Fox News Channel's Year/Year Daytime Growth Topped by Megyn Kelly

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May 2nd, 2012

We don't usually see data for the cable news channels from 9a-5p, but in April FNC’s news daytime lineup saw big increases in the advertiser coveted adults 25-54 demographic over the same time period last year (April 2011) with Megyn Kelly posting the largest year-to-year increases. America Live with Megyn Kelly saw hefty increases  -- up double digits for the two hour program versus last April: up 30% during the 1pm hour and up 35% during the 2pm hour  in adults 25-54.

Happening Now, co-hosted by Jon Scott and Jenna Lee, was up big -- 34% in 25-54 during both the 11am and 12pm hours.  Studio B with Shepard Smith continued the daytime growth trend for April – up 32% in 25-54.

America’s Newsroom, co-anchored by Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum, was up 9% in 25-54 between 9-11am.

P2+ A25-54
APR'12 APR'11 AA (000) AA (000)
M-F 9A-11A AMERICAS NEWSROOM AMERICAS NEWSROOM 1,272 1,212 5% 290 265 9%
M-F 11A-12P HAPPENING NOW HAPPENING NOW 1,062 981 8% 251 188 34%
M-F 12P-1P HAPPENING NOW HAPPENING NOW 997 902 11% 233 174 34%
M-F 3P-4P STUDIO B W/S.SMITH STUDIO B W/S.SMITH 1,113 1,089 2% 259 196 32%
APRIL'11: 03/28/2011 - 04/22/2011
APRIL12: 03/26/2012 - 04/27/2012


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  • RJ

    No surprise, Megyn Kelly is amazing.

  • Ryan

    Fox News continues to dominate.. surprise, surprise :)

  • JJA

    Go Megyn!! Go Fox!!

  • dana

    i guess after an early afternoon of joy behar…..megan kelly is a no brainer

  • Justin

    And they all watch Megyn with the sound off.

  • AppleStinx

    “America Live” is inching closer in the ratings but hasn’t yet surpassed “America’s Newsroom”, the program Megyn Kelly co-hosted with Bill Hemmer before going solo.

  • DGH

    Micheal calm down just cause they tilt right and your news tilts left no need to hate. If lying and being a bigot was cause to be yanked off the air there would be no news programs left. Its sad but thats the state of the media these days.

  • JeffT

    Michael, give us some examples of your idiotic claims. We are waiting breathlessly.

  • phshbone

    Hurry up, Michael! I haven’t, as per Jeff’s instructions, taken a breath for 3 1.2 hours!

  • Steve B.

    Fair and Balanced, Fox news plus Megyn a winning, refreshing, and honest combination.

  • Malamute Dad

    @ Michael
    Still waiting for examples of bias by FOX News. You have written two posts and still have not cited any examples

    Here are examples of left bias

    MSNBC Host Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingram “a talk show slut”
    Chris Matthews referred to Mitt Romney as “the grand wizard” (aka grand wizard of the KKK)
    And don’t get me started about the degrading comments about Sarah Palin. I am not a big fan of her but the treatment of her by the mainstream media is despicable

    Let me know if you want more examples

  • Malamute Dad

    @ Michael

    Prime time FOX News programs are OPINION based program. This includes O’Reilly, Hannity and Greta Van Susteren

    I concluded years ago that it is often difficult to debate and discuss issues with some members of the left. Their opinion are emotionally based rather than factually based

    I meant no disrespect to you personally. I was simply asking for examples to support your opinion and comments

    I’m done

  • Rick

    It is quite a contrast to see Fox News Daytime at a 997 or better rating while CNN is struggling to hit 500 with their best showing.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Michael: >>> Oh please they are always bashing the LGBT community in their stories from O Reilly to Megynn to Hannity etc… <<<

    Ahh. Michael has an agenda. ANYONE who doesn't dedicate their own money and personal lives to The Gay Agenda, I guess, is a racist. Meanwhile, most of us are trying to raise our children and grandchildren because of all the disappearing jobs in this country leaving because of the highest corporate tax in the world.

    I have gay friends and former co-workers and we all treated each other with respect. As with ANY one-issue group, you're making a lot of noise but apparently, can't get enough votes to elect enough people who would put every other issue aside for the LGBT agenda.

    Yes, you have a right to express your views and opinions. But, you're WRONG! Stop blaming Fox News and all Republicans for what you perceive as your lack of rights in this country and work within your special interest group to clean up your own act. You're NOT going to win over Mr. & Mrs. Middle America by those outlandish gay pride parades.

    Just stop blaming others and take responsibility for yourselves.

  • Coffee Steve

    I had no idea Fox was doing this well in daytime numbers, Thanks Robert for the info. Hopefully we can get the other networks to release daytime numbers too.

    I bet the ad cost for Fox News goes up

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Michael: >>> But with Democrats now controlling both houses of Congress and the White House… <<<

    Hey, Michael. Check your facts. The House is controlled by Republicans. THEY passed a budget. It sits on Harry Reid's desk because the old man won't post it in the Senate for a vote. Yet, Obama uses our tax money to travel around the country, blaming Republicans for no budget.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Congratulations to Fox News and all of the morning, mid-day and afternoon hosts, particularly Megyn. She’s one of the best.

  • DB

    Michael, one example of a Fox news person or opinion person calling Obama a terrorists. Of course you said they are constantly calling him a terrorist but one example will do. Also still awaiting an example of their bigotry. Posting story about a bill you obviously like and others don’t, isn’t an example of Fox’s bigotry. By the way Chris mathews and Bill Shultz called the tea party terrorists.

    Speaking of bigotry what are your thoughts on Dan Savage– now there is a bigot not to mention a vile mouthed bully.

  • George

    Beauty with Brains!!!!!

  • George

    why does CNN have such bad ratings……They bring in a LEMON. (get it…Don Lemon)

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