Report: Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones Close to Signing on for Another Season of 'Two and a Half Men'

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May 1st, 2012

Deadline Hollywood reports that all three of Two and Half Men's leading men are close to inking new one year deals for next season which would mark the tenth season of the show and Kutcher's second. Deadline reports all three will return at their current salaries with a signing bonus. Getting the contracts done is presumably the only thing holding up the renewal announcement.

  • Brendon

    Good shows hilarious

  • Craig Olshlager

    Bring back the cast……replace the writers…the writing has been insipidly bad this year……

  • pete5125

    Why did they not have the contracts in place with a stipulation that Ashton doesn’t get certain ratings then they can buy him out or shut the show down…it was either going to work or not, if not what would they of done, canceled it…makes no since that they didn’t think ahead, oh well, for what it is people are still watching might as well go another year or 2, will it be like Spin City and die in year2 of the new lead

  • September(Observer)

    I have seen all possible futures and in each one Zoey must die.

  • Outlander

    You can tell that the writers very quickly revised the scripts for this season to account for a “replacement Charlie,” but don’t appear to have tried to develop a legitimate character for Ashton Kutcher. It’s unfortunate. The show was getting a little tired (every week, the same three basic gags) and I had hoped the introduction of Kutcher would have changed things up a bit.

  • CJWoods

    This show I think is trying to make you dislike a little every character: Alan being allegedly a leech, Walden…just fine, and Pothead Jake every time a little less important to the show’s plot. Still funny, but also annoying.

  • Daniel

    As to why the contracts werent already in place, thats easy. The contracts on the old actors had one more year on them and I would assume the Kutcher had a one year agreement. I guess they could have renegotiated last year when Kutcher came aboard, but it was in nobodies interest to do so.

    First there is a lot of time and money involved with this. Its not like the actors sit around with the producers talking money. Agents and lawyers are paid to do this. Why pay them for something that may not happen. More importantly, no one knew where the ratings would wind up and those numbers are important when the actors start negotiating for salaries

  • Justin

    Warner Bros. is wasting their time any money. Any station showing 2.5 men reruns is NEVER going to buy these “new” episodes. I can see the future…..Warner Bros. will try to sell all the reruns in a package with a big red bow around it, but several stations will only want “charlie” episdoes. So Warner Bros. will either let those stations drop “men” reruns or have to offer “charlie” only packages. KTLA in Los Angeles has taken the first step already, who’s next?

  • Herb Fine

    Didn’t Angus already sign for next season – unless they are locking everyone in for TWO more years.

  • Justin121

    Why one season?

    Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to sign them on for more than one season?

  • Enzo

    This show is nothing without charlie sheen..

  • David

    The show is so laim now, they did a complete 180 from what the show used to represent…..Charlie Sheen was a player and it made the show fun and funny…Now, Ashton is a wanna be family man idiot, not very cool guy, in his role anyways…they should of stuck to the script that worked!!! they should of made Ashton a player like Charlie and continue the shows in a similar script……..

    If Happy Days had removed the Fonze, do u think that show would of lasted? No! The Fonze was the show! and let alone, replace the fonze with a dorky character wanna be family man who babysits a 8 year old girl….

    Giving Alan a bigger role is the worst thing they can do, he has always been horrible!!! I just stopped Tivo on this show this week, I give up, it just gets laimer every single week

    too bad, it was a great show!

  • Gaby

    The show is not funny anymore… charlie sheen was the escense of the show… i have nothing against kutcher but his character is not funny at all … it is awful… they have to let it go… the war to prove charlie wrong is over…

  • lin333

    The show has not been the same since Charlie Sheen was replaced, and Ashton Kutcher sucks as an actor and a comedian. Not funny at all-CANCEL IT! I only watch the reruns with Charlie Sheen-it was too painful to watch the new episodes, but I tried and hated it.

  • Isabel

    I have to agree. The show is horrible. I am glad we can still watch the re-runs with Charlie Sheen. The re-runs are still very funny, and we see some episodes back to back. love it.

  • jimmy miller

    I tried watching the new Two and a Half Men for about two minutes before rejecting the seemingly witless script! Back to watching Charlie Sheen 2 1/2 re-runs! Ashton Koochy-koo and the remaining characters have no character without Sheen. Sorry CBS, this show sucks and only Ashton K. fanatics are watching it, for now!

  • Shawni

    Hello, The show is not so hot! Sex, sex, sex! The writers seem to be running out of creative insight. We all know what sex is but to hear about it on every episode has staid and stilted the show. Sorry, but I felt it was time to say something. The show use to be an adult comedy with a little class (not meant for children or even young adults) but OK for a laugh now and again. No more!
    Good bye Two and Half Men.

  • Sandy

    Good show, nice to see it’s no longer about Charlie getting drunk and falling into bed with someone different every week.

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