Holy Moly! Netflix Eyes... 'Jericho?'

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May 1st, 2012

We've seen several "Netflix Eyes <insert show likely to be canceled here> and we've seen at least one case where Netflix revived a long canceled show (Arrested Development). But this one made me smile more than any of them:  TV Guide reports that it has confirmed that Netflix has approached CBS to discuss reviving JerichoJericho was canceled, famously saved, only to ultimately be canceled again after an abbreviated second season.

Can Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles be far behind? Break out the rolling billboard!


  • Chris

    Pyschic Yeah I know Kyle XY is very very dead. It was a disgrace how they ended it. Terra Nova turned into an Amazing show towards the second half of the season. I guess not fast enough for some viewers.

    The Event Needs to come back!

  • Harris

    AO’s Sock Puppet Account: On this we agree.

  • psychic

    The Event The Event The Event!!!
    And… Combat Hospital…????
    Oh, the POSSIBILITES!!!

  • psychic

    @Chris Yeah, it was a disgrace but I don’t think anyone’s going to think about bringing it back. Same with Terra Nova–some things just die.

  • a p garcia

    I would vote for TN and Jerricho with TSCC not far behind.

  • Chris

    The EVENT should be saved though. They can easily get all the actors back for that.

  • psychic

    The Event…. NEEDS to be brought back, absolutely. One of the most unjust cancellations EVER. That show could’ve gone places.

  • Dennis

    Wow this would literally be the best thing ever!!

    I think Jericho is hugely popular on netflix at the moment too if i’m not mistaken?

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    Well…I’m not going to hold me breath, but that would be fantastic!

    Jericho was a GREAT show that didn’t do as well as it should have. My family still watches it on Netflix even now, to see it come back would be pretty awesome!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    Sadly, there’s no crazy fan traffic in this for us if Netflix brings it back.

    Other than this post, and the one announcing it either happening or not, of course. ;)

  • Katie

    Save Eureka, Netflix!

  • Paul

    I’d love to see more Jericho. And if Netflix wants to save more shows, how about The Middleman and Legend Of The Seeker. And if they want to look outside the scifi/fantasy genres, I’d love it if they would film new episodes of Better Off Ted.

  • psychic

    Netfix eyes In Treatment.
    Netflix eyes The Event.
    Netflix eyes a whole crapload of shows that were cancelled.
    Netflix can eye EVERYTHING THEY WANT. I’ve got no problem with deserving shows being renewed… especially Jericho and The Event.

  • Jimmy

    There’s also some lady with 10 cats who asks about Moonlight.

  • One

    Oh boy. Here come all the nutcases…

  • psychic

    Lord forbid…Netflix eyes Pan Am?

  • Julia

    On a serious note, I needed a source for some Netflix information for a paper and came across a statement from Hastings saying he can see Netflix approaching 40% original content at some point in the future. For this to happen, they really will need to start reviving every dead show. I don’t think there are enough scripts even in Hollywood to get Netflix to that 40% mark.

  • Androme

    Wow, this would-be Jericho save by Netflix really has people nuts for other shows to be renewed.

  • It Girl


    They should bring “DOLLHOUSE” & “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” back!

  • pete5125


    If brought back their will of course be did it help netflix.
    Save it again netflix only ordered 9 episodes
    Of course we could have a review of each new episode to drum up traffic
    Viewership numbers of Jerhico

    Their are tons of ways to go granted some are outside of what you guys do but I’m sure few would mind olus it could bring back all the Jerhico crazys..without them would you be where you are today…(if we ignore Chuck, Dollhouse, Castle, Supernatural, Fringe, and Sarah Conner)

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