:30 PM 3.022 1.4
    16. Thu Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 2.656 1.3
    17. Wed Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 2.374 1.3
    18. Wed South Park CMDY 10:00 PM 2.329 1.3
    19. Tue Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:00 PM 2.897 1.2
    20. Fri NFL DRAFT ESPN 7:00 PM 2.679 1.2
    21. Thu Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 2.591 1.2
    22. Sun REAL HSWIVES OF NJ BRVO 10:00 PM 2.240 1.2
    23. Sun Chopped ALL-STARS FOOD 9:00 PM 2.922 1.1
    24. Tue Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 8:30 PM 2.617 1.1
    25. Thu Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:30 PM 2.563 1.1

  • Epicfail037

    @jamie: How to Rock had 2.26 million viewers (check @nickandmore on Twitter).

    And while I do like Shrek, I find it a little crazy that an 8-year old movie bested a new iCarly airing that same time.



  • Randy

    I think the Icarly girl (Miranda Cosgrove) is probably getting too old for that Nickeledeon demographic.

    On the flipside of things, look at how many networks that air kids shows are in the top 25. I see 6! The reason why these kids are watching those kids channels is because the regular network channels are not having enough kids / family shows. Why haven’t any of the regular networks thought of having a more family friendly / kids night by having cartoons, and more family type of shows you would see on Disney Channel?

    I’m just amazed at the regular networks during let’s say 7am before school, and all they have is news nowadays. It’s ridiculous really. These kids must be forced to watch news before school, or they have to watch cable.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the regular broadcast networks that they can’t even have kids / family friendly shows anymore even after the kids come back from school (at 3 or 4 pm). Heck, I like some cartoons too like Batman, Green Lantern (is okay), and Penguins of Madagascar. Instead, it’s news about 4-5 times a day which is ridiculous, talk shows, and court. Thus, they have to watch on “kids” specific channels because the regular networks are really stinking on this.

  • zodd

    ^ Your caps is on lock.

  • mobo

    Was scared Korra was going to continue dropping. I understand it was a premiere and The Revelation episode was a natural drop but you never know with these things. It’s actually doing incredibly well, bouncing back up from 3.5 to 4.1. It seems that Korra is a genuine hit and is here to stay for several seasons.

    If you aren’t watching this show … I feel sorry for you, even if your an adult.

  • TV_Eric

    It’ll be interesting to see how the new episode of Victorious does this Saturday. I’m curious if all the Saturday night Nickelodeon first run shows are going to be down or if Victorious will still manage respectable numbers.

    I think Victorious has been far better recently than iCarly and head and shoulders better than How to Rock and Bucket and Skinner. Hopefully the ratings will reflect that.

  • Henson

    I think that this is the last icarly season, because Miranda cosgrove is going to university, and Victoria justice said in a UK interview that she is not going to university so she can do more seasons until she’s 25.
    HOW TO ROCK: it looks like it might be canceled ( or as kids networks says “finished”)
    Bucket and skinner :(finished)
    Icarly (will have its ending soon)

  • Bolin

    I wish there was a way to see a breakdown on Legend of Korra’s viewers, at least the amount of 18-49 viewers. Can anyone get that info?
    I have a feeling it was pretty high (the premiere was about 50% 18-49, 50% kids.).

  • Aaron B.

    Also, KORRA hasn’t posted in the top 10 for any adult demographic since it premiered. If you take away the NBA playoffs and new episodes of SOUTH PARK, then you might see something interesting, but otherwise, nothin’ doin’.

  • Brandi

    Go Legend of Korra, this show is awesome as good as the original Avatar. Even if you are an adult check this out! The creators are really good at creating interesting, likeable characters.

  • Epicfail037

    @Bolin: Actually, Korra had like a 1.13 adults rating or something (check page 1 of comments on the Sunday cable ratings).

  • Epicfail037

    @TV_Eric: Yeah, i’ve been liking Victorious far more than iCarly lately as well. Hopefully tomorrow’s new episode will do better than the last one, but with the recent release of The Avengers movie, that might take away quite a bit.

  • Jo

    No household percentages this week?

  • Lynn

    In my oninion Game of Thrones is the BEST show on television !!! I find it interesting to look at the TV shows that have the highest traffic on the digital share sites (torrents) and Game of Thrones, for this season all 5 episodes, are in the top 100 downloads. Higher than ANY other network or cable TV show out there at this time. HBO has a winner! Keep up the great work!

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