Holy Moly! Netflix Eyes... 'Jericho?'

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May 1st, 2012

We've seen several "Netflix Eyes <insert show likely to be canceled here> and we've seen at least one case where Netflix revived a long canceled show (Arrested Development). But this one made me smile more than any of them:  TV Guide reports that it has confirmed that Netflix has approached CBS to discuss reviving JerichoJericho was canceled, famously saved, only to ultimately be canceled again after an abbreviated second season.

Can Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles be far behind? Break out the rolling billboard!


  • AO

    If they do this, I wonder if the comic book continuity would be integrated or ignored?

  • 9000Brian


  • Julia

    Who cares about TSCC? What about Moonlight???

  • ZmaX

    now that netfilx is on a “save that unfortunately cancled show with a rabid fan base campaign”, they need to approach Warner Bros. to bring back Veronica Mars! Who’s with me? lets spread the word! hahaha

  • DCC

    If they do this, I’ll watch the show from the beginning.

  • KIC

    Would so rock (think Jericho is most popular stream on Netflix). Personally think you could build anything around it if you could just contract skeet Ulrich and Lennie James.

  • Harris

    They MUST revive TSCC for a final season (or more)! Wrap up the story. I will gladly subscribe for a full year to get a final season of TSCC or longer if there is more.

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    I’d still love to see another Season of Class of ’96 (though I’m not sure that the actors could pass as college students almost 20 years later). Hm.

  • psychic

    If they’re going to do this, why not Veronica Mars? Or, uh… another series that I’m not going to name… /COUGH

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    With Lena Headey on Game of Thrones, I doubt that she would be available for T:SCC even if anyone wanted to bring that back. And if Secret Circle gets renewed, Thomas Dekker wouldn’t be available either.

    Anyone up for a whole Season focused on Summer Glau?

  • jamandas

    Yes So hoping this happens. Hated how CBS left this show with such a cliffhanger!

  • Kie

    Angel is the only series I’m interested in getting a revival, but it’s been wayyyyy too long, David Boreanz has got Bones now and I doubt it’s popular on Netflix.

    Still, happy if this works out for Jericho fans.

  • Wolf

    How can this show be revived since they now have Season 4 comic books as canon? If the show is revived will it be Season 5? LOL.

  • Josh

    That would be awesome!!!

  • Dave

    That sounds cool for fans of the show – now please do the same with Veronica Mars, seriously.

  • alexjones

    don’t hold your breath, I doubt much will come of this.

  • andoni

    Next stop, [b]HEROES![/b] (yeah, dreaming is free).

  • Ellie

    LOL, I wonder if this site site is going to have to stop mocking Save Our Show campaigns if we get a couple more Arrested Developments. No, they don’t directly change anyone’s mind, but they can help keep the property visible, giving it a chance to recruit a larger fanbase.

  • jamandas

    I would also support a Veronica Mars Pick up!

  • psychic

    …Netflix saves Fringe? /shot

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