Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' is Again the Top Show, Beating 'Judge Judy' and 'Wheel of Fortune'; 'Dr. Phil' Beats 'Dr. Oz' for the 25th Time

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May 1st, 2012


Big Bang Theory again beat  Judge Judy and Wheel of Fortune to lead in the syndicated show ratings based on household ratings and total viewers for the week ending April 15, 2012.

Dr. Phil again edged out Dr. Oz for HH ratings and viewership for the week among talk shows. This is the 25th time this season that Dr. Phil has ranked number one.

Top 25 Syndicated Shows for the week ending April 22, 2012:


Rank Program Dist Days HH Rating Viewers
1 BIG BANG-SYN (AT) WB MTWTF.. 6.7 10344
2 JUDGE JUDY (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 6.6 8908
6 FAMILY GUY-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 4.5 6354
7 BIG BANG WKND B (AT) WB ......S 4.2 6510
8 BIG BANG WKND A (AT) WB ......S 4.2 6486
9 FAMILY GUY-MF-SYN (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 4.1 6029
11 WHEEL OF FORTUNE WKND CTD ......S 3.1 4824
12 CRIMINAL MINDS-SYN (AT) CTD ......S 3.0 4042
13 HOW I MET-MTHR-MF-SYN(AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 3.0 4204
15 FAMILY FEUD (AT) 2/T MTWTF.. 2.9 4048
16 HOW I MET-MTHR-WK-SYN(AT) 2/T ......S 2.9 4291
17 LAW & ORDER-SYN (AT) NBU ......S 2.9 3834
18 DR. PHIL SHOW (AT) CTD MTWTF.. 2.8 3601
19 TWO-HALF MEN WKND B (AT) WB ......S 2.7 3857
21 DR. OZ SHOW (AT) SPT MTWTF.. 2.6 3378
23 SEINFELD (AT) SPT MTWTF.. 2.5 3524
24 THAT 70S SHOW-WK-SYN (AT) 2/T ......S 2.5 3351
25 TWO-HALF MEN WKND A (AT) WB ......S 2.5 3600



Why Aren't The Simpsons on This List?!

While The Simpsons repeats are available nationally its ratings are not counted in the weekly syndicated ratings because The Simpsons does not sell any national advertising in syndication.

Please note that the syndicated weekly results are delayed versus normal reporting.  While we get the broadcast and cable ratings for the prior Monday-Sunday period every Tuesday, there is an extra week of lag time with the syndicated ratings and these numbers are not for last week, but for the week before last.

For syndicated shows which air on multiple days, the viewership shown is the average of all telecasts.

BUENA VISTA items are syndicated packages of old Disney movies.

DAD = Disney ABC Domestic Television, SPT= Sony Pictures Television, 2/T=Twentieth Television, ESP = ESPN, CTD = CBS Television Distribution.

AT = Additional Time/Telecasts, more than the typical number of episodes or time periods/week

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2011 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Matt

    big bang is a beast

  • MoHasanie

    Wow, how the heck does a old episode get 10 million viewers?!?! How many times can people laugh at the same jokes?

  • Pete

    How I Met Your Mother is doing great in syndication.

    Almost 4 million viewers for Law & Order :)

  • Freddy Arrow


    “Wow, how the heck does a old episode get 10 million viewers?!?! How many times can people laugh at the same jokes?”

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think that’s how this chart works. I think the 10.3M number for The Big Bang Theory is how many people watched a syndicated episode at some point during the week, not how many watched a single episode.

  • Zach

    I wonder where the heck That 70’s show is syndicated at where it still pulls good numbers. It’s not showing in any of my markets.

  • JC

    Big Bang is the funniest tv I have seen in years. I could watch them do the same joke over and over.

  • Freddy Arrow


    “I wonder where the heck That 70?s show is syndicated at where it still pulls good numbers. It’s not showing in any of my markets.”

    That must be fairly unique to your area. I tend to travel a lot, and I swear, 50% of the time when I turn on the TV in the hotel room, That 70’s Show is on…

  • Jim

    Wow, Family Feud has jumped so far this year. Surprising.

  • Sam

    @MoHasanie, @Freddy Arrow, It’s the average of each day’s worth of episodes, which I think is two for just about each market for Big Bang. So it’s more like 5 million for each episode for each day.

  • silvit

    Additional shows:
    Without A Trace=2.1
    The Closer=2.0
    30 Rock=1.3

  • Torrid Sucks

    That’s 70s Show is still a hit in syndication.

    There’s no single-cams on this damn list that should tell the networks something to stop making them more than multi-cams. No wonder CBS still dominates!

  • laren

    live with kelly did not make the top 25,i am not surprised that it is slipping in the numbers

  • JR

    Like Judge Judy, The Big Bang Theory benefits from the multiple countings of daily episodes, correct? That gives a big advantage compared to one-show-daily programs like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

  • Thomas Blake Castle

    @laren: Live with Regis and Kelly or even when Kathie Lee was on there, for the last several years, mostly did not make the top twenty-five in the syndicated ratings. Live with Kelly is not slipping in the ratings just because you don’t see it listed in the top 25. As it is aired live at 9am, (shifted to 10am by some NBC affiliates), it only has a limited amount of viewers available as most of these programs in the top 25 are aired in the evening/after 4pm. I have followed the syndicated ratings for the last 25 years and it has always been a rare occurrence for Live to be in the top 25 syndicated programs. It’s absence from the top 25 is not reflective of the shows popularity but more a result of it’s exclusive 9am or 10am airing which puts it at a disadvantage as most syndicated programming that are listed in the top 25 are aired in the evening pre-primetime time frame which allows more viewers available to watch. If you are trying to say that the absence of Regis is why the show is not in the top 25, the actual viewership has not changed since he retired. IMO, he would have done himself a favor and retired about five years ago as he stayed too long and became a sad old man with obvious signs of dementia. Thank God for Kelly as she carried the show despite having an out of touch elderly co-host and yet did her best to keep him from looking too senile and dumb. She is doing just as good as sole host of the show and really she is doing better because her co-hosts that she has are drawing new viewers who would have never watched because of Regis.

  • Thomas Blake Castle

    I worked with Kelly in the past and she is such a sweet person and she will carry this show as long as she wishes to stay there. She was such a hoot as she acted on a show that I wrote for and we became friends. Since then, we have been close friends and talk several times each week. It’s unfair for someone to say that she is dropping in the ratings when that is simply not true. After that (“old elderly man” named Regis left the show, he was well past his prime and hurt the show more than he helped it), She faired higher in the Feb. ratings sweep than what Live had when she was with her co-host that sadly is in the later stages of Alzheimers Disease. Kelly has done great and I am glad that she has done actually better as the sole host of Live than when she had her “famous” co-host that needed to bow out many many years before he did. May his wife Joy take care of him for the last few years of his life and I hope somebody doesn’t plop in front of the camera as he is close to nursing home stage.

  • Marie

    I miss Regis & you will find out on your own, you do get more forgetful as you get older period. It’s not a sign of dementia. I like Kelly but don’t watch it much. I don’t understand what the hold up is as far as naming a permanent co-host. I use to love the chit chat between Regis & Kelly & hope Regis re-appears on my tv screen.

  • Marie

    WOW, another attack on Regis. Kelly is a sweet person but the way diminish Regis is horrible. You will get old someday. Regis is far from having Alzheimer & you better educate yourself because you obviously don’t know enough about the disease. According to you, everyone over 50 who starts forgetting has Alzheimer. Not so.

  • MT

    I disagree that Regis stayed too long. Many of us only watched because of Regis. His stories are priceless. While Kelly may very well appeal to the younger audience, she will most likely lose many of her older audience. I stopped watching when Regis left the show. Kelly does not have good interview skills and I don’t know why she feels she has to apply a compliment to every guest, that is obviously not very sincere. She over uses the words “best” and “great”. She seems over the top when it comes to compliments.

  • C

    @ Thomas Blake Castle: “I have followed the syndicated ratings for the last 25 years and it has always been a rare occurrence for Live to be in the top 25 syndicated programs.”

    I don’t know what ratings you’ve been following, but what you posted is 100% incorrect. Until recently, it was a very rare occurrence for Live NOT to be in the Top 25.

    I also have my doubts about you being a writer because you don’t write very well. (FYI, there’s no apostrophe in the possessive pronoun “its”).

  • RitaNJ

    Ripa is toast-not of the town, just toast. Regis is King of talk tv-not just in the past-he’s a legend (learn to respect).

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