ABC's 'Private Practice' Wins at 10pm and Grows its Hour Year to Year

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May 2nd, 2012

via press note:

With Last Man Standing, Cougar Town, DWTS Results Show and Private Practice, ABC qualified as the 2nd-most-watched TV network on Tuesday to CBS, leading NBC (with The Voice Results and The Biggest Loser finale) by 2.2 million viewers and Fox by 4.1 million viewers. The Net also finished #2 on the evening with Adults 25-54.


At 8pm against CBS’ top-rated NCIS, ABC’s Last Man Standing drew a 12% larger audience than Fox’s Glee and edged out NBC’s season closer of The Biggest Loser 13. In fact, self-starter Last Man Standing once again registered as Tuesday’s most-watched comedy, attracting 2.1 million more viewers than Fox’s Glee-led New Girl in the 9pm half-hour.


  • · ABC’s Last Man Standing retained all of its audience from its last original two weeks ago and shot up 100% in Teens 12-17, equaling its best number in 2 months with teens – since 2/28/12.


In the 8:30pm half-hour, ABC’s Cougar Town increased its audience for the 2nd week in a row (+2%) to mark its most-watched broadcast this season.


  • · Cougar Town produced best-of-season lead-in retention for ABC coming out of Last Man Standing with Total Viewers (77%) and Adults 18-49 (93%).


Soaring over its lead-in at 9pm, ABC’s DWTS Results Show stood as the #2 most-watched show in its time period to CBS’ NCIS: LA, topping its unscripted competition on NBC (Voice Results) by 4.5 million viewers. In addition, the broad-appealing ABC dancing results show ranked #1 with Women 25-54 and finished as the #2 broadcast program in its time slot with Kids 2-11. Actor Jaleel White was the sixth celebrity dancer to be eliminated from the dance competition this season.


  • · Scoring 4-week highs, ABC’s DWTS Results Show was up week to week in Adults 18-34 (+8%) and Women 18-34 (+6%).


During the 10 o’clock hour against all-original competition, ABC’s Private Practice ranked #1 for the 2nd week in a row, leading runner-up CBS’ Unforgettable by double digits in Adults 18-49 (+17%) and Adults 25-54 (+12%). Holding an impressive 91% of its Adult 18-49 lead-in, Private Practice continued to generate ABC’s strongest retention this season out of DWTS Results Show.


  • · Despite facing increased competition in the time period, Private Practice retained nearly all of its week-ago numbers in Total Viewers (94%), Adults 18-34 (100%) and Adults 18-49 (95%).


  • · Private Practice improved its time period year to year in Adults 18-49, topping original drama programming on the same night last year by 5%.
  • Irene

    Good for Cougar Town!!!

  • Lexie



    It does so much better than Scandal. It’s not right to cut it to 13 episodes and give Scandal a full season. Private Practice has always had better ratings and a large fan base. Save this show!!!!

  • Lexie

    Why do you have an old pilot picture of PP up? That’s the original Naomi and BTW Naomi left last season. Charlotte’s not in the picture You need to update with a recent photo.

  • Doris

    Way to go Private Practe! The fans have spoken. We want another full season.

  • 47th

    You know PP is doing good when it’s the only thing ABC can put in the headline of their press release.

  • Lexie

    Thanks for the new picture :)

  • Melanie

    Way to go Private Practice, keep it up!! :)

  • peter

    and shot up 100% in Teens 12-17…

    omg this is the most ridiculous demo ever mentioned.

  • peter

    and finished as the #2 broadcast program in its time slot with Kids 2-11

    it seems like american children at the age of 2 buy things unlike other countries and are worth mentioning. seriously i cany stop laughing with this press release.

  • gregg

    i dont care what people find funny about the press releases as long as PP is renewed. officially its the Knotts landing of this TV era

  • Nick

    That is to show that LMS and DWTS are family shows. They appeal to all ages.

    BTW, little kids are the ones who whine, “I want that…” to every single commercial. ;-) lol

  • Ralph Hahn

    @peter: This news release IS funny…I agree.

    It’s only a metter of time before TV starts to cater to the pre-natal demo.

  • Fred


    The spinoff Knots landing had a VERY long, solid run (around 13 seasons)but never a huge hit like Dallas. I don’t think PP will live that long, but I see your point. PP will never be a Grey’s like hit, but it does well enough for ABC. BTW. Not many believed PP would do this well on Tuesdays. Smart move by ABC.

  • John

    As hilarious as this PR is, I still expect PP to be renewed for a final year

  • peter

    I am watching private practice and i have to admit storyline this year without naomi is a lot better. now if only they could get rid of sam too…

    Naomi and Sam are the 2 most boring characters in the show. they tried to introduce them as Addissons friends but this failed terribly , no chemistry between the actors .I still consider Sams scenes one of the most boring of the show. and his love story with Addison .. oh come on… end that already.

  • peter

    The fresh person i really loved since first season was Charlotte . And because of her i learned to like Cooper and enjoying them as a couple. It is not random the fact that the Charlotte centric episode last year was the one with highest ratings. 4.0 and 11 million viewers surpassing by far the crossover episode.

    So in my opinion just get rid of those annoying sam storylines focus on the rest and/or maybe add some new faces and renew it for like 2 more seasons!

  • Juan

    I agree, I started watching a bit late PP but Sam and Naomi were the most boring and I hate the relationship of Sam and Addison. I think Charlotte and Addison are the best

    Anyway very happy for PP as this season has been great and love that it is proving itself on tuesdays.
    Also how sad that Cougar Town, the best comedy on tv in my opinion, is so low, last nights episode was amazing and really sad that its gone this low. Increadibly sad

  • markie

    I just love that Addison and Violet are becoming good friends. She’s lost so many friends it’s good to know there’s comes so organically. They have great BFF chemistry.

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