Holy Moly! Netflix Eyes... 'Jericho?'

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May 1st, 2012

We've seen several "Netflix Eyes <insert show likely to be canceled here> and we've seen at least one case where Netflix revived a long canceled show (Arrested Development). But this one made me smile more than any of them:  TV Guide reports that it has confirmed that Netflix has approached CBS to discuss reviving JerichoJericho was canceled, famously saved, only to ultimately be canceled again after an abbreviated second season.

Can Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles be far behind? Break out the rolling billboard!


  • Brad

    Netflix Eyes…I LOVE LUCY!?!?!?!?!??!1

  • 47th

    @ZmaX I’m with you! Bring back Veronica Mars!

  • DM

    Even as a fan of ‘Jericho,’ this seems…ridiculous

  • psychic

    I just died.

  • Missp

    why not veronica mars and the pretender, the 4440 ?! And walker texas ranger uh “sarcasm”?!

  • Harris

    AO’s Sock Puppet Account: Game of Thrones only films 10 episodes a year, and there are 200 billion characters on it. She gets 5-10 minutes screen time an episode tops, usually in the same few locations. I’m sure they could figure it out. Dekker on Secret Circle though.. 22 episode seasons.. that could be challenging potentially, I guess.

  • Freddy Arrow

    With Game of Thrones only 10 episodes a year, I’m guessing Headey could do both. I doubt Jericho would be for 20+ episodes a season (I’d put a lot of money on 0 episodes get made, but if for some reason this were to happen).

  • psychic

    Holy… what about… THE EV?NT?!?!?!

  • Harris

    psychic: Fox already saved Fringe. Lets focus on shows that didn’t get to end properly :-).

  • Kyle7

    Netflix eyes Gunsmoke! It was canceled too soon!

  • psychic

    Netfix eyes The X-Fi…. no, I’m not going to go there.

  • Melanie

    LOLOLOLOL Wow, that would be . . . NUTS!!!!

  • Cory

    If this were to happen to Pushing Daisies, I would wet myself. That show is the only cancellation I remain bitter about to this day.

  • danny94

    wish they would revive invasion…. loved that show

  • AO’s Sock Puppet Account

    @ Harris,

    Headey could potentially do both, if she’s willing and her contract allows it. I’m just not sure that both of those would prove to be the case. In any event, it’s a moot point unless Netflix expresses interest.

  • Chris


  • psychic

    Pushing Daisies. Now THERE’S a good idea.
    “Netflix eyes Whitney”? e____________________________e

  • psychic

    Terra Nova? No. Cancelled for a reason.
    Kyle XY is dead. Very, very dead.

  • Franko

    Netflix saves Pushing daisies and Veronica Mars? I would totally be up for those two!

  • Anas

    we need the event to be revived!! its awesome show too bad it has been canceled :(

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