Holy Moly! Netflix Eyes... 'Jericho?'

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May 1st, 2012

We've seen several "Netflix Eyes <insert show likely to be canceled here> and we've seen at least one case where Netflix revived a long canceled show (Arrested Development). But this one made me smile more than any of them:  TV Guide reports that it has confirmed that Netflix has approached CBS to discuss reviving JerichoJericho was canceled, famously saved, only to ultimately be canceled again after an abbreviated second season.

Can Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles be far behind? Break out the rolling billboard!


  • Dennis

    Veronica Mars should get a 4th season!

  • Rainy

    What about Firefly and John Doe!? If Nathan Fillon wasn’t doing Castle I’m sure that would be a go!

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Michael: “Wait till Castle ends and start a new season of Firefly. Summer Glau will likely still be free…”

    Maybe not. She has a pilot up on TNT called “Scent of the Missing”, with Tricia Helfer (another sci-fi goddess) in the lead, about a search-and-rescue dog team.

    It’s pretty much the first non-genre role she’s had in a long time: a police related procedural. Which is precisely what she needs so she stops getting involved in genre shows on broadcast networks that end up getting canceled (because genre shows are niche shows that don’t do well – usually – on broadcast networks.) If she wants to be on a show for a few years and build up a nest egg, a procedural on a cable network is the way to go. Something like Burn Notice, for instance.

  • ccrider


  • ABC hater

    Loved Jericho. It would be nice to see another whole season being produced. :)

  • Aeiouy

    I would prefer they revive a good show like Carter Country.

    Handle it handle it!

  • psychic

    Aaaaaand wait for five more pages of Firefly avocates.

  • Jason

    OMG…YES!! And, if they were to bring back Sarah Connor – I, just well, I don’t know…I would be so damn excited!!!!! ;-)

  • raizou

    always say May …. But nothing … I hope that this dream come true

  • a p garcia

    Bring back Star Trek

  • Brandon

    I can see it now. Netflix eyes Breaking In. lol. Mark my words 4 years from now.

  • Jon

    This would be the best thing ever.

  • woohoo

    Thats soo awesome. Funny thing is Im actually in the middle of watching Jericho right now on Netflix. I think its like the 8th time we’ve watched it start to finish. Please bring it back!!!!!!

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