'Flashpoint' Final Season Announced

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May 1st, 2012


The producers of Flashpoint  announced that the show will end after this season, On the show's Facebook page, the show's producers wrote this  note to the show's fans:

To the Flashpoint Family:

Today we announced to our cast and crew that this will be our final season of FLASHPOINT. While still at our creative apex, we’ve decided to conclude the series on a high note. This will allow us to give our fans the satisfaction of a fitting series conclusion with our 75th, and final, episode. Producing FLASHPOINT over the past five seasons has been an exceptional adventure, and we are extremely grateful to all of you for being with us every step of the way. We hope that by announcing this now, you’ll be able to enjoy the fifth season to the utmost, and properly say goodbye to Team 1 along with all of us.

More information can be found at http://www.facebook.com/FPTOne.


  • psychic


  • fringewillget5seasons

    Awww that’s too bad, it’s an enjoyable show. At least it’ll go out on a high note and its own terms.

  • Stella

    This sucks so much!

    I was super bummed when I read this, at least it’s getting a closure though and I hope it ends on a high note!

  • dazzag

    gutted its going to end but glad it gets to end right it deserves it

  • david

    I enjoy watching this show. I am glad they are ending the show on there own terms instead of being canciled. I am sure i will enjoy the fifthe and final season of the show.

  • John A

    Why is it ending with just 75 episodes? Why not renew it for 13 more episodes for Syndication?

  • huh.

    That’s unfortunate… Flashpoint is much better than that Other Canadian Cop Drama.

  • Andrew

    It had a very good run. The show was especially a success for Amy Jo Johnson, who proved that she could do something else besides ‘Power Rangers’.

  • John A

    Oh maybe since its canadian Syndication wouldnt apply here.

  • The Wayno Show

    It’s a great show. I think it has at least another 2 seasons in it. Sad to see it go. It’s definitely one of the best summer shows.

  • don

    i am from canada and they will play it till its dead they still play relic hunter all the time and it suck

  • AniMatsuri

    They still play Relic Hunter up there? I miss that Tia Carrere show! The show did kind of go down hill when Lindy Booth left the show though.

  • Carrie

    This makes no sense. It’s ratings are litterally astounding for a Canadian show.

  • davie

    Guess the Ion switch was for not meant to last

  • JoeyDavid.com


    There’s the local article.

  • Anger Management June 28

    This show shouldn’t even have to end that early as its the king of Canadian imports always doing well in Canada and decently in the States.

  • SJ

    @John A

    I’m pretty sure it takes less than 88 episodes for Canadian sydication, since Canadian seasons tend to be shorter (13-16 episodes). I think the show will still be syndicated in the US on ION.

  • TorontoDrew

    As someone who has worked on Flashpoint, I’d like to mention to all that Flashpoint was not cancelled. The producers of the series simply decided that for creative reasons, they wanted to end the series on a high note.

    It is true that in Canada, the show does extremely well ratings-wise and is already in syndication on the Canadian version of Bravo. So the show could indeed have gone on for a few more years. However, the producers decided they wanted to go out on their terms rather than being cancelled by the network down the road and not having the opportunity to take time to end the series properly.

    75 episodes is one of the longest runs for any fully Canadian-made hour-long drama so it stands to reason it will be seen in many markets for years to come. ION in the U.S. should continue to air the series for a long time after Season 5 has finished and the show will be also likely continue to air on one or more Bell Media channels in Canada after original episodes end.

    While we will all miss the series, I for one am glad the show is ending on its terms and that we will get a significant story arc in Season 5 that will properly wind down the show.

  • MAS

    I think that the ending of this show at this time is a HUGE mitake. This is probably the best series now running and EVER produced in Canada and I don’t see anything nearly as good on the horizon.
    CTV is NUTS for cancelling this show and I hope they go tits up for the mistake.

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