'Gossip Girl' and 'Hart of Dixie' Up

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May 1st, 2012

via press note:

Last night's GOSSIP GIRL was up across the board week to week, up 6% in total viewers (1.1M), and up in A18-34 (0.8/2), W18-34 (1.3/4) and A18-49 (0.6/2).

GOSSIP had its best A18-34 rating and W18-49 rating (0.9) since 2/6/12. W18-34 were the best since 1/30/12.

HART OF DIXIE also rose in key demos week to week, and was even in total viewers (1.3M).
  • Mae

    Why do these two shows get a press note for their measly ratings? They are only slightly less measly than last week.

    CW, this is not something to be proud of or draw attention to.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Mae: CW sends press notes pretty much anytime anything is up. We don’t usually post them, but given late-season interest in the CW’s decision making and that it contained more data than we added to our regular overnight post we posted it. So more a thing of TV by the Numbers drawing attention to it than the CW.

  • KS

    They have not even seen the final ratings. Many a times downward adjustment happen. How can they just send the press note without the accurate data available?

  • AO


    A 0.6 on the CW is strong and powerful. Outside of TVD, this could be the CW’s best ratings for the entire week. I say to let them enjoy it while they can.

  • A

    Gossip Girl 6th and final season, we are ready for that announcement.

  • Storm

    I want Gossip Girl to end. I have watched every single episode, and the first 2 seasons were great. Then just downhill ever since.

  • david

    Thanks for posting this news Robert.

  • Brandy

    Yay for GG,HoD!

  • rehabber

    Really want HoD to stay around, a fun show.

  • Heather

    Totally agree rehabber – I’m so keen on a second season of HOD, I don’t know if I’ll even be able to wait between seasons let alone if they said that was it for them. HOD definitely deserves a second season.

  • Don

    Really hope HOD gets nenewed.

  • tvfanaddict

    HoD is one of those rare shows that is a delight to watch without insulting your intelligence. It is what it is. You cannot help but like the characters, enjoy the small town atmosphere, and laugh put loud at some of the antics. Somehow, they’ve made the part of Zoe played by Rachel Bilson not only totally ditzy but likeable at the same time. Not a small feat, if you’ve been watching it from the beginning. A strong, likeable cast surrounding her makes this show a good bet to get better as time goes on. Word of mouth has been very instrumental in helping pull up the viewership of HoD. This is one of those very rare shows that SHOULD be renewed because WOM will do for this show, what it did for Bones. Anybody remember how low Bones’ ratings were in the beginning? CW needs to hang on to this wonderful little gem as a winning investment!!!

  • Lynda TM

    I love CW!! I’m just worried about Hart of dixie! I love the show!! so I hope there will be a 2nd season with a Zoe-Wade romance!! No. 1 show for me is The Vampire Diaries, then Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle and Gossip Girl (which has been boring with the whole Dan and Blair thing)… CW please: Damon and Elena, Cassie and Jake, Zoe and Wade, Blair and Chuck!

  • Anna

    GG is the best!!! :D

  • Serena

    Gossip Girl your great. This ep. was something. I cant wait for the next one. Finally Blair will cheat on Dan with Chuck. LoVe GOSSIP GIRL

  • Vanessa

    I strongly believe that GG ratings were up this week because Chuck and Blair were “together”:D Enough with boring Dan and Blair already! LOVEE GG!!

  • Amber W

    Hart Of Dixie is better then any show out there on the air. The cast is wonderful too! I would be super disappointed if this show didn’t come back for another season. :(

  • ron

    id hope hart of dixie lives on. its a good show, its a bit cheesy, but sometimes i need cheesy.

  • janelle

    It was the first Gossip Girl episode in a long long time that has actually felt like a Gossip Girl episode and not some lame experiment in how to bore audience to death (or to tune out). They need more Chuck and Blair interacting.

  • Heather

    Well said Ron and so true!

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